How “premium” orange juice is really made (CBC Marketplace)

How “premium” orange juice is really made (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. 5:30 seconds before they actually start talking about how is made

  2. damn it. Now I'm thirsty and hungry :DD

  3. I low-key wanna try the orange juice that has mostly no flavour. Sounds really good lmao

  4. that is the strange thing, about the USA….fresh…hmm…and processed….there is nothing like the real thing…and evidently that does not exist, that much, in the USA…

  5. Mmmmm juice….obesity in a bottle. I do have to wonder why people in this day and age, with education right at our fingertips, still believe that advertising is real, manufactured food is good and no one has a vested interest in lying to you to make money.

  6. think I'll go get a breakfast sandwich and a glass of OJ.


  8. Dumbasses. How many orange trees are there in Canada? None. You want OJ, then you put up with what you get. Same for us in the US. Shelf life of freshly squeezed juice is about 3 weeks. Good luck getting it to you guys from Florida or California, let alone South America.

  9. 4:03 what is up with her eyebrows????

  10. Why whine?
    You live in a society that allows and rewards marketers for lying.
    You drink and eat toxic crap and HAPPILY fill the coffers of the liars… because you don't take the time to buy fresh base product. You vote for something every time you spend a cent.
    And you will continue to, because that's how you were trained.

  11. Pfffff why does he have to call it OJ. Murricans.

  12. even though its indecent you gotta hand it to the companies for the marketing skills by assuring that no sugar or water is added, they arent lying but they arent telling the whole truth either, shady business these days.

  13. Who the hell cares! Be glad you have money to buy orange juice. I'll drink it and be more than grateful. If you don't like it then go eat oranges.

  14. Great segment, I love CBC Marketplace. I feel like we Canadians are way to nice and don't fight corporate greed like we should. First of all, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency doesn't do its job to protect the consumers. There are lots of mislabeled (or false claim) packaged foods on the shelves but this agency doesn't do enough to fight that. In fact they only find out about these issues when they are contacted by whistleblowers such as CBC Marketplace or other consumer protection groups for inquiries or comments. Sometimes the Agency will kick the ball back at the food industry; no accountability anywhere. There need to be more done in order to fight misinformation from greedy food producers/processors whose bottom line is more important than food safety. You will never see class action law suits in Canada. No judge would allow it because the benches are filled with conservative judges who are really into opening that kind of floodgate unless you live in B.C. where I do find judges to be a lot more progressive and more inclined to protects individuals/consumers against large corporations.

  15. I’m addicted to this ‘Marketpakce’ program now😂 reminds me a lot of British TV

  16. As a Canadian I've never expected my orange juice to be actually fresh. Milk yes, orange juice no. But I agree the marketing is dishonest

  17. In college a friend of mine tried natural peanut and Peter Pan ,Peter pan won because it he said it tasted more like peanut butter than the real thing ,go figure

  18. The ONLY thing we humans are meant to drink is water. Noting else. I have not drank anything other than water for about 2 years. Lost 20 pounds, feel MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

  19. Don’t see any real problem with what they are doing, it’s a mass production. If you don’t like it then just squeeze them yourself every day.

  20. Squeezing my own from now.

  21. 0:57 the master orange juice taster

  22. If its not on "the label" its pure fraud.

  23. The places that over use the salt, should put that on the label…..just like cigarette packs have warning labels. Its just a corporate "privilege"…SUE THEM ALL, you dont have to eat it yes, but when they LIE, you do have a case.

  24. I was at bargain market and bought what I believed to be orange juice. It wasn't orange juice in fact it didn't have any oranges in it. It was a combination of acids, dyes and sugars. I was grossed out I can't think of the brand but try googling it's probably way cheaper as it's mostly water and corn syrup. Smh

  25. Read what Dr.Hulda Clark found in orange juice.

  26. I don't understand why or how people eat this garbage food every day, when it is so easy to make good food simply at home…Not to mention the cost effectiveness of home prepared over fast food.

  27. i still like orange juice, i dont care whats in it

  28. What about TANG?

  29. The one that has the most pulp in it!!! Fresh is best !!!!!!!

  30. I actually don’t drink any orange juice.

  31. Growing up in California we had 3 orange trees in our backyard, so the thought of anyone confusing fresh for processed amazes me. Unfortunately I no longer live in that State and live in one where orange trees don't do well if at all. If I want fresh oranges at the grocery store, they're 50 cents each!! On average, it takes 5-6 ripe oranges to make a 6 oz glass, so that's $2.50 US a glass. Ouch!! My favorite processed orange juice is Minute Maids "Home Squeezed Style" and drink 2 gallons per-month. It has lots of pulp and tastes far less processed then any other I've tried, other then one. Whole Foods has one that is "cold pasteurized" and is super close to fresh squeezed quality in taste and decently priced for Whole Foods (under $10 a gallon).

