How to Build Business Credit and Funds

How to Build Business Credit and Funds

Hello everyone and welcome to our webinar today, so today we’re going to diving in and spending about 30 minutes talking about these steps to build Business Credit now for anybody that would like a lot of information on this feel free to go to our YouTube Channel we have videos that go an hour, an hour and a half on this topic that are a lot more elaborate, but I’ve had a lot of requests to be able to produce something that’s just a little bit easier to consume just a summary overview of how the process works to build Business Credit for your EIN that’s not linked to 33your Personal Social to get Credit without a Personal Guarantee and credit check were going to try to wrap this thing in about 30 minutes and give you all information that you’re gonna need to
successfully do this for those of you who don’t know me my name is ty crandall
I’m actually the CEO here at credit suite and a credit suite this is what we
do we’ve helped about 15,000 people today build business credit and that
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along the way as you’re building business credit so when we’re talking
about business credit what we’re altima talking about here is building a credit
profile building a credit score that is linked to your business
eeew n number is not associated with your personal social security number now
look regulations have recently changed in 2018 and you may be required to
supply a social security number and date of birth for verification purposes only
but when we talk about business credit we’re talking about building your credit
profile for your EIN and that credit profile that you’re building then being
used to go in and start qualifying to get credit and get then even make it
easier to get financing for the business this credits not linked to your social
meaning there’s not a personal credit check there’s not a personal guarantee
personal credit quality doesn’t affect it so when we talk about business credit
that’s not linked to yours eeeyah are not linked to your social that’s what it
means you can get approved regardless of personal credit and without that
personal guarantee so again this is credit in the business’s name so it’s
based on the business’s ability to pay so it might seem scam I creates
this isn’t to say that you can’t you can get credit for your business regardless
of consumer credit but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it what we’re
ultimately doing here is building a credit profile and score for your
business so your Bilson’s business can self sustain so your business can stand
on its own and when people ask me about what business credit does this is how I
explain it and I say look business credit can help your business fund
itself and that’s what we’re really talking about we’re initially building
your credit profile and score then using that for the business to start obtaining
high-limit credit cards that it canyon use to fund itself and make it easier
even to get loans and credit lines so when done correctly business credits
obtained with no personal credit check so that means that they’re not even
looking at your personal credit personal credit quality won’t determine approval
or denial because you’re not even providing your personal credit to be
looked at you’re not giving them permission to pull your personal credit
and as a result of that your personal credit doesn’t matter when it comes to
getting approved or denied plus the business owner isn’t personally liable
for the credit the business obtained so there’s no personal guarantee so this is
a big reason the SBA Inc entrepreneur in so many sba score so many of financial
authorities talk about this and the importance of building business credit
is because it separates personal and business credit and it separates
personal and business liability so those are some of the big benefits is that
you’re not personally guaranteed for what’s happening in the business meaning
that you’re not personally liable for what happens in the business and that
means if you were ever to default on the credit you basically they can’t come
after your personal assets they can only come after the business’s asset so this
keeps your family’s finances safe and secure no matter what may happen with
the business or any of the actual business debts one of the biggest
reasons people build business credit so a lot of benefits here according to SBA
card limits on business credit accounts that I’m going to talk with you about
building today are about 10 to a hundred times higher than consumer credit this
makes sense one of the core components of credit is called capacity and what it
really comes down to is it comes down to a business has a greater appetite for
cash or spending a greater need for credit capacity than in an individual
does so the bottom line is you’re never gonna go spend $10,000 at Dell on Dell
computers because if for a home because you don’t need to ever do that but in a
business you could easily spend 10 20 30 thousand dollars at Dell on Dell
computers this is why the limits on these accounts are so much higher this
is why you can get to 10 20 30 even $50,000 limit individual credit cards
within six months or less what determines how high oh those limits are
is how much you’re spending if you’re using the credit you’re getting the more
