How to – Cardmaking Crafty hack: 2 alcohol ink cards at once with Rubbernecker and

How to – Cardmaking Crafty hack: 2 alcohol ink cards at once with Rubbernecker and

Welcome! hi and welcome to Hedgehog hallo today
we’re going to make two cards at once using some rubber decker stamps and
alcohol inks now alcohol inks are something you’ve all asked for for quite
some time so really excited to show you how to use them on yupo paper we’re also
going to stamp with ink on yupo paper and heat and boss on it as well so lots
of techniques for us to go through let’s get started so we’re going to start by
using some yupo paper which is a completely synthetic paper it’s great to
work with alcohol inks I have one of the few of these small pads in fact and they
are five by seven inches they’re slightly bigger than car front size I
keep all of my off cuts just in the front here because I use them for all
sorts of bits and pieces so I’ve taken one piece out here and I’ve just trimmed
it down to five and a half which is the length of a card front just so I can get
my perspective correct from my sky my greenery and then also the water
underneath this is a great way to make two cards at once which we always love
because that saves us some extra time when we’re creating cars we create a
couple at once now I have a big selection of alcohol inks back here so
I’ll bring some of these forwards so they’re not completely out of reach but
we have some great ones in here all sorts of different blues and greens and
I have my alcohol blending solution as well which we will need later on so we
want to do roughly a third of Sky’s going to do some light blues then we’re
going to do a third of green and then we’re also going to do around about a
third of darker blues which I’m going to make more into a lake type of view so to
do that I’m going to start with my greens first of all I have a liquid
stream which is a nice bluey green we have lettuce
we have Oregon oh we have pesto I took a what these two are
we have lime aid and citrus so we’re going to start with some of the lighter
ones and then we’ll build up into dark colors this
tim holtz tools we’ve just some salt on it you can buy the felt pre-cut although
I now tend to just cut down a piece of crafts out that I buy from a big-box
store it’s far more cost effective and it doesn’t take very long that’s fine we
can if you get drugs on there you can either pick it out with some kitchen
towel or I’m going to leave that there and blend it in you can see I’m just
taking different shades of green and I’m just putting a dab you don’t need much a
little bit will go a long long way on here you can see how beautifully this
one is just pouring itself out I have a little bit of stream so I’m going to
start with these lighter shades and then we’ll go in with our darker ones
afterwards now when you work with alcohol inks you can work in a variety
of ways you can just dab down like this I prefer kind of a twisty technique I
find it give me the better blend and every card you do with alcohol inks will
be different never think oh I’ve done this and I want to replicate it because
quite honestly you will never be able to replicate it you can see here this
lovely texture that we’re starting to get into here and now I’m going to add
some of those darker colors so add a few drops there that’s oregano
that I just put on there and now I’m putting on some pesto and we can always
come back in and add more color later we can take color out with our blending
solution I want this to look like an area of trees which is where we’re going
to do our stamping at the end and if your birds don’t work out perfectly
that’s fine too so I’m going to leave those colors in there but what I’m going
to do is I’m going to add just a few drops of that blending solution now you
can wait and see what kinds of effects you get you can also then pick some of
it up onto your felt piece and you can move it around it also allows you to add
in a bit more color and I’m going to leave that there and see where we end up
with our blues so to use our blues I’m going to add a new piece of felt just
because I don’t want to muddy them up with the colors we’ve already put on
there and I’m going to start with some of my lighter colors I’m just taking
what blues I’ve got here I’m going to use some patina I’m going to keep the
mermaid of the indigo for the water and I think I’ll keep that there I think I’m
going to start mostly with sailboat blue and then maybe in it add in a little bit
of patina but let’s start with this true blue first I have to say blue seems to
be one color that I seem to be missing some of this and you can overlap it’s
absolutely no issue there I may just add some direct you can add this directly to
your paper all sorts of fun techniques you can do
when you work with alcohol ink and I’m going to add a little bit of this patina
it’s called patent ER and I’m going to smush I don’t know so
I’m just applying my piece directly down and working in circles and I’m going a
little bit into that green area and blending it out so it just looks like
that sky is blending into our green area and now we can work on our bottom piece
so I’m going to use the same I’m just going to get some of that color out that
we’ve already put into it and I’m going to start with some mermaid and I’m
actually just going to put some big drops of mermaid down like that you can
see how beautifully you get these lovely effects I’m going to be quite generous
with this indigo onto here I’m actually going to add quite a lot because I want
this to really shine and give it some fun effects and then I’m just going to
dab in a little bit of turquoise as well and the great thing with this you pay
paper is you can keep going off so I took a piece of kitchen towel with my
alcohol blending solution I could take all of this color off and I could start
