How to Develop Simple Swing Trading Strategies

How to Develop Simple Swing Trading Strategies

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  1. Thank you! This was very helpful!

  2. Hi , What does it mean by – Never enter more than 20% of total capital per trade? Is that the same as risking 20% per trade?
    On the slide @42min it says – Never risk more than 1% per trade & Never risk more than 20% of total capital.

    I have heard this before a few times but never understood what it mean……. Any examples will be appreciated!

    Thanks and Great Video

  3. Hiya, I have another question:

    At the moment i have a relatively small trading account so i am trading small size but find i am quite limited in the stocks i can buy.

    My idea is to save £1,000 a month and put it into my account every month ( money i can afford to lose /risk ), but have now encountered a dilemma. At the moment i am -2.7% of my overall account. What happens if i add money into my account, i will be up positive percentage? How will i know if i am up on the year/or performing well or not if i keep adding funds?

    Is there a way round this….Thanks 🙂

  4. i always risk my whole bankroll. I love to gamble

  5. Sir, you need to work on being more succinct.

  6. what is ATR what is EMA standfor

  7. I been doing 20% of whole capital… because 3% of $10,000 is $300, there should be a min to pay off your trading fees or trading commissions, I pay $20 trading fee for a round trip, so $20 is 6.7% of $300, to break even I gotta get over 6.7%
    If you make a lucky 30% gain you make $390 minus $20 for trading fee is $370
    You loose 6.7%

    If you invest $10k and get 30% that's $3000 and minus $20 for trading fee, is $12,980 so your only loosing .02% on fees

  8. You lost me during the end 🙁

  9. you call this simple?

  10. fantasic presentation.

  11. Hey Broo Please Share Your Own Money Management And Own Strategy.

  12. Thanks for your video, in the EMA20, do you use high, open, or low?

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  14. Excellent. The organization of the material is impecable. It obviously comes from an organized mind.

  15. very well explained thanks

  16. Great video, nicely presented. How did you become so knowledgeable? Did you take a course or just piece together things from a whole bunch of different sources etc.?

  17. When day trading or swing trading, what is the best investment vehicle you use for tax efficiency purposes? I can imagine someone swing trading 10-20 times a month can take quite a hit for taxes. What’s the best account to balance out the capital gains taxes? Thank you, big fan! 👏🏼

  18. The thing is that you know its an uptrend when at least 3 swings has occur. So, maybe there is no more gaz in the tank…

  19. Very Very Sensible and practical.Sounding lile a seasoned pro.Thanks

  20. Thank you really helpful video but Woooow is it really necessary to test trade your strategy for 2 YEARS before using it comfortably ? I feel like 1-2 months should be largely enough if you take a trade every other day what do you think ? Thanks

  21. wow, great organized information. finally someone who gets straight to the point and explains the strategy or at least an example of how to go about creating a strategy. Thank you for not wasting my time like most other videos!!

  22. So is hypothetical a rapid up and down market would be good to make small return to start

  23. How do find or scan for stocks that meet this criteria ?

  24. What is our best case scenario over a year? how are your results? 8% -40%? Thanks

  25. When he said never risk more than 1% per trade, is it 1% of the total capital or the 1% of the trade itself? Stop loss of 1% is so tight for me if its per stock trade.

  26. do u have private group?

  27. I rarely comment, but this video is wonderful. Well done.

  28. Excellent class thank you!

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