of the credit you’re using and the more your credit reports show that you’re
putting thousands of dollars on that credit every month the higher the future
limits will become so very high limits very quickly when building business
credit as we mentioned you can build it without a personal credit check so that
makes a big difference if you have credit issues but even if you have
excellent credit it’s even more impactful because inquiries on your
current consumer credit report can really hurt your ability to get business
financing we have a program where business owners can get credit lines for
their business even as a start-up and they can get up to a hundred and fifty
thousand and credit lines but the problem is even one inquiry can cost you
twenty five thousand dollars of funding with that one product so this is the way
that it is in business lending is inquiries on your credit report the fact
that there there will really inhibit your ability to get a lot of loans and
credit lines they’re out there even business credit cards so no matter how
good or bad your personal credit is you need to keep as many credit issuers away
from pulling your consumer credit as possible to save those increase to make
it easier to get loans and credit lines there’s no consumer credit reporting
either so these business accounts report to the business credit reporting agency
so not only are you building your credit profile and score for your business that
helps your business stand on its own and fund itself you could use that credit
without hurting your consumer credit the problem one of the biggest business the
mistakes that I see business owners make and I just talked in Las Vegas to a big
group of loan brokers that agrees that this is one of the big problems they
face as well is the fact that people get started
they usually underestimate how much time it’s gonna cost to start the business
and how much money it’s gonna cost to start the business they think they have
consumer credit cards and they think they’re gonna pay for that expense on
those consumer credit car because they’re accessible they quickly
realize the expense to start the business or grow the business is much
more than they anticipated they squigly start to max out their consumer credit
cards now 30 percent of your consumer FICO scores what percentage of your high
credit limits you’re using so when you start to put balances on your credit
cards that are ever climbing higher and higher and the closer you get to those
limits they lower your scores get then by the time you realize that you need to
get more money your credits so damaged that your ability to get credit lines
and loans at that point is absolutely ruined lenders and credit issuers don’t
want to loan money to people in trouble because people in trouble are the least
likely to pay back so you don’t ever want to go looking for money once you’ve
maxed out your credit card your chances of getting it diminished greatly the
higher those balances climb so with this is credit you can put those balances
reporting on your business reports it won’t affect you at all your commercial credit reports don’t even show your limits and on the consumer side you’ll keep your consumer FICO score intact, Because you could max out these Business Credit Cards and since Business Credit Scores are based on how you pay, not utilization you won’t adversely affect your Business Credit scores and you won’t impact your consumer credit scores at all because their account the accounts are reporting on your Business Credit reports. Now another shoots benefit of Business Credit is it can be built really quickly. I’m going to teach you today how to get vendor account as soon as we wrap up or even before you’re done with this webinar and you’re able to get high-limit store accounts with retails. So I call this the Retail Credit Tier, with retail credit Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco B you know everywhere in between that you can think of from Dell, Apple, Office Depot, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Staples most major retailers offer that kind of credit that you can get about 60 days, and you can get Auto Vehicle financing VISA Card, MasterCard, American Express in about four to six months if you’re following the process and have close relationships where you can get answers quickly to questions you may have, as you’re going through this process so anyone can qualify including startups, non-profits if you have a business in the United States even if you do not reside in the United States, you can get what I’m going to tell you about today and here’s why that’s a big deal because in order to get a loan, in order to get a credit line you either need to have a good Consumer Credit consistent cash flow and be in business about one year more or some kind of collateral like 401k, stocks or Equipment or Inventory something like that. If you don’t have Cash Flow, Credit or Collateral if you don’t have any of those three your un-lendable you can’t get money from banks, alternative lenders etc. , but Business Credit what I call a catch- all everybody can qualify if you have a business in the United States you can get it your consumer credit doesn’t matter, it doesn’t require collateral, you don’t require a cash flow so you can get it as a startup, you can get it as established, you can get it as for profit or non-profit