How To Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads | $3-6 Buyer Leads For Real Estate Agents (Step-by-Step)

How To Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads | $3-6 Buyer Leads For Real Estate Agents (Step-by-Step)

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  1. I know this is a fresh video from the nice tan you have on your face 🙂 Thanks for updating the info

  2. great video Jason; thank you for the material

  3. 'Like' this video, watch til the end, and drop a comment down below and I'll share with you the templates I discussed in the video 😎

  4. love the videos, do you have any videos on GeoFencing

  5. Thanks for the updated info! I will check out the templates

  6. Send the CF templates please

  7. jason is there away to target veterans?

  8. I would like the templates please. Thanks!

  9. so for buyer leads you'd want to use the marketing objective of traffic? why not lead generation? also what about for seller leads.

  10. Hey Jason are you seeing lower lead costs by using traffic as apposed to conversion?

  11. Awesome training Jason!

  12. I need to generate leads in the business loan space. Do you have experience in that area?

  13. A great video. But I’d like to ask is what do you do if after the five days the video isn’t generating leads what can I change? What’s the next step ?

  14. Thanks for the tutorial. I'd like to get your templates. I'm a loan officer & I want to generate leads for my realtor.

  15. Many thanks for the updated version, Jason! 🙏🏼
    Question: Lately I've been able to generate 70 leads within 10 days with your strategy… BUT
    the client said the QUALITY wasn't there as nobody was really interested. Any tips on that? Maybe some pre-qualifying layers? OR is it all down to narrowing your Custom Audiences, follow ups and time? 🤔

  16. Very nice jason…!

  17. Thanks for the update. I’m looking for new home buyers!

  18. Hey Jason, What is the difference doing it with Facebook leads ads and not Clickfunnels? Apart from the pixel but, you can make a lookalike audience for the FB lead ads too so. I haven´t tested any of those but some say that you get cheaper leads with FB lead ads so, what is your opinion about it. Thanks

  19.'re obviously a very talented and knowledgable person.and as good as the video is, it brings up lots and lots of questions because there's a lot of grandular details left out or a lack of sufficient explanations on what to do and why? Meaning, what do each of these ad categories means etc. and how do they all work together? Does your training go into all of this step by step?

  20. Jason, I have your program. Love Love Love IT! It has worked great for buyer lead gen. I have a strategy I want to use for listings and want to share it with you privately. I need advice on how to set up the add and page in Arsenal to maximize this particular campaign.

  21. Great info! Yes, please do a vid on how to scale and bc the algorithm is changing. Which of your older vids would you recommend for generating distressed seller leads as an investor?

  22. Can you share the campaign please?

  23. Thanks for the information! I'd like to get the templates.

  24. I am just beginning to understand Facebook ads and appreciated any information you are willing to give me…thank you…I did watch it to the end

  25. I appreciate the content and offer. Please send me the templates. I need to generate a consistent lead campaign.

  26. Jason, Very informative. Thanks for the tip on no changes.

  27. Hey Jason, do you still prefer to use a "Conversion" campaign over "Traffic" ?

  28. Love your vid! Would you recommend a lead form or a landing page?

  29. I am also starting my agency and I am intersted in your software how can I speak to you I also sent you a dm on insta, please let me know

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