How To Build An Online Business While You Have A Full-Time Job

How To Build An Online Business While You Have A Full-Time Job

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  1. u read my mind!! I was wondering about the same thing a minute ago. Wat a Co incidence

  2. Very useful, I suscribed and going to the 7 online business models free course. Thanks a lot.

  3. I so love your videos — I tend to feel as if I am selling out on my business when I dedicate my time to my job, never thought about it as an asset to my business. Because honestly without cashflow then whats the point — THANK YOU for this video –the health tips are on point too!

  4. This is the most beautiful sign that came to me. I'll keep in tune.

  5. Hey Stef, it's seemed like you read my mind when I saw this, Awesome video, thanks for putting it together. I've been thinking of starting a KDP business. As someone who is an expert on KDP where do you advice I start from?

  6. Great tips —as always—telling it like it is. Very helpful reminders.

    P.S. Did you move??? I am used to seeing the great view around you in your videos. This looks different.

  7. This video provided great value and insight. Thank you!

  8. +Project Life Mastery
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. That lamp in the back is awesome!

  10. Great video Stefan taught me a lot. I currently have a job and I'm using some of my income to start generating passive income. Your videos are always insightful and inspiring.

  11. Very nicely articulated. Txs šŸ‘šŸ»

  12. you are so amazing! I have been waiting for this video for a long time!! thank you sooo much:-).. looking forward for your affiliate marketing course

  13. Driving a taxi truly sets the foundation for the lifestyle I'm paving for myself. The entrepreneurial mindset. Granted I'm still exchanging my time for money, I don't have a boss or "master" dictating WHEN I have to work or how much I have to get paid. Because of this I can develop and cultivate and empowering morning ritual and LEVERAGE myself with the free time that I have to work on my business and most importantly, myself. Keep inspiring me and showing me what is possible, Stefan

  14. Thanx you so much Stephan for such an excellent content , Can you please tell me how much does it cots me to launch my first book (outsourcing it ) because I am about to work on low salary job THE money I make is about 70$ per month and its only enough for enroling in the course Thanx you.

  15. Thank you for this video Stefan!

  16. Where can i get access to life mastery tool box?

  17. very good video. i have been watching all your videos. i invested in your kindle publishing course and it has changed my kindle publishing business. Thanks and keep the good work up. your are impacting lives

  18. Stefan my friend, you are a great speaking. I'm happy to see your social media is taking off. You are motivating and improving the lives of as many people are you can touch! Cheers

  19. I watched this video many times! So motivating! Thank you!

  20. Great advice once again!

  21. Great talk man… Real life speak.. TBH, just what I needed right now! Good kick up the arse!

  22. Excellent Advice. The immersion technique is true, it will also help you focus as well.

  23. Another Great Video Well Said, Thanks Stefan!

  24. Hey Stefan I have been folowing your videos for a while now. I have been searching around for the best way to make money online. I want to b able to retire ASAP since am in my late 60's. Unfortunately the internet was not around when I was your age. I am still working a full time job. Some how although I know what I need to do to attain my goals, it was not until I watched this video that I was reminded that I need to use my free time more wisely. I will keep you posted on my progress toward reaching my goals. Keep up the good work helping out the the many budding entrepreneurs out there !

  25. If we are able to manage our time properly and try to as productive as we can I believe that building an online business while having a full time job is definitely possible. And if you manage to make larger income from your business, then you can quit your job and focus mainly on your business.

  26. when does the affiliate program coming out?

  27. Awesome value! great video

  28. For those of you watching who are single with no children, and have a full time job, give yourself 2-4 hours a day. Now is the time, because let me tell you, once you have a family, a house, kids, all the things that come with it leaves you no time. Also, sleep is very overrated. we've been told that our bodies need at least 8 hrs of sleep and that is a total fabrication. Every single self made successful individual sleeps 4-6 hrs a night. The time is too valuable, and you don't get it back if you sleep away a third of your life.

  29. Man I saw your video on how to stop watching porn and how in that video I could relate my life to you.. now you have come so far this online business, amazon fba, pro I am not able to relate to have come a long way man .
    Keep going.

  30. Hi Stefan! Thanks for all the tips on this video! Question. Where would you recommend to get a virtual assistant?

  31. Do you have a college degree?

  32. 1/ throw away your tv 2/ throw away Facebook and twiter (or limit it to 15 minutes a day in ont time) 3/ see friends only one night a week

  33. Very motivating specially for someone like me who is planning to have a full time job and at the same time start building an online business

  34. This is great information. I'm so glad I found your channel.

  35. I know you read a lot of nutrition books, but how does it follow that raw foods are easier to digest than cooked foods?…

  36. Thanks for the info, I work full-time and looking for info on how to start an online business, glad I saw your channel šŸ™‚

  37. Appreciate the content Stephan!! Cheers from Australia

  38. Excellent tips, thank you! I've saved this video to my playlist for my team to watch, which is very helpful!

  39. Great content – I'm running a successful business right now and really looking for new ways and ideas to continue to scale and diversify. looking forward to viewing your next videos.

  40. I'm working full time right now but my goal is to have my own online business within a year thats making at least Ā£2000 per month so I can quit my day job. Your Vids are well put together. I'm hoping by starting my own publishing business I can help others, grow and ultimately contribute more to the world.

