How To Add YouTube Cards on Your Videos

How To Add YouTube Cards on Your Videos

For years we’ve been able to add
annotations to our YouTube videos but there was a big problem and the
problem was that annotations did not work on mobile. Therefore they were very ineffective and
I think that people tended to ignore annotations quite often. So YouTube recently introduced a new feature which
is called Cards. These cards will enable an info link that people can click on and it will also have call to action. Let me
show you how to enable Cards. And you go in to YouTube editor the same
way where you would add annotations but you
look for the link to Cards. And the choices of cards are similar to what we had
before with annotation links You can use an Associated website, which would be the website you already
have associated with your YouTube channel FanFunding if you already have that
turned on and I have a video that shows you how to turn that one if you need that. Fundraising would be like Kickstarter IndieGoGo or Patreon. If you have merchandise for sale you can use that as well. And that final card you can add is to video or a playlist So the first card then I want to add will
be for my associated website Let me just set that up – and as soon
as I typed in that URL a pre-filled the title of that page but notice that it tells me I’m over the
limit on the character count I can scroll through to pick a better
image that was my daughter’s picture but I’m
not sure that that’s the one I want to use. Let’s just stick with my picture instead I’m going to need to shorten this and add a Call to Action, so I just
changed it to something short and sweet “Get more blog tips” Create that card and I guess we can edit
this time which move the scrubber or something let’s just move it down. There you go Notice: when you hover over it it pops out Let’s play the video. See how the “i” came
and then the words popped out and it stays up there for about a few
seconds. So lets just add another card in this case I will add a Fan Funding since I do
have that set up on my account and I guess I could go to Settings page if I needed to change that but I’m all good
with the settings that I have there. So I will just create the card here and YouTube also recommends that we don’t space those cards too closely together.
And you’ll see what comes up and it says Support Ileane Smith. Oh that’s
cute. Fundraising which would be IndieGoGo
Kickstarter, Patreon. Merchandise and on the merchandise here’s a list of the supported sites for merchandise Etsy is there, Gumroad that’s one that a lot of people use
to sell videos and other educational materials, tickets you know that may be a good idea for you
to use for an event, StubHub and StoreEnvy if you doing merchandise- SoundCloud that
another great one that I’m sure podcasters will love to
see and last but not least let’s not forget
that video or playlist that we can create a card
for and I think this is probably going to be
one of the most effective when it comes to building our channel having people stay on YouTube longer
increasing our watch time and session time and I think it’s also
gonna make a lot of those “end cards” obsolete because like I mentioned earlier YouTube
realizes that the annotations aren’t effective because they
don’t work on mobile and so now that we have these cards the
going to work on mobile and then you can send people to your
other videos using the cards and that’s going to you know you can replace those previous end cards. Get rid of them you can use to YouTube editor to to chop
that part of your video off if you want. if you don’t wanna go in there and get
rid of all those old annotations. So this is really exciting
guys I suggest you go in there work with your
most important videos or your most viewed
videos and go in and add these cards. On the mobile device the cards will appear at the bottom
underneath the video. So go test it out and make sure you’re adding these cards to any of your existing videos and all of your videos going forward!

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  1. Just added some to my latest videos to see how they work and if the clickthrough rates improve a all. It wouldn't take much, as the clickthroughs on most annotations are non-existent. 

  2. Great tutorial @Ileane Smith 

  3. @Ileane Smith  I am so glad I saw your Instagram post on this and hopped over to see your video on this new video CARDS. I have already updated many of my youtube videos and will keep working on the rest today. Furthermore I am glad that Google saw that annotations were not as easy to add and not very effective. Now I don't have to worry about being a design pro to add these awesome little pieces of information to my video to further help my viewers! You made my day today.

  4. Sooooooooooo excited to see this feature! I hate that Annotations are not clickable.  Thanks Ileane. 🙂

  5. Nice explainer video Ileane. I'm going to have to play with the new CARDS soon.

  6. Great!  Thanks for this!

  7. Another great video Ileane!  

    I wanted to see if you know if there is anyway to have the "video cards" stay open?  So instead of viewers having to click to see them, that would automatically see the "cards" without having to do anything.  I fooled around with it, but wasn't able to to do it.

    Just curious.  Thanks again.  

  8. Thanks for this useful video! But I have a question:how do you add the logo in the beginning with the subscribe popping up button? 🙂

  9. Thanks for the tip! Very helpful.

  10. Thanks for sharing this!!!  Apparently YouTube has dropped the Fan Funding feature here.  I just check and the option is not there!

  11. Thanks for very informative video, I tried youtube cards, it is great, but do you know the reason why the cards doesn't appear on mobile phone or I pad?
    It shows it on my mac, but it doesn't appear on other devises as it should appear…
    Is it anything to do with the settings?

  12. Hi Ileane, any idea why the Fundraising card isn't available when I try to add cards?

  13. Is there a way to put one card on a whole playlist of videos?

  14. loved all your videos, you have a new SUB. please checkout my channel as well. stay blessed

  15. Thanks Ileane. It would be great if you would complete that last example at the end of the video to show how to add a card for a video or playlist.  This took me a bit of hunting to figure out as a newbie to YouTube.

  16. Very helpful!! All the mobile annotation vids I saw never mentioned Cards, thank you!

  17. wow👍 nice explanation, thank you so much mam,

  18. How do you make the card last longer? Its just so quick then its gone

  19. Can I add a card on a video that is in my playlist, but wasn't uploaded by me?

  20. thank so Much you Are Amazing Tutors, i Get evry you Said….thnks

  21. Two and a half year – running my channel on YouTube and i realized that i have completely missed these cards, not done till now… good work as always

  22. Hi. Do you know how to merge youtube pages?

  23. Once again…you've created another really helpful video! Thank you! I have a quick question that perhaps you have answered elsewhere. I use the mobile version of youtube on my phone (not the app) and I have noticed that the cards and call to action pop up don't show up like they do on my desktop. Do you have any insight as to why this might be and whether they plan to change that. It seems silly that they wouldn't have it available. It's such a missed opportunity for the channel owner and for youtube to have the viewer directed to more videos.

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