as long as you have a business in the United States. What I’m going to tell you today absolutely without a doubt will actually work for you. Okay so why establish business credit? Well as we mentioned the limits are much, much, much higher on Business Credit accounts than consumer credit accounts so if you’re trying to run a trucking business it’s going to be much easier to do so with $20,000 fleet gas cards, if you’re trying to flip a real estate then it’s going to be much easier to do so when you have 20 to $50,000 individual limit credit cards that you could liquidate the cash and use to buy property or the Lowes and the Home Depot to do fix and flips okay or if you work at an office like I do, well Office Depot is very valuable to us Staples and Amazon is really valuable to us because we spend a lot of money with Amazon. So these high limit accounts can really help you fund your business one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that they try to go out and look for a loan for $20,000 but the problem is getting a loan for $20,000 even if you’re like a start-up for example it’s very difficult to do. But if you really look at what you’re spending the money fawn or what you need the money for, it’s easier to get Business Credit Cards to cover most of that stuff. If you need computers well get Dell and Apple, if if you need office supplies when they get Staples and Office Depot, if you need furniture well then get IKEA get Staples get Amazon and this way you can can cover most of your expenses using Business Credit Cards which are much easier to get the loans and credit lines then you only need a loan or a credit line for a smaller amount of money for things like payroll etc. So again using these high-limits accounts can really help your business fund itself. You also need to access money before you need it and Yes, you will need it look the majority businesses fail in the United States and the reason is because of lack of access to capital and management mistakes per SBA and most studies on this topic, the bottom line is the more money you have in reserves the more you are able to help unhandled unexpected things, like marketing not working something a customer a bunch of chargebacks 1 month there’s a million things that can happen that are expected sales declined dramatically 1 month so having that money accessible when you need it, but all the statistic show is the difference between a business that succeeds and thrives and a business that fails you got to get this money before you need because like I said if you wait until you really need it where your utilization ratios are out of lack your credit scores damaged then it becomes extremely difficult to get what you need, okay and it also takes a Business Credit Building is a process so you want to get it started as early as possible. Lenders use this in approval to determine if you’ll be approved for financing the loan amounts that you’ll get and the rates and terms that you’ll pay as well, so it becomes very, very, very, important for you to establish Business Credit if you ever want to get financing especially if you want to get the most money at the best terms and Business Credits also your reputations. You know consumer credit I need your permission to pull your consumer credit report it’s called Permissible purpose under a law known as Fair Credit Reporting Act, but in the business world there is no Fair Credit Reporting Act anybody who wants to can look at your Business Credit Profile and Scores, this means you’re the normal people you would expect lenders, credit issuers, suppliers they’re all pulling it but it also means that other people are pulling it to, prospects, clients, potential investors into your business competitors this is public facing information so you need to control the perception others have of your business the last thing you would want to do is to try to land a high client a high tier client and then the problem is lose that because they look and see how bad your Business Credit Profile and Score is and in the Business Credit world you’ll be given a failing credit score and profile even if you have no credit established. So if Experian and Equifax know you exist they know your SIC code and they know the state you reside in, then they will which they usually get that information from your Secretary of State whenever you file an annual report every year then they immediately populate a credit report and give you a failing score and again if you got to you can see plenty of webinars where we actually show real credit reports where you can see this happen, so you need to make sure that you don’t have a failing score because the failing score literally depicts that you’re about to file bankruptcy that’s not what you want others to see about your business. So your Business Credit is public information its front facing you need to make sure that you control it to have the best reputation and again as I mentioned it takes a little bit time to establish so you don’t want to wait until you need it you want to get started as soon as you can to start the building Business Credit profile and score to make it easier to access the capital when you’re ready to access the capital. So establishing Business Credit Step 1 the very first step in building Business Credit is legitimacy, so here’s what happens all lenders and credit issuers have