How to Customize Facebook Business Page Url (Vanity Url) 2019

How to Customize Facebook Business Page Url (Vanity Url) 2019

Hi there, this is Jacob of Jacob le video
production helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their business with video
and digital marketing. And this tutorial I’m going to show you how
to set up a vanity URL on your Facebook business page or that basically just means your own
custom URL. So the default will be a bunch of random numbers
that no one’s ever going to remember. But once you set this up, people can go to slash Jacob le video production I have this on my business card it’s really
easy to find and now that takes people directly to my page. So, it’s really easy to change this, you just
go to your page you go to the about section and under username, that will impact what
it is it does have to be eligible. So I’ll just give you an example Jacob le
video production one. Create username. Click ok now when people search Jacob le video
production one that’s currently my page and it’s at Jacob LE video production one I’m
obviously going to change that back so it used to be more work now that’s how it set
up. Just make sure it is available. Otherwise, you’ll have to choose a different
one because obviously there can’t be two people with the exact same one. Anyways, that is everything for this video. Please subscribe and click the bell to be
notified when I come out with new videos. I will see you in the next one.

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