How to Collect Business Cards : Business Card Terminology

How to Collect Business Cards : Business Card Terminology

For Expert, this is Jason Freedman.
In this clip we will be talking about business card terminology. Business card collecting
like any other hobby has its own set of special language that is helpful to know and here
are some terms that would be good for you to understand an aptronym describes the type
of card whose owners name is very similar to the vocation on its card. For instance,
a gentleman whose name is Ashley who is a chimney sweeper and a guy named Joe Clutch
Bukowski who is an auto mechanic. Those sorts of cards are acronyms. A calling card; calling
cards were the original business cards. They actually were personal for nobility in 17th
Century France. Cameo, it was also known as an embossed image pressing in an image into
the paper, so that it lies either above or below the surface of the card. A diecut card
is a card that is cut in irregular shape. A drogin; drogin are cards that are particularly
sought after by collectors. They are designed by an artist named Marc Drogin. His cards
have cartoon like characters and the lettering is all done by hand.

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  2. Hah this is great.

  3. Oh God, I laughed. "A Drogin is a type of card that is drawn by an artist… (This is where I thought he'd name a generalized type of artist) …named Marc Drogin."

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