How to create sales leads manually inside

How to create sales leads manually inside

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I’m going to show
you how to create leads manually inside It’s a really simple.
Whenever you want to create a new lead, you need to click on the ‘New lead’ button, available at he top of every page of
your account. Let’s try it. Click on ‘new lead’ and then a window opens, inside which you’re going to fill out all the information that you want.
As promised, in you do not waste time filling out endless and
useless information! What we want you to do is enter the information that makes sense for your company. So fill out the fields that you have predefined in the Admin panel of your account, select the tags and categories –
or the tags inside the categories that you have predefined in your admin
section -, and then you can choose an amount, a probability and, if you
have the expert Edition, you can add an ‘estimated closing date’. Once you’re
done doing all that you just need to click on ‘Create lead’.

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