How to Collect Business Cards : Displaying Business Card Collection

How to Collect Business Cards : Displaying Business Card Collection

For Expert, this is Jason Freedman.
In this clip we will be talking about displaying your business card collection. You may find
that you have some cards that are particularly interesting and you would like showcase them.
Here are a few ways you can do that. First and foremost you could mount your cards in
frames. This happens to be one of my favorites and it’s a single one that I have mounted
all by itself in a frame. Here are a set of three cards; they are related to each other
so I put them together and finally this artist happened to send me her business card along
with a picture of herself and some of her art. so I put those together and it is a little
display. Next thing you could do is share them with the whole world. The internet has
got very easy ways to set up your own web site or a blog. You can scan your favorite
cards and put those up on the web and write some reasons for those being your favorite
cards and put those on your web site. Tell a little about yourself as well. Up next,
you could contact your local library and I know when I first walk into the library in
my town, they have a display case and the items in there change I think monthly, everything
from the spring time, they had some flowers and things for gardening and holidays and
winter they have that up. I am sure they are always looking for a different variety of
displays, so contact your local librarian and then you can also do stuff in the media.
I know a number of the members from the business card collecting clubs that I am involved with
have been featured in newspaper stories, both locally and nationally. Someone has been interviewed
on the radio on NPR. They have been featured as human interest stories on the news. I think
one guy was even mentioned on David Letterman at one point in time. Finally, another way
that you can display your business cards and this one was recommended only for your extra,
extras is you can take six cards and fold them in an origami fashion to make a cube.
You can make two cubes and connect them. Take 48000 extra cards you have lying around to
make 8000 cubes to form a depth three menger sponge; probably not going to do, but you
can use your favorite search engine to look up Dr. Jeanine Mosley; she’s done it and
you can find information about her on online and see how that looks like. Anyway I will
show you later on in another segment about origami folding just for extra business cards,
this cube and another shape.

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