How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : Rules for Dealing Cards in Blackjack

How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : Rules for Dealing Cards in Blackjack

Hi. My name is Melissa Powell and I’m with
Expert Village. We’re talking about Blackjack. Now the point of the game in Blackjack is
to make twenty-one, or get as close to twenty-one as you can without busting or going over that
limit. Now this Player has thirteen. They will probably also want to hit. They now have
seventeen. I’m only showing a two, which probably means they’re in a good place to stand. So
let’s imagine this Player stands. I deal a card to this Player who has fourteen. Now
they have a nine, which obviously puts them over twenty-one. I clean up the cards immediately
and put it over here to my right. We move on to the King and the two, which is twelve.
Obviously, they’ll want another card. So I deal them a card and they have fourteen now.
Now this Player can take as many hits as he’d like. So if he want to keep going, he can
keep putting cards on. Let’s say he’d like to hit again, so he has fourteen, too many.
At this point the Player has bet too high and has no cards left. So we clean those up.
We go over here to the final Player who has thirteen. And let’s say they take a hit. Eighteen,
an excellent place. Very close to twenty-one, but they don’t want to go over. So this person
is going to say they want to stand, denoted by this hand motion. This means stand and
this, a scratch or a tap on the table, means hit or I’d like another card. At this point,
we get over to the Dealer and my hand. I simply flip over my card to show that I have five.
Now I must continue hitting until I have at least seventeen. Fourteen, I’ve got to take
another hit. So I have my cards here, and twenty-one. Ironically, the Dealer always
wins. House will always make more money than the Players. So I now have a perfect hand
and I’ve beaten these Players and I clean up their cards as well as my own, and the
hand is over.

Comments (55)

  1. funny that you dont take away the bets

  2. Why would a 14 hit against a 12? Not a good dealer IMO.

  3. The hand gestures for hit and stand are generally accepted but it sould always still be confirmed whether they want a card, taking hand movements as confirmation all the time will inevitably lead to a dispute in my experience

  4. lol Nerd, i agree, i lol at people that hit that kind of junk.

  5. omg yes, i cant stand fkn mixed and signals, people hit the table super hard, do that neck cutting motion on their neck when they wanna stand, they'll lean back and smoke, and motion with like a "come here" motion that they want a card, ugh. I stop the game, and tell them that i need you to Tap the table for a hit, and wave over the table to stand, and do all that shit on the felt plz. I swear some people just dont know anyshit.

  6. I really hate expert village.

  7. Clearly you, people, don't know shit about teaching methods.

  8. i'd go to her casino, i'd be even or up all night

  9. I'm learning right now how to deal professionally, i thought if someone busted you must take their chips first then the cards?…

  10. i see.. but she should though to teach the rookies ( like me ) and others. i like the way she shuffles though, she does it more with ease than i does lol

  11. wow she sucks! she doesnt even kill the money! so stupid!

  12. Who hits a 14 with a dealer upcard 2?

  13. By us in the casino they do it totally different. If you bust they push your cards together and they immediately take your money.

  14. I stopped watching as soon as she said the player with 13 would hit against a duece.

  15. The ending is not entirely true. One of the only reasons that the house makes more money is because people came to gamble; not to start shifting or calling your supervisor. They want to play a game. Imagine if everyone in a casino did Hi Opt II card counting? Do you think that the casino would make as much as they normally do? Card counting may not be full proof, but in the hands of skill, it can be. The casino would be out of business.

  16. If someone busts you have to taken their money out of the circle right away

  17. see – I don't believe this – normally the dealer pulls a 5-card 21 out of their ass.

  18. dealer has no idea. just check basic strategy. against a 2, stand on 13-17

  19. The casino would never make any money if you don't even take the losing bets! See you soon honey, I'm coming to play blackjack at your table!

  20. Hey there, honey, the object it NOT to get as close to 21 as you can without going over, the object is to BEAT THE DEALER WITHOUT GOING OVER 21! I hope she isn't giving those instructional player seminars casinos hold each morning. And how is the casino going to make money if you don't sweep the bet? Better go back to dealer school.

  21. She obviously doesnt know basic strategy. Hitting a 14 vs 2 ?

  22. If I was a pit boss I would fire her ass.

  23. She hit a 14 vs a 2, I guess the true count was about minus 5 or less.

  24. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS BIMBO!! First off she's illustrating wrong strategy. MORE IMPORTANTLY……she's showing a player busting and SHE DOESN'T TAKE THE BET!1 This video should be PULLED!

  25. Look how nasty those cards are. Maybe if u learned to riffle properly they would last you. Oh, you always take the bet first! Take the bet, then the cards.

  26. This lady is a ditz. I want to post proper dealing techniques.

  27. actually im 10 years old but i know i maby young but im starting to have fun with it well i have not learned it but ya thx!!!!!!!

  28. stupid bitch your meant to take the chips away first

  29. this bitch is dumb af

  30. Take the chips away first. And a player cannot hit as many times as they like. You hit to a 21 and the dealer moves on. How do you expect to teach others when you don't understand the basics of dealing

  31. Awful dealing, please learn how to deal first and then give tips and advices.. :X ALWAYS take the chips first and then the cards of the punter!

  32. Dumb bitch. Learn how to play the game first then teach it.

  33. The object of blackjack is not to get 21 or close to it. The object is to beat the dealer! You can win hands all day with a hard 12. Casinos LOVE people who think the game is about 21.

  34. why the fuck would someone hit 14 if the dealer has 2

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  37. The only hand she should have hit on was 12 lol.

  38. how many deck can play in blackjack ? and if i using 1 deck, how often i must to shuffle a deck ?

  39. of course she had the cards setup …lol…real players don't hit on a 12 when the dealer's showing a 12…this video is retarded

  40. theres so much moee to blackjack rhan that tho

  41. pick a table where the dealer must hit on a soft 17

  42. I'm a dealer and this is about as wrong as it gets. please, nobody take advice from this lady

  43. Do u have to get to min 17 or can u stop? Or does that depend of the casino?

  44. This lady has to work on her way of teaching.

  45. She probably looking to confuse the shit out of newbies at the same time she gets her panties wet but pulling out her preset blackjack hand. How ironic

  46. You should have also taken their bet.

  47. Her card placement sucks, too. Surveillance would hate her.

  48. Grab the losing bet asap, bitch

  49. Take the money first then clear the cards.

  50. To everyone talking about the chips, those are probably just there to show where the players would be hence the colors

  51. fucking bitch don t use shoe he uses only one deck she isn t dealer

  52. thanks for the help 🙂

  53. I dealt BJ for a minute before wisely switching switching to poker. No shuffle, no pitch, no double down, no splits and no procedure on dealing the whole game in this video. Maybe we can talk her into a video on how to deal dice!

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