  32. Wow Americans take their orange juice seriously

  33. the best is freshly squeezed from fruit

  34. People are actually surprised that big companies and corporations are lying to them they all lie and cut corners they don't care as long as they are making bucks

  35. They all have Garbage Food!

  36. Alex Herbert in shambles… bamboozled

  37. Unpopular opinion: Juice is for losers. Too much sugar & water is better.

  38. Funny thing, I’ve had orange juice the past few days and it didn’t seem cold enough being in the refrigerator. Even tho every other liquid was cold.

  39. I always wondered why boxed juice never tasted the same as fresh. I just buy oranges and squeeze two each day for a glass of fresh juice – tastes so good and has all the good vitamins….

  40. Better to eat oranges… that way you get the fibre too…..simples

  41. Get yourself a slow press masticating juicer.
    buy oranges and keep them in the fridge.
    Have real fresh orange juice whenever you want.
    You will never go back to carton oj.

  42. 1000mg = 1g
    I guess 1000mg sounds scarier.

    Salt is essential for your body.
    And it contains trace minerals.
    Sea salt is good for you.
    Table & rock salt are bad for you.
    Most processed food contains salt that like table and rock salt, is mined from the ground, you shouldn't eat these types of salt.
    Eat only sea salt wherever you have a choice.

  43. There is nothing natural about orange juice from a box. We stayed at a hotel in Munich where there was a mechanical juicer with a basket full of oranges every morning. Not only did you get some exercise but fresh squeeze OJ was the best.

  44. 5:30 12:00 is there any juice company that stores there juice less than a week ?

  45. I was not surprise. I personally would preferred juice from the carton because the taste was consistence. One would not get a consistence taste from natural oranges.

  46. 0:47 Since when was orange juice thought similar to wine? 🍊

  47. Oranga glad you watched this segment ??? 🍊🍊🍊

  48. The most shocking thing was that people actually believe that all those juices are natural? Sorry no organic product lasts that long.

  49. I was drinking tropicana orange juice while watching this.

  50. I use 1 orange juice squeezed into a glass of water

  51. Morons who think breakfast sandwiches are healthy. 😒

  52. This video is so white.

  53. Starting video guess… They use elephants to step on a large pool of oranges…. Ok now back to the video.

  54. Ever thought about those oranges that grow in the freezing winter? because they don't. or summer time when many people decide they want more juice than there is oranges because the weather is warmer and it's nice to have a nice glass of juice. I'm pretty sure that's why they have to process it so much, to keep the supply running

  55. The puns and puns and puns

  56. I wonder how much she was paid to wear that purple shirt.

  57. What breakfast sandwiches are good for you! Doesn't anybody know anything anymore. Why do people think that everything is healthy just because it tastes good?

  58. Dear marketplace if you read this I have something that concerns me. At one time if you left bread out it would go moldy, Now you can let it sit for months and it will look like you just got it from a store but gets hard as a rock and no longer gets moldy, What are they doing to the bread. Bread that doesn't go moldy is very fishy to me. What are the bread companies doing to there bread, what are they putting into it to stop that. Bread doesn't taste the same anymore either, it has a funny taste to me now. I would really like to know what they are doing to it

  59. All white people nice

  60. In my old neighborhood the store had and orange juice machine in the produce section. Fresh squeezed flavor can't be imitated. Get the citrus juice machines back in the markets.

  61. I visited Oasis production plant 20 years ago, when they stole my university idea for packaging their product. I remember the stench. I could not believe this was a juice company. It smelled like a chemical factory at best.


  63. Stopped buying orange juice years ago and just eat an orange, to much sugar in juice

  64. I have been scammed all my life 😥

  65. I'm a chemical engineer in beverage manufacturing. If you want convenience, then you need companies to process it.

  66. sunny delight is made from orange peels… and 99% other junk

  67. They give you the best natural OJ product possible given the regulations that require them to pasteurize and comply with FDA/whatever regulations. You complain about it? Go try squeezing fresh oranges yourself and selling it in the market.. You'll end up just like Tropicana/ Florida's Natural/ SImply Orange.. Also, if you want to have REAL fresh, just squeeze a few new oranges yourself. If you sell this stuff in a general grocery store, you'll do it just like the best companies do because they found out how to make it as fresh, good tasting and safe as possible according to the regulations and prices people are willing to pay. Guess the channel forgot to mention that Gov't regulations and safety in the UNITED STATES is not really negotiable for a business unless they want to be shut down.. You liberals generally never think things through very logically,

  68. THEY should be Shut DOWN All of them. CON ARTIST.

  69. A very simple solution for every similar problem, stop consuming fruits and veggies that are not in a season, they are here for a reason.

