How To Create The Perfect Business Card

How To Create The Perfect Business Card

As you start to grow as a streamer
you’re gonna eventually want to go to Expos and hangouts and meetups and of
course conventions and for that very reason you’re gonna need your own
business card but a lot of people get lost on that but not to worry because
I’m gonna show you all the information you need to know to have the proper
business card to make an impact let’s go Hey it’s me it’s Wild coming at you
from my stream support playlist where i bring you the best tips and tricks and
if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow and improve
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so you know in my videos go live for you business cards sound easy but it
actually can be daunting because crafting the perfect business card can
be the difference between you actually have something following up with you or
just them tossing it in the trash so let’s dive deep into it on how you can
make the perfect business card for your content creations and streams the first
tip is the best tip is don’t wait too long actually start making our business
card now usually people start thinking about business cards when it’s way too
late like a week or two or a month before their convention or Expo or
meetups even going to start and you’re gonna get yourself into a crunch which
is gonna negatively affect the style look and price of your business card so
if you think you’re gonna want business cards start crafting it right now the
next basic that you need to consider is keep it simple and keep it practical
when it comes to size ya odd shapes and sizes and designs they look
really cool at first but if it doesn’t fit into a pocket a wallet or a purse
the next place that fits into is right in the trash can always consider how
people have to carry your card around and also how you have to carry your card
around okay let’s talk about the must-haves you must have on your
business card it’s hard to say first of all start off with personal branding
colors logos designs fonts avatars caricatures whatever represents your
personal branding you need to include that on your card if you feel confident
enough or if you think you’re handsome or beautiful enough it really does pay
dividends to include your picture on your business
card because it has a twofold factor one it’s easily rememberable for who you’re
handing it off to when they look at it at a later point and it makes a strong
visual impact if you do use a picture of yourself make sure you use a picture
that best represents who you are and how you look
the next must-have is all about the details you got a show on the card you
need to explain who you are and what you are you can put in your user name or
your real name it’s up to you to decide and you need to say what type of
contents you have or that value that you provide I’m a twitch streamer mixer
streamer variety streamer creative streamer I’m a team manager I’m a mod
whatever you want to put on there you need to have a nice little tagline there
so people know what exactly you are next up we have social funnels and these are
all the social medias that you want to advertise that can funnel towards either
your business or stream that you’re trying to promote it’s everything like
Twitter Instagram snapchat you know discord reddit whatever you want to
promote you want to make sure you have it in there and if they are all under
different names yeah you have to include the name so that way it’s easy for
people to find you know if you’re a professional streamer or a business out
there and you’re growing your company or stream to the next level you need to
have a business email contact so that way people can obviously contact you for
sponsorships inquiries or whatever you want now people always a shit I do a
front and back to the business card and it’s really up to you but allow me to
toss this out to you I know we live in the digital age and business is done
right then and there within the moment but a lot of things happen to where
digital-ness doesn’t come in a good use therefore riding on the back your
business card whether it be personal information emails directions hotels
anything like that comes in really handy when the backyard card is blank and you
can hand out information I do it constantly all the time so take that in
consideration when you’re starting off and if you are just starting off it’s
probably best not to put anything on the back because it’ll save you a little bit
extra money when buying your business cards now the granddaddy of all
must-haves on your business card is actually about keeping it very
simple you’re doing a business card not a resume so make sure you don’t overload
it with colors fonts pictures graphics information that’s useless if it looks
like it was made by a five-year-old it’s not gonna make a good impression so make
sure you have something clean and simple but effective when choosing your
templates or uploading your own graphical designs now when it comes to
the number of how many should buy when starting out it’s a tough question
because it depends on where you’re going exactly but let’s take for example if
you’re going to something like a convention or twitchcon we’re gonna have
a few thousand people I kid you not you should be handing out at least at a
minimum between 30 and 50 business cards a day I am myself hand out over a
hundred per day over a three-day weekend so you’re gonna need at least a minimum
– a hundred – somewhere between a few hundred there luckily for you there’s a
lot of discounts between 100 and 500 business cards on companies like
Vistaprint everything like that so don’t sweat it too much but at least you’re
gonna need a hundred know one big tip about making an impression about handing
out your business cards is make sure you keep them protected so they look nice
clean and crisp nothing looks worse or a worse impression when you hand somebody
a business card that’s been in your pocket for non-stop and it’s all warped
and it looks like it came from an excavation from the Dead Sea Scrolls you
want to make sure you have a good impression when you hand it over so thus
you should get something to protect your business cards when you’re handing them
out now you can do something like get a business card holder on Amazon for cheap
which is always a good recommendation or you can always go something like super
simple an envelope in a plastic baggie go a long way to offering basic
protection for your business cards if you feel like your graphics aren’t up to
par yet and you want bigger and better ones than I know you do
I’m gonna do you a favor I’m gonna put two videos up here on screen one is for
overlay template and the others for fiverr twitch store both places make really
awesome graphics to help you make a better visual impact I will see you all
in my next stream support video coming out real soon
take care all and peace

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