a secret set of standards you must meet, if you meet the standards you get automated approvals especially on credit cards if you don’t meet the standards then it usually gets pushed for a manual review and you get the dreaded message that you’ll hear my email in 7 to 10 days if you are like me that 7 to 10 days you here by mail is never good, it’s usually a denial and the letter is usually telling you the credit bureau that they pulled to issue you the denial. My goal for you is for you to get automated high-limit approvals in order to get approved for high-limit accounts you must first understand and accept that these credit issuer’s computers have a set of standards that you must meet if you meet a certain standards it’s like checkmarks go off with each one if you don’t then it throws up a red flag you have enough red flags and gets pushed for manual underwriting review and like I said 9.9 out of 10 cases that I’ve ever seen that manual review ends up in a denial so we’ve got to establish this credibility to meet make sure we meet the criteria and the algorithm that these computers have, so you have the best chance of getting approved so that’s start with your Business Name, you want to try to avoid names that reflect that you’re in a high risks industry so some of these bail, bail bondsman for example if you’re selling guns you’re selling ammunition anything in financial services, mortgage brokers, insurance agents even not just being in the Financial Services Industry. So if you lenders and credit issuers are lenders are going to dive deeper into this, they’re going to look deeper into your business and your website etc., Credit Issuers are not, Credit Issuers are their computers are making decisions based on the surface, what’s on the surface of the information you’re providing. So if you provide a Business Name we are a perfect example what not to do like Credit Suite the fact that credits is in our name makes throws up a red flag it makes us face more scrutiny whatever we try to get credit cards and loans so if we just had you know Consultant Suite then it wouldn’t reflect that we’re in the high risk industries so try to keep your name away from high risk industries will help prevent those red flags and helps you get approved you need to setup an entity it doesn’t matter which entity you choose, but if you choose the sole proprietorship or a partnership you are the business I’m not an attorney and this isn’t legal advice but you always be liable for what happens in the business. So you want to try to choose a corporation or an LLC but gives you the best chance of limiting your liability which is one of the primary goals of Business Credit you need to have a website setup and you need to have a professional email address, these computers will throw up red flags if you’re using Gmail and, and although Ymail and all those type of email addresses. So my email address is [email protected] and our website is pretty reflective of what you want, you want an email address that probably the @ blank the blank is your website name you want to make sure the website and email are one in the same, because otherwise if you’re using those personal extensions like Gmail it will often times get you a red flag and potentially lead to denials as well you need to setup a business phone, never use a mobile phone never use a home phone on a business application, you need to make sure you get a toll-free number because that’s pretty much the norm for businesses in the United States now, you need to have a fax number some applications will ask for a fax number you don’t ever want to leave a field like that blank , because that will obviously make you look more unestablished than established and one of the little nuances that a lot of people don’t know is that you also need to make sure that your phone number is listed with 411 now the reason for this is, is because a lot of initial credit issuers you’re about to learn about look at 411 to see if your established most people can’t just go to 411 and get established they have to find you organically through Google and such there are services like we use list yourself that can help you with the listing of 411, you need to have business address that’s the first that’s the best case scenario. Second base second best case scenario is you can then use a virtual address like Regis or Alliance you can go to for our best source there, and third choice is a home address if you use a home address some sources like Walmart won’t approve you and a picture of your house can actually appear on your Business Credit Report, but it’s better than using a P.O. Box or UPS address never use those, those will oftentimes get you automatic denial. You need to make sure that all your information’s congruent one of the biggest reasons business loans get denied is because the information somebody puts on the application doesn’t match exactly what the lender finds in their searches with places like LexisNexis and with places like the Small Business Exchange in Secretary of State, if a lot of those things you’re not familiar with you, that’s okay most people aren’t but the lenders are and they’re pulling all this information from other applications you filled out from online listing so you’ve got to make sure that information is congruent, because if that may information is not congruent meaning your address your name your phone number isn’t the same listed everywhere that can throw up a red flag and get you denied as well as well it’s actually very, very, very important any licenses you need you should have a bank account setup they’re not going to verify your bank account what they’re going to ask you for is a bank reference a reference from somebody that works at the bank that you have your business bank account with you won’t have that unless you have a business bank account which why you need to make sure that you setup that business bank account. So again you can also see if you have a credit profile established now and you could do so for free like I said the reporting agencies