again so if it doesn’t come out how you like
you can take it back right back to white paper or you can just take a few
different colors and layers off that’s pretty intense I think I’m going to take
this down a little bit I’m going to add some blending solution onto here you can
see how it bleaches out that color already but what it should do and I’m going to pick up my green piece
again again you can use your alcohol blending solution to clean off your work
surface so if you get some down here and you’re concerned about getting it off
don’t worry I just want to suck them up just a
little bit I don’t quite such a harsh edge between my sea and my sky and the
other thing of course we can do is if we want to add some nice riffles to our see
down here I’m going to pop back on my blue piece you can keep interchanging
backwards and forwards you could even stick with the same but I
want this to look more like a reflection in water so I’m going to go back in a
little bit harder just it was a little bit too dark so I wanted to pull some of
that color out I really like that and I really like these holes or riff Lee
effects that we’re getting in there so I’m going to leave that like that you
don’t need particularly if it’s dry very long maybe five minutes I’ll clear
everything up and then I can show you how we’re going to stamp onto these two
panels and mount them up into our card so now we’re ready to get stamping all
I’ve done is cut my panel in half so each one is two and a half inches wide
and we’re going to stand on each piece so I’ve got these two beautiful sets
from Robin eka and if you know the history of Hedgehog Hollow you’ll know
we worked with rubber NECA a long long time ago now and I met them
recently a show and I saw these sets and I knew this was the technique I wanted
to show you and that they would work perfectly so I’m just going to lay on my
thumb I need to remove this roller map because they’re a rubber mounted on easy
mount and I’ve just got one of my Teflon that’s underneath I’ll link that video
up in the blog description I’m just looking
where they are I want these to be straight so you look
that up perfect so what you can do is I’m going
to use the other on back picks black pigment pad this is one of my favorites
of stamping over alcohol inks you can also use the my favorite things hybrid
but this is just a little bit stronger I don’t like using a stays on I find it
too thick but this one tends to work nicely and mine is very old so it’s not
as juicy as it used to be it probably does need a bit of a reinker it will
just build up some layers to get that lovely black solid image that we want so
let’s start with layer one and of course with our mystery we can stamp it as many
times as we need to so you can see here how our trees are coming in and these would also be great maybe for
some calming japanese-style themes and this all sort of things you can do you
can build this up into a complete woodland I’m also going to add this
other tree that’s in the set which is here and I’m just playing out slightly
with positioning because as I say every single one you do will be different and
they do give you this very helpful picture so you can work out exactly
where you want things I’m going to put this tree in there and this will just
clean off with soap and water a little bit of stamp cleaner exactly as normal
this pigment part you don’t need to use your stays on cleaner to get your stamp
clean again okay I’m just pressing this down quite
firmly finger in there and I’m also going to stamp some of this little tree
I think on this side down here I’m going to give this a quick clean and then I
just going to stamp another little tree over here just before I sell it out I
want to show you how clean you can get your stump afterwards it won’t stain
your stump particularly and I will also link up my post on cleaning stamps
because I have a little bit of tool kit that will get most stains off of your
stump but because I only want to partially stamp on this one I just
really wanted to make sure it was super super clean and I put my little black
pad underneath because I’m going to be stamping on a block and I’m going to do
my best here just to ink up that little tree and try and work out where is then I’m
going to stamp it over here there we are so that’s our nice scene so I’m gonna
put that to the side to give it a few minutes to dry before we mount it up and
then we can also stamp our second piece now for this one I’m going to use the
other rubber necker’s stand but I’ve got called open range this is the one here
there is a background piece that comes with it but I’m just going to do a
forest scene using this stump here so again I want to remove this because
we’re going to use our Misti lid and I’m going to stamp from one side to the
other like so so we’ll pick up our stunt good in King No I’m going to do that once more and I’ve
got some really pretty sentiments that we’re going to put those at the top of
this just to finish it off as well now I’m going to move this along to do that
I’m going to grab a piece of window sheet just the sheets that normally come
off the back of your stamps and this means I don’t have to clean my stamp in
between I can just move it along like this and all of that black ink residual
black ink will now stay on that window sheet which I can now remove this I can
just clean off with some stamp cleaner and then I can stamp down over here so
that just saves me having to clean my stamp every time I want to reposition it
those sheets you get on the back of your protocol ever stamps are really handy I
have a huge envelope of them here really recommend you keep those so again I’m
just going to add more ink like so and now we can map up and add off
Entenmann’s so here our cards ready to mount up each piece I just help them a
