How To Create QR Codes

How To Create QR Codes

How To Create QR Codes Derral here with Now I get asked all the time on how to create
QR codes. And in this video, not only am I going to
show you how to create that QR code but how to leverage it. Stay tuned. Now guys, QR codes are everywhere. Theyíre in our marketing material, on our
postcards, business cards, brochures, direct mails, billboards. Iíve seen them literally everywhere on anyone
trying to promote. And recently I saw it on a woman. She tattooed it to her body. A QR code! Crazy isnít it? Now she wasnít thinking straight because
in a few years things will tend to sag and you wonít be able to read that QR code. She wasnít thinking. So letís take a look at the different types
of things that you can do to create those wonderful QR codes. Alright guys, you can actually type in ìQR
Code Generatorî in Google and you will see thousands upon thousands upon thousands of
different generators. And you wonít know which one to use. Now, Iíve already done the research and I
already found the one that I like and Iím going to tell you why I like it. Itís ìQR Code Monkeyî and you can get there
at And the reason why I like it is because you
can do URLís, text, email, phone, SMS, big time, Vcard, Mecard, Location based Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube and WiFi. Now the great thing about this is that itís
super easy to use. So letís go ahead and type in a URL. So letís just go ahead and put
and the nice thing about this one is that you can choose the type of color that you
can use. You can just go ahead and see which color,
you can actually type in the color code up there or just find it. I donít know why I like red so much but I
do. So letís do a darker red. The great thing is that you can do a no effect
or a light gradient thatís on there as well. Down here in the right hand corner is create
QR codes. So letís go ahead and do that and wall-a
hereís our QR code. But letís say do you know what? I want to modify it to black. I like the black look. And also youíre able to upload an image so
you can do it from their gallery of images or you can upload your own. So letís go ahead and find an image. Iíve already got an image that I want to
use. Let it upload for a second. Weíre going to set to the URL and now we
are going to create the QR code. Now check this out. It automatically brings the logo right into
the QR code. So look, you donít have any upscale, nothing
else. Then to save the file. You want to put it in a vector base. I would always do EPS or PDF when youíre
exporting it. So letís go ahead and do PDF. It automatically saves it to your desktop
or your downloads folder. But thatís how simple this truly is on the
web version but you can do text, email, phone, SMS, Vcard, all the different things thatís
there. And thereís a really powerful way to use
it and leverage that. But thatís basically the website generator
for the QR codes and itís really great. It has a Chrome app if you use Chrome. So letís go ahead and move on to the Macintosh
application. OK this is the Macintosh application that
I really like. Itís IQR. You can go to the App Store and search for
IQR. Now the reason why I like this is there are
so many options that you can do. So letís go ahead and type in So the great thing is, that it automatically
creates that and you can see the preview from there. Another thing is you can use shortening services
so if the URL is super long you can shorten it up and it wonít have as much information. So great great thing to do from there. You can also do Twitter and you can check
in with 4Square or Pinterest or YouTube, whatever. I like this one too because you can actually
do an application for Macintosh applications so you can use a shortening service to do
that as well. But here is the reason why is I like this
application more so than the web version. This is why I love it; you can do the QR code
reliability level. You can do ultra, it really brings it in. If itís just high, you can do high or medium. Letís just go ahead and put medium there. But hereís the cool thing. Is you can do pixel styles. You can do separated, Valentines, if you want
to do Valentines look or Easter or fully rounded. I like this one, itís great. But you can also choose your background color
like we did if you donít want white you can do that or you can do an inner shadow or an
outer shadow. You can modify it around but you really need
to, if you make a lot of options make sure that it still works. You know. But you can do some really really cool things
with your pixel styles you know and the one that I, I mean thereís a lot of great things
that you can do. But you can do stripes or whatever but letís
go ahead and do fully rounded. And the nice thing is that you can modify
it too. See how I was able to modify that right there. Thereís just a lot of great options. And honestly, if your going to have that little
logo in here this is a great way to do it. You can either put it in front or behind. You know. Whatever you want to do. It gives you complete control. Down here, the control point style. This is another one that you have the options
to modify. So you can put a star in there. You can do rounded, centered you know. Rounded sides, I mean thereís a lot of great
options to give it that special look that youíre looking for. Octagon, I always like the octagon. And you have your disk. Now letís talk about QR code generators for
windows. Now I tried out a lot of applications, trying
to find the right one for you, Iím actually on a Macintosh. And Iíll tell you what, I did not like any
of the ones that I could find and theyíre difficult to find. There is a lot of spam out there with that
so my recommendation for windows users is just use QR monkey. Just go to the and thatís
what I would do. What if Chuck Norris were to Tattoo a QR code
to his body? Once you scanned it, where would it go? Weíd love to hear your feedback on this. Why donít you comment below in the comment
box and Iíd love to hear what you have to stay. Please keep it clean and if youíre really
interested on furthering your knowledge on marketing and having cutting edge training,
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