How to Collect Business Cards : Finding Business Card Collector Groups

How to Collect Business Cards : Finding Business Card Collector Groups

For Expert, this is Jason Freedman.
In this clip we will be talking about business card collector groups. As you are starting
out your business card collection, you might be surprised to know that there are actually
a lot of other people who collect business cards and I was surprised when I found out
about that neat little thing and there are a couple of groups that you might want to
know about; one is the International Business Card Collectors, the IBCC. The IBCC was founded
in 1999. They use the Internet for economical communication. They have an e-mail form that
people post to all the time and it’s entertaining and educational. I have learned a lot just
by being involved with them and the only requirement for joining that group for getting a membership
is to sign up for the e-mail list. The next group you might want to know about is the
ABCC, the American Business Card Club that was formed in 1980 and they send out monthly
newsletter and regularly exchange business cards through the mail. An offshoot of the
ABCC is the Blue Water Business Card Club; that’s for the Canadian perspective on the
hobby. That was an offshoot of the ABCC in 1989 and there are a number of regional business
card clubs; the New England Business Card Club and the Tennessee Business Card Club.
Those folks are a bit smaller in size and their purpose is more for folks who have specific
interest in those areas of the country.

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