will populate a credit report score for you even if you have no credit you can go to and that gives you a link to Experian Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet that you can then do a free search to see if they know anything about you now, becomes very important to do that free search you can also follow the Dun & Bradstreet link to get your DUNS number and the DUNS number is the last piece of credibility you’re going to want to establish. Some credit issuers will approved you with no problem without it others will not approve you unless you have it and we’ve done tests where people got denied without providing it then provides to the DUNS and turned around and got approved, so this becomes an important step of the process as well. So as you wrap up credibility now it’s time to establish initial Business Credit there’s 4 different way to do this the most common is to get initial credit with vendors this is called the Vendor Credit Tier now, vendors if you’re not familiar give you terms on things like Net 30 which means you have 30 days to pay back the balance of what you owe. So revolving credit if you have a balance of a thousand dollar you might be able to pay 25 bucks a month until that thousand bucks is paid off with Net 30 account you would only have 30 days i.e. the Net 30 to be able to pay back that balance in its entirely this is the first step when you start building consumer credit you startup with secured credit cards when you start in the Business Credit world there’s not very many secured credit cards, Wells Fargo’s one of them, but you’re going to start with these vendors where it’s not it’s not a secured it’s a Net 30, Net 15, Net 55 type of account versus revolving, Uline, Quill, Grainger, Strategic Network Solutions, you’re going to need about 5 of these, but here are some of the ones that are most popular in the space who will give you credit because there’s 2 criteria vendors have to meet, they have to be willing to give you credit when you have no established Business Credit now and they have to be willing to report that credit to the Business Credit Reporting Agencies. Over 97% of trade vendors do not report to credit to the reporting agencies, so you have to find creditor issuers that do, here that some that do, getting accounts with them buying stuff, putting stuff in your shopping cart buying stuff with them paying the bill that’s what will get these accounts reported on your business credit reports and again ton of training on our YouTube more in depth to these vendor on how to get approved the process with each one of them to actually to be able to secure the credit cards. Do you want to get those vendor accounts now be careful with this information okay we have a group on Facebook called Get Business Credit you should check it out, we’ve got about 20,000 members in there, there’s about equally about 18,000 engagements every month with likes, comments it’s a highly active group and the reason I’m telling you this is that, look I look at forums all the time and I can tell you that easily 85% of the information I see on forums is wrong don’t get me wrong a lot of the information even in our group is often wrong the people are posting you’re learning from other people that are making their own mistakes and Business Credits very subjective, your experience is different than somebody else’s so be careful of misinformation people telling you to go get credit with vendors than you get credit and find out they no longer places like Seton used to report didn’t Gemplers report sometimes, sometimes they don’t so knowing accurate information becomes important this group can at least help put you on the right course, so again to build that Business Credit you put item in the cart you setup an account with them you choose to be invoiced and you got to pay after the item ships. If you pay before the item ships it will not count as credit and will not report on your Business Credit Reports, you should also have 5 of these type of accounts before you move on to the next step it will take about 30 to 90 days for them to report as a matter of fact a lot of them will report in 30 days some of them report every quarter every 90 days, so it becomes a little bit more difficult for them to reports it takes them longer. So D&B Credit Builder the second way you could do this you can add accounts to your Dun & Bradstreet Credit Reports now the problem with this is twofold that’s expensive it’s about 1,500 to 2,000 if you’re paying Dun & Bradstreet to do this the second issue is, is that you can’t add most accounts utilities, rent, lease, bank, credit card payments can’t be added the other problem is with this is that it’s Dun & Bradstreet you’re only Building Credit with them, so you still have to build credit with other reporting agencies. Now we do have something else that will appear eventually at we’re testing so we have found the reporting agency that works with Experian and Creditsafe that will report payments you already have like cellphone, utilities etc. to Experian and Creditsafe. So you could build Business Credit with accounts you already have it’s a great way to go, here’s the problem, the problem is in our initial beta testing a lot of the accounts were trying to add for customers are not getting added, so I’m not ready to release this yet and tell people that this is a product, because the beta test has not been successful with this yet, but once we finish our beta test that are verifying that the accounts are actually appearing on the Experian and Creditsafe Credit Reports we’ve seen some we tested our self and it worked well, we’ve seen others that hasn’t worked, so we’re figuring that out and as soon as we get this fine-tuned and feel confident enough to release a product where you could do that you’re going to find it at and that will help you add accounts to your business credit reports as well, but again we’re in the beta with that right now we would never release something like this unless it’s tested, because it’s dangerous to do so. So the fourth option we had now talked about using vendor accounts adding accounts to D&B how to add accounts to Experian, Creditsafe, the fourth option is called unsecured business financing you can get credit lines up to 150 grand at 0% rates it’s No-Doc so its startups are welcome you get 5 accounts or 5 credit lines that all report to the Business Credit Reporting Agency so you build your Business Credit at the same time, but you have a good credit score for this 680 FICO or a guarantor of the 680 FICO none of the other options I’ve shown you have that requirement, you can go to we work with a lot of different sources that do this and by talking to you individually we can help figure out the best one that will get you the most money the fastest, and will be able to help move forward and get you approved and we never charge you a dime to do this. The lender the credit issuers they all charge fees we negotiate to get all that as low as possible as well and roll it into the loan like SBA loans, but we’re here to help you at no cost so go to and we’ll help you get setup on that kind of funding program as well. Step 3, you must track your progress building Business Credits it’s all about how many accounts you have on reporting on your reports. When you have 5 experiences that you can do move onto revolving retail credit, when you have 14 you can move on to cash credit in order to know how many accounts are reporting you’ve got to have access to Business Credit Reports, that tells you the next step but when to proceed now you can go to now instead of paying $200 with Experian and D&B that’s how much they charge D&B 150, Experian is 50 they charge you $200 a month for monitoring if you go to you can access Nav integration its’ only 24 bucks it makes cheap to monitor that Business Credit or you could spend the 200 bucks with Experian and D&B and get the same thing but that gives you a good choice. So now that you’ve got 5 accounts now you can move on the revolving credit where you can get approved with no credit check or personal guarantee and then since when you’re going to start to get approved for that retail credit tier, this is Lowe’s Office Depot, Nordstrom, Costco, Walmart, Amazon this is you know BJ’s this is Sprint Sears. I mean most major retailers offer this kind of Business Credit that will start to approve you with 5 accounts, now some you need 10 accounts some you need 8, so me you need 5, so it starts with 5 accounts these type of retailer will then start to approve you for credit you’re also able to get it Fleet Credit at this tier time to the Fleet Credit Tier. This is BP, Chevron, Sunoco, with WEX Fleet Cards, these really have a big use for people in the transportation industry I don’t get Fleet Cards I don’t even know if we can, because we don’t have a fleet of vehicle so I tried once and we were not not able to get approved because we don’t have a necessary amount of vehicles or usage for this, but if you’re in industries like transportation it can be very useful if you’re not you’re probably not going not going to get as much of a benefit from Fleet Cards. With 14 accounts reporting you can move on to cash credit, this is the cash credits tier, this is the final steps of building Business Credit, Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, somebody had got on my live stream the other day and say I got like 18 accounts and I’m getting denied and we found out it was because she was allowing a personal credit, to put a personal credit check to take place and they were denying her based on personal credit quality you can never authorized a personal credit check with any of this are they going to pull your personal credit and tied that into the lending decision in this case with 14 accounts on your Business Credit Reports by only looking at your Business Credit you’re able to get Visa Cards, MasterCard, American Express even Auto Vehicles financing at this tier as well with no consumer credit check and no personal guarantee required. So after this you got to continue