How to Collect Business Cards : Trading Business Cards

How to Collect Business Cards : Trading Business Cards

For Expert, this is Jason Freedman.
In this clip we will be talking about trading with other business cards collectors. One
of the biggest benefits of joining a Business Card Collectors Club is to trade cards with
other collectors. Like I said the IBCC or the ABCC are great clubs to be involved with
and provide plenty of opportunity for trading your cards. One of the first things you might
want to do is once you join one of the clubs is make up your own business cards saying
like you are a collector of business cards. That actually happens to be something that
just about everybody who joined the club has and likes to exchange. That one is mine. There
are different types of trades. Some trades are one for one trade meaning I will send
you 20 cards and you send me 20 cards back, you send me 50 cards, I send you 50 cards
back. There could be a general card trade or a favorite’s card trade. The general
trades are just what it sounds like there are no particular categories of business cards
but they are nice and so I send you some and you send me some back. Other times you may
be looking for a specific category of card and you trade those with another person who
also has that particular category or just the category that you want and you have the
category that they want and you do an even swap. Finally there is something called Round
Robins. That is when several people exchange one set of cards through the mail, they take
out cards that are of interest to them and put back similar cards into the set and send
it on to the next person.

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  1. I think this video very useful some years ago. Now you can use to collect busines cards. Perhap on Iphone, Android or web of Cardfila.
    I try already. It excelence

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