How To Create Your Virtual Business Card – vCard Tutorial – A Powerful Tool to Promote Your Business

How To Create Your Virtual Business Card – vCard Tutorial – A Powerful Tool to Promote Your Business

hello hello profit tribe and stylist
Gordon econ cash clean your e-commerce coach and marketing success strategist I
am here with a tutorial I want to share something with you guys and I think that
I’ve got a tool that can help you you may have already heard of it you may not
now I’m starting to get out to a lot of meetings every week outside at home I’m
starting to network and go to networking on meetings and events and kind of mix
and mingle with a lot of other entrepreneurs locally and do a lot of
meetups and just a lot of more in person activities so recently guys I went to a
networking event as I got what has I’ve been talking to you guys it’s really
really important that if you want for people to know that you exist and to be
able to find your business you have to talk about your business so I went to a
networking event you guys know that my business is digital my entire business
is virtual for the most part I’ve been doing a lot more offline stuff well I
went to the event a lot of people were exchanging business cards and people
were talking with me and asking me what I do and I was telling them what I do
but I didn’t have a business card I had nothing to put in their hand and I
really felt kind of like awkward about it
so someone there shared with me a paid monthly virtual business card I checked
it out it was pretty awesome I found myself a free one to use and I want to
share it today with you so when you’re out you could be at the store gas
station if you’re specifically at a conference or a networking event when
someone actually what you do you want to be able to connect with them and say hey
what’s your email address or what’s your phone number let me text you or email
you my information and you can do that virtually so I want to show you guys how
you can share your business with a click of a button virtually for free I want to
show you mine and really quickly I’m just gonna do a quick tutorial to show
you how to do that ok so I’m not really a big fan guys with business cards but I
have my virtual business card so I kind of wanted to talk to you about how to do
that you just simply go to about dot me and I’m
already signed in you want to create yourself a free account and it does give
you an option to upgrade your link so that you can have your own domain but in
my opinion not for this site it’s not necessary okay so I am at if you guys
want to check out my virtual business cards you can go to about dime in
forward slash Dallas G now as you can see guys they gave me a nice great place
to put my picture my name it tells people exactly what I do where I’m
located you can click here to visit my website I have something about me I have
some of my interests down here and then all of my most of my social media links
that I wanted to share mine you can message me catch me on youtube twitter
facebook instagram and linked and right here from my virtual business card so
what happened is this guys is when you’re on a phone and you’re on your
about me about got me page you have the option to literally just click share at
the bottom of your of your mobile phone and you can text it directly to someone
or email them or email your card directly to them and when they get it
they’ll open it on their mobile phone and bam they have all of your
information so I actually love this because I don’t want to go to any more
networking events not prepared it’s a great way that when you’re talking about
your business you can exchange information and give people all in one
page a simple way okay user friendly waits you connect
with you so I want a few of you to try it
and I’m going to I would love you guys to come under this video and share your
about got me links so that we can exchange information once again mines
it’s about me forward slash Dallas G you can check my now for ideas on how you
can set yours up and what I love about it is that this comes with different
options that you can use to set up your virtual business card like yours doesn’t
have to look like mine they have a few other designs as well and plenty of
other social media websites that you can post your link so it’s super awesome
guys I want you to check it out I definitely just wanted to share this
option with you if you’re not a business card
you really carry business cards with you to events this is a great way to share
your information at the click of a button and do it virtually so guys once
again if there was courting in comm cache fling your e-commerce business
coach and marketing success strategist thanks for checking this video out and
I’m hoping that it was helpful for some of you had a wonderful blessed day
thanks for watching guys

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  1. This is awesome. I created my cards with canva. But this is much better.

  2. Thanks for sharing! greetings from Chile 🙂

  3. This was extremely informative and helpful. Thank you for sharing this information. You just saved me $$$ as I will not have to purchase business cards!

  4. Hi! I found this to be very helpful. One question I had was, you mentioned you were able to text it? How do you do that?

  5. Thank you for sharing! I'm going to pass this info. along.

  6. If everyone wants a free cool business card, I recommend the Bleee app. The hair salon I go to uses this and I was blown away when they shared it with me

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  9. Can you share this via Bluetooth?

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  11. Thanks. I'm literally about to go into a networking event and looking to make a VCard. I'm going to use this tool and make one right now. Good looking out! I will let you know how it goes.

  12. Thank you very very much!!

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