  41. You have some excellent videos! Thanks for the liver flush write up on your site too, about to do my third tomorrow and I stopped sweating so much as a result!

  42. hey stefan you have really motivate me with your vids for also start a youtube channel. i love to cook with healthy food and know alot about it and have read alot of books about it and want to share it also with the world. But what have you really need to start because i have not really a lot of money for expensive stuff and is it also possible with your phone? because i want to make cooking vids but i don't really find on youtube or on google how to do this correctly because it's different then normal vids shooting like this vid i think? thans for your advice and sorry for my english it is not so good haha

  43. The was a great video! I am currently working a full-time federal government job, and I will have 28 years of government service this October. I am working my travel business as well as my speak life coaching business so that in the next two years I can retire from the federal government and work full-time for myself.

  44. This was awesome and very helpful

  45. Yet another great video Stefan, thanks a lot!

  46. great advice. love it

  47. Hi I watch your vedios and they are very helpful. I have my business goin and plus I have my full time job. I was wondering if you can give me some tips?

  48. Great info; you are the most real person I have heard. Thanks for sharing!!

  49. great video Stefan, great content,great value, Im a truck driver so i have all your podcasts on my i-phone, started from number 1 listening for 3 days now and ive just got to the january 2015. Helps pass the time driving and im learning so much as i drive.
    Stan Hamilton

  50. I liked this Video, but i'd dare say this video is beautiful. Stefan is sharing everything that I think I know but way more eloquently..just beautiful truth..I loved how he broke down the strategies to manage time..

  51. This probably saved my life. Thanks a lot!

  52. Great advices!! thank you

  53. Thanks so much for sharing your time and experiences on this video. It was of great value to me. šŸ™‚

  54. I know it's been a while since you shared this video but I just saw it and liked it very much, but in my case I'm working and studying in the same time, and I'm really out of control of my time, My college is at morning and my work is for 9 hours at night and i just have 1 hour break between them and I mostly spend it on roads, and I'm hoping you have a good plan for a life style like mine šŸ˜Š hopefully you'll read it, thanks anyway

  55. This is how you do it! Thanks for the vid!

  56. great info..impressed…

  57. Thanks for the advice!

  58. your the first honest person about business start up ….thank you

  59. Amazing advice Stefan! You made my day!

  60. Can I just say that I really appreciate the content you put out.

  61. Superbbbbbbb bro……………………………Its really really inspiring and a lot of good Valuable information shared………….Thanks a ton' take care' Keep up the good workkkkkkk

  62. Hi, I'm new to all this. But I have a question. If we are investing all of our money we make from our business into our business, how are you able to quit your job?

  63. Great video Stefan, helped tremendously. I work 12 hours a day, 9 to 9 to my uncle's business besides Sunday's and I don't have the luxury of 9 till 5. I try to get up earlier but I'm always exausted. Yesterday I saw your video and woke up at 6 today – I was so productive I bursted into tears. Tomorrow I'll do the same and next week I'll wake up earlier than 6 and focus on my dream – thanks again, great ideas, you're a star!

  64. What I find great about your advice so far is that you really adress the beginners, their questions and struggles in "how do I start". While listening to you one gets a better idea of how doing things and go into a good direction, being realistic! It's great. So far I enjoy every of your videos ! Thanks so much.

  65. Hey
    I am completely beginner and I am working full time and want to set my own online business in Amazon. But before I do invest I want to understand and gain some knowledge and but I don't have to much money to invest so I need help in smart investment. This video is awesome and very motivating. Thank you šŸ™‚

  66. I've been watching and listening to this video on repeat for inspiration lately. I'm in the process of putting together a blog that I would like to monetize via digital products and services and possibly some affiliate links. Your videos have been so, SO helpful and I just had to say thanks! I figured I would do so on my favorite vid! šŸ™‚

  67. Thank you for so much valuable information!

  68. I love how honest you are, thank you

  69. Excellent man…you're helping me on my new, exciting journey!

  70. I found ur channel few days ago and I am obsessed that I want to start a business. Ow. Because that is the only way to have passive income while attending school, kids alone, and job.

  71. Love this guy! I love your energy and your applicable legitimate advice!

  72. I absolutely love your videos! I'll be watching ALL of them! Thank you so much for all the tips, very valuable. Hello from Canada!

  73. I love watching your videos. You always have great advice. I want to start my own business.

  74. Great information, Thanks for the hard work. It helps me why I'm Working my way out of the Rabbit hole!

  75. I was literally thinking this before i watched it. Nice vid ,Thanks!

  76. Stefan…thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences with others who desire to positively change their life. I believe the Universe led me to your site because the timing of my destiny is at hand…Iā€™m starting late in this journey but I honestly believe that with focus, determination and your guidance I too can begin living the life I so desire…I appreciate you Stefan

  77. I am really interested in learning how to start an online business. Thanks for the advise and information.

  78. What do u do passively? I need help figuring out what I love to make me passive income. I have the hunger and the hustle for it. I jus need help figuring out what it is. Please. I have been trying to figure this out for years

  79. Great video… thanks for the great advice. I am planning on creating a passive flow of income. And watched youe video . Gonna check out more of your content

  80. Great video ! Thanks Stefan . The fear of sacrifice is killing me .

  81. The best time to start an online business is today. Don't procrastinate and waste your time away watching TV. Time is the one commodity you can't get back ever. Thanks for the great video and information.

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