  70. 13:44 Well, well, well… Guess what? I'm Portuguese and I can read the label on the flask that reads "Essência de Laranja Fase Aquosa". That' splain Portuguese language.
    Does that means the orange flavour comes from Portugal?
    (Or even Brazil, where they speak the same language?)

  71. There was a bug on the oringe juse

  72. I buy six dozen oranges every week and the family
    squeeze them in no time, we also have three orange
    and lemon trees, we never buy box '''juice''' of any kind
    we give our lives over to large cooperation who are
    only too willing to oblige, then we complain, lets go
    back to basis

  73. Want real healthy orange juice? Eat an orange or two.

  74. I haven’t bought Tropicana in years – explain to my kids that Tropicana is cooked oranges

  75. Even if you drink fresh squeezed OJ… it's still not great to drink, especially if it does not have pulp. It is too much sugar being dumped into your system. Eating oranges in its natural form is the best as the fiber content insures you do not take in more than you need, and the pulp also works to slow down the sugar absorption process. Yes vitamin C is good but you can find that in many vegetables.

  76. The government lets these companies get away with lies – it's CRIMINAL. It's like ALMONDS, dried fruit and other nuts that are branded RAW AND NATURAL. They are NOT. They are gassed with PPO or Propylene Oxide. According to The Environmental Working Group (EWG), Center for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) PPO is a HIGH RISK PROBABLE CARCINOGEN. I contacted the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) about it TWICE and demanded them to mark foods treated with PPO, because we deserve to know. THEY wrote me back, but cutting the story short, DID NOT CARE.

  77. Oranges don't grow year round.
    "Fresh Squeezed" orange juice is available year round.
    I'm not going to think about how this works, I'm just going to believe it…

  78. 4:49 I can recognize that voice anywhere

  79. Thank you for sharing, I'm now in protest of orange juice!

  80. Why juice…it hits the liver like alcohol. Slice an orange and eat it. Orange pulp is fiber. Whole foods are always a better option.

  81. It’s all junk now days!!!

  82. Sounds like talking to children

  83. I’ve always felt that our health didn’t matters to big companies to see the hypocrisy of these companies not wanting to speak in front of the camera proves how cowardly they are !!!!!! and guilty not enough being done to protect the consumer. I’m not only talking about the orange juice episode all companies that are out for themselves !

  84. Just peel some oranges and throw them in the blender with some water. It all takes like 2 minutes, then rinse the blender right away and the hard work is done.

  85. Orange juice gives me the worst heartburn. I always have to dilute it whenever I drink it which isn’t often at all.

  86. 12:12 this guy acts so interested despite being an employee of marketplace! Watch him cook eggs

  87. CBC vs biggest Brands Good luck CBC👍

  88. Best diet is the Keto diet. 60% good fats, 30% protein and 50 grams of carbs in vegetables. No grain carbs and sugar.

  89. Curious about how much natural Vit C complex (vs added ascorbic acid, which is not well utilized by the body) processed OJ contains vs Fresh squeezed? Light and time destroy Vit C.

  90. everyone should plant there own Orange tree

  91. its takes 24 oranges to fill 1 carton btw not 16, they lied lol. i tried

  92. I can't stand how ignorant these people are.

  93. What they DON'T tell you is that the juice is pasteurized then stored in tanks for MONTHS (you don't think Florida has oranges 365 days per year now do you?). Pasteurization causes color loss and flavor loss so when the juice is FINALLY packed for sale a few MONTHS later "flavor packs" are added! Research this on the net and you will be enlightened! NEVER will a container of orange juice say "fresh squeezed" NEVER! I wonder why???

  94. Is it true that OJ labeled 100% Florida OJ only has to be 60% from Florida oranges the rest being from South America or other countries?

  95. I wonder if they would reveal the actual oranges they used to squeeze. That makes a HUGE difference. you can have medicine chemical tasting oranges. We shall see as I watch this. Orange tree themselves can be engineered. Often they are. This is why we NEVER buy orange juice. We buy natural organic oranges to squeeze.

  96. Lmao. What would the perfect orange juice give me? OP Vitamin C? Will my acidity levels topple over? Will my insides smell like oranges? 🤔

  97. They are not "flavour packs" its FLAVOR alot of that stuff is grown in USA so just call it flavor and give us your precious loonies.

  98. So they put some real oranges? This is better than I thought.

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