How to Collect Business Cards : Sorting Your Business Card Collection

For Expert, this is Jason Freedman.
In this clip we will be talking about sorting your business card collection. What does the telephone book have to do with
business card collecting? Well, they use this handy dandy system called alphabetizing. This
is one way the folks can sort their cards. If you like you, can just follow along with
the alphabet or as is the yellow pages by business category; everything from accordions
to zoo keepers. You might want to sort it by folk’s last names or the business type
or the business name. People organize their cards by state that it came from or the city
or the country. Some people are particularly fond of certain colors and they like to keep
their colors together. What I like to do personally is organize my cards by my most desirable,
my favorite categories and I put them in these three ring binders. Three ring binders have
the title of the category on a large plain white sheet of paper followed by the card
that fit into that category; whether it is people I know, fellow business card collectors,
artists, photographers, you name it, that is a system that I have found that works for
me. There are other folks who really like to get into the serious side of sorting their
cards and they catalog it. They use their computer software for making databases of
all the cards that they have and the cards that perhaps they might be looking for. They
might have a particular category or a company that they would like to get a bunch of cards
from and once you get up there; there are a large number of cards that might be a system
that would work for you.

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