building credit you have to pay all your payments on time or early the benefit of Business Credit Scores is they’re primary based on how you pay your bills, again if you go to our YouTube channel you’ll find that pretty much every single commercial credit score that exists, we break down how they work and give you tips of controlling them, but for the most part credit scores in the business world are based on how you pay, pay your bills as early as you can after an item ships and as soon as they let you to try to get the best score an 80, Dun & Bradstreet, Paydex Score, literally means you pay your bills as agreed, a 100 means you pay your bills early. So again the earlier you pay the better your scores are the better rates in terms you’re going to get on financing. Get credit you actually need to grow your business, a lot of people try to follow these steps just to build Business Credit don’t do that the key here is to get credit you need as I mentioned earlier the more credit you use, your credit reports show the recent amount of credit you have used in place of your credit limits like you’re used to seeing on your Consumer Credit Report. So Lenders and Credit Issuers are looking at the amount you’re using on that credit card to determine how much to approve you for their credit card, if you’re spending less than a 100, bucks you’re not going to get a very high limit credit card on the next when you go to apply for, but if they pull your Business Credit Report and see you spent a 1,000 here and 2,000 recently here and 3,000 recently here to get 10, 20,000 approval is pretty common they just want to give you a high-limit approval that your card that you’re actually going to use, so make sure your credit reflects that you’re using it how do you do that, get credit you’re actually going to need, you know don’t go get an account with Quill just to get an account with Quill get an account with Quill because has printing resources where you can print Marketing Flyers and streets or signs that you could put in yards to attract business and because they actually are selling stuff like computers and printers that you need that you’re going to use to grow the business spend more and that will then help you get future hire approvals. So again you got to use that credit you should use a regularly, you don’t have to constantly use credit but I try to use my credit every once in 6 months all the accounts I have so that recent credit shows on my credit report and again you got to monitor that credit regularly this is all about making sure that you have high scores, because your payments are being paid as agreed it also comes down to making sure that you’re seeing how many accounts are added to your credit report so regularly and you can do that by going into that will just save you a ton of money from going to the reporting agencies directly. Okay so you all a questions? will let us help you through the process if you have any questions feel free to give us a guide or give us a call 877-600-2487 this link is not up, I don’t even know why I had this on the slide the link to go to get our free guide on Building Business Credit is actually going to be you can see that on the bottom of the slide will get you more information on Building Business Credit. So again we have a ton of information on our YouTube channel that you can access at the top right of our page and this breaks is down is down much more in depth I try to do about a 30 minutes wrap up of this process because a people requested, hey you can just do like a 30 minute session that breaks down this whole process it’s hard to do with specifics, but I’ve given you a bunch of specific information if you like more details on this process more details on every stages of the process go to top right of our page you’ll be able to find our YouTube channel we go Live on Facebook regularly so you can answer questions and we can help you in real time go through this process we go Live on YouTube weekly we have a Podcast you can listen on the go, and we also do a lot of tips on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, daily as well. So there’s a lot of information we have beyond what we covered here and if you have questions or need help along the way feel free to give us a ring 877-602-487 [email protected] or visit us online at thanks everybody have a great day, now you know the exact steps to build Business Credit don’t forget to grab your free guide at that will give you even more information to help you successfully build Business Credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your personal social thanks everybody have a great day.

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  1. Does an entertainment company like a mobile dj company be considered a risky business?

  2. Hello, thanks for the helpful info. With regard to my business, I am planning an in home Family Child Care/Preschool and want to build my business credit now to use towards capital investment for a Child Care Center in the future. I know its not recommended to use a home address, however, I'm not sure a virtual address would be helpful for me when it comes to ordering child care furniture and supplies for my home business until I actually obtain a real business address with a center. What do I do in that type of situation? Thanks!

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