bit along with my heat tool just to dry off the inks as it’s a non porous paper
so those inks are not going to set in you need to heat set them just slightly
and then I just either put this onto a strip of black cardstock with around
about a quarter of an inch top and bottom and this one just the same but on
the sides so now we can add a sentiment I have a Neenah solar white card base
here we’re going to stick up how across here and I’m going to use this neat and
tangled topography set to use for my sentiment so again I’m going to use my
Misti and I’m going to use my Misti corners in the Misti corners set you get
a a few different things and there is a
video series on our YouTube channel Hedgehog holo on YouTube but this is a
particular favorite because it’s great for lining up sentiments so I’m going to
put this all the way down here and now I can make sure that my sentiment goes up
against this set square here my sentiment is going to be nice and
straight now I need to remember to leave a gap between adventure and is calling
because that’s not their self because they’re two separate stamps now because
they’re photopolymer they will just stick just a tiny bit so that does allow
me that little bit of wiggle room to move them around here I’m going to go
down here and once you are happy you have it in the right place don’t remove
your set Square yet you first of all we stuck to the front over here just pick
this off one step ahead pick your sentiment up onto your Misti front then
remove your set Square and for this I’m going to go back to using my favorite
things hybrid because it does give me a lovely fine sentiment I’m going to do that a second time just
to really thicken it up and if you get ink on here and you’re
worried about getting it on your white car face just take your stamp shammy and
you can wipe it straight off the chamois is in the cleaning video that I
referenced earlier and will be in the description and also in the linked blog
post so check out the description below for that blog post and I’m going to
remove this and put them to the side we’ll clean those after and now we can
finish off this video out this card rather I’m going to use my Big Mama roll
of foam so that’s this one here that sits in my drawer it’s much better value
to buy the big rolls again it will all be linked up for you in that blog post
and I’m just going to snip off some pieces and here has a join so I’m going
to snip in there perfectly a little more and one of these rolls will last me
months a month I’m sure if you had one of these rolls
it would probably last you years if you lot cheaper than buying lots of
dimensionals and different foam tapes and you can also layer on top of each
other if you want to do something that’s a little bit higher as well so now we
can add this on okay so that’s our first card finished I think it looks really
fab a lovely masculine card maybe a bon voyage masculine birthdays all those
kinds of occasions now we can finish up our second one I’m actually going to
stamp for this one directly onto this panel here and I’m using this phrase
that says bless other curious for they shal have adventures which i think is
lovely so I’m actually going to stamp directly on here not sure what to do I
think I’m going to do at the bottom I’m gonna start up now this will get
quite sticky so I’m going to use one of my misty corners again you get these
lovely squares and I can keep that against there and that’s not going to
move on me now because I’ve used the Yuko paper and things do tend to just
stay a little bit wet on here I’m going to be quite generous with my powers at
all then I’m going to use my Versamark and
I’m going to stamp it down like so and if you find that it’s picking up just
because of that you can just stick your bone folder like I am in the corner now
just select because I can’t really see things that well under there I’m just
going to stamp it a second time just to make sure I don’t have any issues now
you have all I’ll see whether I use a Braille on top of my Misti and it’s the
arch is not very often I find if you need the top like as though you’re
kneading bread or baking cake or something pastry then I get a pretty
good impression I’m gonna grab my tiny tray and I’m using the Ranger white
superfine detail I believe this is good strong flick and these trays are great
again I’ll link it all up one of these I’ve had 15 years they’re pretty
inexpensive and they’re great for glitter and sequins and embossing
powders now I’m going to grab my embossing tool and do not attempt to
emboss inside your Misti unless you have one of these tests on that in there I’m
going to heat this up fuzzy do you want to be pretty careful because you have
used alcohol inks in the background because alcohol is flammable so just a
little bit of caution don’t need it on an area too long or
just keep moving it around there we go and I’m going to give that a
good press down to make sure it’s stuck to my background and again I’m going to
use some of my foam tape to stick it down for grabbing on the piece there
across here and up here I’ll just hear all those backs off and they come off so
easily on here and this one I’m going to stick down the middle here so make it
even as we can of course it’s the length of a cards we made about five and a half
but and that’s our second finish card so we made two beautiful I think quite
masculine cards they look very much remind me of the stamps gate stamps that
I used to use these hours and hours but these are super super simple and we made
two cards at once so I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial do leave us a
comment with your favorite card that we made today and subscribe to our channel
here at York Hollow thanks for stopping by happy stamping

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