How to Collect Business Cards : More Advanced Business Card Terminology

How to Collect Business Cards : More Advanced Business Card Terminology

For Expert, this is Jason Freedman.
In this clip we will be talking about business card terminology. Business card collecting,
like any other hobby, has its own set of special language that is helpful to know and here
are some terms that would be good for you to understand. Four color or full color describes
the use of the certain inks that are used to apply color to a business card. CMYK stands
for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Favorites or a wish list; those are the terms that we
use in the business card collectors clubs to describe some cards that are the ones that
we really prefer to have, those are the most special to us in our collection. A round robin
is a form of trading cards among a group of several people; one pack of cards is sent
from person to person to person along the way, you take out the cards that you like
and you replace them with similar cards and send it along to the next person. Thermography
is a printing process that produces raised lettering and design by applying a powder
to the wet ink on the paper stock as it comes off the printing press. Next heat is applied
and that causes the powder to melt and adhere to the paper. It is also known as raised ink
and it is a less expensive version of copperplate engraving, which also produces raised ink
lettering. Finally, the last term I am going to share with you today is called vertical.
Vertical is any card where the layout or the design is set up on the card in a portrait
fashion as opposed to horizontal fashion. Its one of my favorite categories because
those cards seem to stand out a little bit more from all the rest just for the fact of
the way that they are oriented.

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  1. What will you do if have about 3000 business cards. So difficulty to find any contact!!!
    I have a suggestion for you
    Use app to collect your business cards on Iphone, Android
    Very comfortable

  2. how doea this serial killer have a segment on expertvillage

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