How I scaled the world’s largest music studio marketplace (part 2 of the Studiotime story)

How I scaled the world’s largest music studio marketplace (part 2 of the Studiotime story)

Yo, what’s up? its Yoroomie and I’m back. In my first video I talked to you about how I took studio time from an idea to building the MVP in an evening Launching it, which generated over a million hits to the site, the first ten thousand dollars in revenue literally in weeks. So in this video I want to talk to you a little bit more and what I got a lot of questions about which was how do you take this initial marketplace MVP and scale it into being the largest online community music studios in the entire world which it is today and What tools did you use to help you do that? I’m gonna talk in this video about all those tools, and how I use them together to run studio time And I also want to mention one thing, and that’s a lot of people think that studio time is a large venture-backed startup with the big team behind it and a lot of capital which equates resources. The answer is that it’s not. It’s actually just me right now and I can effectively run studio time pretty much from my phone on the go no matter You know, what I’m doing or where I am. So now that you know that it is just me I want to talk to you about these tools that I use that help me to do that. Some of these tools You’ve probably heard of. They are WordPress Sharetribe Zapier Chargebee Stripe and Slack. I’m gonna talk to you more about how I effectively use these tools together and leverage the tech technology as much as possible So I didn’t have to really build anything custom for studio time. So first off, a lot of people also are wondering and have commented on my other video and that is, this studio time built on Sharetribe’s open source or hosted version? So there’s two different versions of Sharetribe available I’ll link down here to both of them below, so you can check them out yourself, but in short viewer time is actually on Sharetribe’s hosted platform Now I could go into the extensive detail talking about this, but to keep it very brief I simply and in doing so that way I can leverage Sharetribe is mainly for the hosting and support of studio time Anything goes wrong or if there’s anything that you know needs to be done on the platform Then I can simply contact Sharetribe and they can take care of that since I’m paying them for their hosted platform So marketplace solution. Now, I did have to modify Sharetribe to platform to of course to meet my needs for studio time and provide for a very customized user experience on the site. Now the easy way to see how I use Sharetribe and then WordPress together that way it creates more of a customized experience for users It’s just simply look at the domains in your browser when you go to Which is the home page. You will see that that is a very custom look That is not on other Sharetribe marketplaces. Now, the reason why is that and anything that is on that domain for instance the /y /subscription or the community of artists, producers and engineers and others is actually on WordPress.So I built custom WordPress pages that I could easily modify through this kind of template that I created and I simply used different domains and You’ll notice the subdomains. Those are as I mentioned, but Sharetribes is actually listing So the different functionality that is on Sharetribe is actually any of the user accounts of account creation goes into the listing creation for studio listings Which then goes into requesting studios from user to listing then the messaging then the payments and then also the reviews. That is all done on Sharetribes posted platform And that is the functionality that Sharetribe is capable of. But for the user to come to there needed to be a little bit more than that and improve user experience thus that’s why I use WordPress in conjunction with Sharetribe. Now that you know a little bit more about that I’m going to talk about how I actually collect subscription payments and manage that process with that not technically being possible on Sharetribe alone. When you click on a or go to the subscription www. subscription Then you’ll notice that it’s also on that WordPress page So there’s a few different pricing options for these subscription packages that we require to list your studio on studiotime. And when you select one of those you’ll notice that domain is then different then And also the That is because I actually used Chargebee which is a great solution for subscriptions and subscription management You will notice on that they take care of the hosting on that and then also when someone selects many subscriptions they are having the They can manage it through their kind of charge via account that is not like a you know It’s not it’s not a big ask for someone to create an account with that. It’s simple You know the name that the kind of password Generation which can be the same as the other accounts so it’s really not been a big deal so far I can leverage chargbee be effectively on the studio time marketplace, and it really doesn’t disrupt user experience also Something to mention is Chargebee integrates with Stripe So stripe is the payment gateway that we use for collecting the subscriptions. With the subscribptions Not only do we use Chargebee for subscription. You know sign up management They also have a pretty cool dashboard, so I can see all the different KPIs (key performance indicators) associated with subscriptions. Such as, monthly recurring revenue, annual recurring revenue, churn all these other kind of Pretty cool KPIs and analytics I can see through Chargebee’s dashboard Which I have since I used their platform. Also on Stripe’s side, I can issue any charge backs refunds any of that I can do through Stripe, which is of course, the payment gateway So now you know how I use Sharetribe, WordPress, ChargeBee and Stripe. I’m gonna talk a little bit more about how I effectively run this marketplace And leverage these different technologies together in one. Now, I do that by using Slack You’ve probably heard and probably also use Slack with larger teams or other team members But since I run studiotime myself, I actually have my own team funny enough in Slack, but I use it for different channels to create and send myself different notifications for different events that are happening real-time in studiotime So for instance, in the social channel I get a notification that it’s being mentioned on social so I can timely reply and also interact with people on the social channels. For instance, any signups new subscriptions I get a notification in Slack for new subscriptions So I get that chaching and then I see that we got paid in a new subscription And who that is and I can actually then automate an email to them making sure that they get their studio listings set up On the site. I also have created a web code with that using Zapier in which is another tool to then notify myself and send myself a notification in Slack that if this new subscriber did not create a New listing within a certain amount of time I can send a notification so that way it can reach And send the second email to them and make sure that they can get their studio set up and don’t have any problems with that That just really increases and enhances the user and customer experience on studiotime So there’s a few other notifications that I send myself through Slack. In a quick summary Slack just allows me to integrate multiple platforms and in different different technology solutions into one Since I don’t have a custom kind of back-end, and you know API integrations I use Slack as that main integration point then I also use Zapier as I mentioned to crate the semi self web hooks For different notifications that I need to be able to run studiotime on the go from my phone No matter where I am or what I’m doing So hopefully this gives you a pretty good idea of how I’ve taken studiotime from the initial MVP to being the largest online community of music studios in the entire world and Believe it or not not using a custom built Platform but simply leveraging a lot of different platforms and technology solutions out there for very individual Functionality and different things that I need and hopefully you can get a good idea of how you can then use these tools For your side project or your startup. Hit subscribe so I can keep making these videos and also Comment below with any questions you have. I try to reply to every comment Comment below and let me know what you want to hear about or any questions you have about taking your marketplace MVP to scale and different tools and different technology platforms, you can leverage to do so thanks

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