How to Create a Barcode for Free – Online Barcode Generator

How to Create a Barcode for Free – Online Barcode Generator

You would like to create barcodes for free? No problem. You can make all common barcodes in just a few steps with TEC-IT’s Online Barcode Generator. You will find this online service at Let me show the steps in detail: Select the barcode type on the left side. This barcode maker supports all linear and 2D barcodes. After choosing the barcode type enter your data. The updated barcode will immediately appear in the preview window. If required you may customize your barcode. Change settings like resolution and color according to your needs. The address of this website can be copied to the clipboard. You can simply share it with your colleagues and friends. Download the barcode image for further use. Try the Online Barcode Generator today! Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you liked this video. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Can we generate EAN13 Barcode and use it on our products for selling in retail store ? Where from we can get the nos ?

  2. Hi,
    Can we use your free software to generate UPC code. We are just using these codes to maintain the records in our system.
    We own a small brand for kidswear & we sell on different online portals. One of the portal management has asked to have any kind of UPC code, so that they can scan the product.
    Can we use these free bar codes software to solve our purpose.

    Please advise.


  3. Can we embed image in QR

  4. Which/what barcode to use for fruit drinks? I am from Suriname, South America. Because I want to generate a barcode for my product.



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  7. I've been trying your excellent barcode generator for Code-128. Is it possible to disable the label from the image? Thanks.

  8. UPDATE: Our popular Online Barcode Generator now provides a new category called "Healthcare Codes", which includes commonly used pharmaceutical barcodes like HIBC, NTIN (Data Matrix), PPN (Pharmacy Product Number), etc.

    Just try it out:


  10. Hi, question where do get the data (numbers)?

  11. If I want to use this to create barcodes for products to sell. How do I use this?
    Can I just print them and use them or do I need to do anything special?

    Btw I use my own program to scan and register barcodes.

  12. Hello, please how to create a ISSN Barcode ? Example: ISSN : 2310-094X.
    Thanks !!!

  13. when you say enter data for the bar code..where do i get the data

  14. What if you need a code for online items only, that will not be scanned?

  15. is this completely free for personal use?? or is there any validity? how many times can a single Bar code can be scanned?

  16. Hi sir I already download 3 barcodes.i use this barcode to my product. I am doing chocolate products. my product availability in all store in my any suggestions for me.

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