How NOT To Care For Curly Hair

How NOT To Care For Curly Hair

Hey ya’ll, so before I begin this video, I’m gonna ask every curly hair brother and sister out there to pray for me because today I’m going to be committing every single curly hair sin imaginable now the reason I’m doing this is because I want to show ya’ll the Consequences and the results of committing one of these curly hair sins. So if you are committing any of these curly hair sins, stop immediately Unless you want to go to curly hair hell, but what if you’re a curly hair atheist So the first thing I should be doing is deep conditioning my hair Just because it’s so dry and tangled But instead I’m going to commit probably the worst curly hair sin which is brushing my hair dry. Oh my gosh I don’t even know how to do this ah oh my gosh. Do you hear that Oh, this is making me cringe. I’m still not able to get a brush through my hair So I’m just gonna use my wide tooth comb. The reason that Brushing curly hair dry is the number one sin is because it literally provides No benefit to your hair. It only does Bad. It ruins your hair pattern. It makes it frizzy and makes it undefined Not to mention it hurts. And I know there’s some people out there thinking well like how else am I supposed to detangle my hair? Always do it when you have conditioner in your hair and do it with your fingers. That’s always Sufficient and if you don’t have a brush Or you really need some sort of like detangling tool always opt for the wide toothed comb it is much more gentle All righty so my hair is all brushed out And I am ready to get into the shower. Every curly-haired girl and boy Knows to avoid sulfates, silicones and drying alcohols So I’m going to be using all of those ingredients. This shampoo has sulfates and silicones. This conditioner has Silicones and it also has rubbing alcohol in it for some reason I don’t know why they would ever put that in a conditioner. For styling you should always opt for moisture So a good leave in conditioner is definitely a staple for every curly head So I tried finding a styler that is very very drying like the complete opposite of a leave-in conditioner And I got this which is a hairspray. Hair sprays tend to have drying alcohols This one has rubbing alcohol as the third ingredient pero like let’s do it. The reason you want to avoid sulfates is because sulfates are Detergents that are very very harsh these are so strong that they’re actually used in laundry detergent and Dishwasher soap. If you have curly hair your hair is already naturally much more drier than any other hair type If you want your curls to be as defined as possible you need to preserve as much moisture as possible and one way you can Do this is by not using sulfate shampoo So I just rinse out the shampoo and my hair feels super squeaky Which is exactly what I expected of this because sulfates are so drying next conditioner Silicones should be avoided because silicones are not water-soluble this means that they cannot be rinsed out of the hair They literally build up on your hair until it dries out your hair. They create this non Water-soluble barrier around your hair and prevents your hair from accepting moisture in the long run It makes your hair very very dry. The only way to get rid of silicones is by using sulfates Then you get stuck in this harsh cycle of sulfates and silicones, so just avoid sulfates and avoid silicones So here I’m doing a towel turban which is very very common practice But it’s actually really bad Normal towels, the terry cloth fibers, are so thick and extremely abrasive and absorbent they will dry out your hair and can cause a lot of frizz and breakage. Opt for a Microfiber towel instead and scrunch with that, you can also just use a regular cotton t-shirt Scrunching with a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt is way more gentle and will improve your curl texture by a ton Brushing your hair after the shower is a personal thing some people like the results They get some people don’t. You can try this out and see how it works for you, but for me, it doesn’t work out well Now for the hairspray. Like I said before with curly hair you want as much moisture as possible So just don’t use products that contain rubbing alcohol in them. That’s not the smartest move I usually scrunch my hair after I put in my styler but since I’m doing everything wrong in this routine I’m not going to scrunch my hair now it’s time to dry my hair. Air drying is the healthiest way to dry your hair, but we’re doing everything wrong here So I’m going to use a blow dryer and apart from that I’m going to take off the diffuser. A diffuser attachment distributes the airflow So it doesn’t blow the hair around and cause a bunch of frizz So of course if you blow dry your hair without a diffuser you’re gonna get a bunch of frizz Alrighty so my hair is 100% dry and here are the result of a sinful hair routine definitely a lot Worse than my usual results it’s a lot frizzier the back is really bad I’ll put a picture right here of what my hair usually looks like when I follow my usual hair routine as you can see I Have a lot more volume a lot more curl definition and very little frizz I just really hope that this video and these results show y’all how Important it is to have a proper hair routine for curly hair it is Unfortunate that we live in a society that does cater to straight hair and prefer straight hair But stop treating your hair like straight hair. It is not straight. It has special needs. If you have textured hair You just have to take that extra step and go that extra mile to get the most out of your hair Even though it is more difficult to work with I would never give up curly hair for the world It’s so awesome and versatile and fun to have I love it And you just need to learn what not to do and stay away from those things And you have to learn what works for your hair and continue to do those things Comment like and subscribe if you like what I’m doing here on this platform It really helps me to grow leave me comments slash Suggestions of things you would like me to do slash discuss on this channel And if you’d like to follow me on any of my social media, I will leave all the links down below Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a great day byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  18. I have a very similar hair type to you (only my hair is less healthy, but I’m gradually trying out your tips and I do see an improvement!) One tip a hairdresser friend gave me is not to tie your hair back in a ponytail at night because the tossing and turning will cause split ends. I notice a definite improvement since I stopped doing this πŸ™‚

  19. Does anyone else find it the dumbest thing ever that the majority of L’OrΓ©al products (INCLUDING those that are supposedly formulated β€˜for dull/dry hair’ contain a bunch of silicones?! It makes no sense (other than it makes the company more money because it creates a vicious cycle of crappy hair) I love your videos Penny, they are informative yet also very entertaining and funny πŸ˜€ you’ve also become my curly hair inspiration πŸ™‚

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