How to Collect Business Cards : Storing Business Cards

How to Collect Business Cards : Storing Business Cards

For Expert this is Jason Freedman.
In this clip we will be talking about storage of your business card collection. So now that
you have gone and collected a lot of cards, you got to do something about storing them.
What are you going to do for storage? Well the most basic thing you could do is you can
make some stacks and just take your cards, put them in piles and at least they are not
spread out everywhere, but unfortunately those stacks only work for a few 100 cards and you
got a big mess and they are not organized anymore. So better than that you might want
to consider using some more solid objects for storing your cards. The first and most
basic easy way to do that is to get some boxes. This happens to be a box that came from a
business card printer and it holds about 500 cards. You can also just grab any random cardboard
boxes that you happen to have lying around your house or you might want to use boxes
that are specifically made for holding baseball cards and I think those will hold like 500
or 1000 and they are usually like 50 cents a pop. So, cardboard boxes also work well.
Next step up from that you might want to consider is going to one of your local home good stores
and getting some design savvy drawer systems here. This little one is about 10 dollars
as well as this one here that one happens to have one drawer and this one has four drawers;
they both work equally well for holding your cards. Next, step up from that if you happen
to add even more cards is something like this shoe tote sized rubber made sort of thing
that will be great for holding cards and if for some reason you hit another load of jackpot
of collecting a huge amount of cards, you might even have to move up to the rubber made
tote but that is a lot of cards. In the meantime, a very organized way to store your cards would
be to go back to the folks who make baseball card stuff. I really like these three whole
9 card pages. These were made for baseball cards but they fit business cards very, very
well. These are archive quality. They are not made out of vinyl and they are not going
to damage your cards. You can easily fit nine if you do singles or if they are back to back
you can fit 18 cards. You take those and then go ahead and put them inside your three ring
binders. Three ring binders are stored very nicely and very neatly. I happen to have these
sorted by category. So I am just putting a large sheet of paper every so often to let
myself know where the new category starts and ends. Lastly, what do you do if you got
some cards that are bigger than normal? Well you can mount those on a piece of paper, put
the piece of paper inside of photo sleeve here, three hole punch it and that can also
go in your three ring binder. There you have it; some ideas for storing your business cards
so they are not in stacks.

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  10. Thanks Bill so much! I also use to manage my business cards with its new app: CF 2.0. I even can search card photos without internet connection.

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