How do I remove Stuck sim Card tray – Samsung Galaxy S7 | Phone Repair | Get Fixed

How do I remove Stuck sim Card tray – Samsung Galaxy S7 | Phone Repair | Get Fixed

What’s up guys Bendji D. here from Get
Fixed now in today’s video i’m actually gonna be showing you how to remove a
stuck SIM Card tray off the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge I did try using all the
tools in my arsenal with no luck so we’re gonna try again but this time with
a different method so I did use my sim card tray ejector and what it seems like
is that the contraption inside of here is messed up pretty much so the way it’s
supposed to work is when you push in the SIM card tray ejector is supposed to
push down a little lever that pushes out the SIM card tray but I did try putting
in my sim card tray remover in there and it feels stuck pretty much it feels
jammed and everything I try to do for example I stuck a thumbtack in there and
try to pry it out and nothing’s working so it is definitely stuck so in today’s
video I’m actually gonna be showing you a different method to get that SIM card
tray out effortlessly let’s get started usually what I do is use a heat gun in
order to loosen up the adhesive on the ridges of the samsung galaxy s7 edge but
in this case I don’t think that’s necessary instead I’m just gonna be
using the thin prying tool so what I usually do is start out like the corners
but sometimes you’re gonna find a little opening where you could stick the tool
within it just like that apply a little bit of pressure you don’t want to be too
savage with it okay now go along the edge of the back glass panel you want to
be extremely careful so you don’t break the back glass if you want to assure
that you don’t break that back glass I recommend using a heat gun and order to
soften up the adhesive on the ridges and you can see the adhesive on my tool by
the way that’s what’s holding the back glass panel together with the mid frame
okay careful notice how easy it is for me notice how easy it is for me to get
into it that’s simply because I already opened it before this video but I
guarantee you it’s gonna be tough to do and I also recommend using business
cards to keep the back glass panel from sticking back to the mid frame it’s
gonna be quite easy simple I like this video speeding up its not once again I
already took this out which is why it’s so easy to pull off this time alright
you want to go all around the phone until you got it completely separated
from the mid frame just like that and carefully pull out the back glass panel and there you have a you’re exposing
pretty much the mid frame of your phone which is the wireless keypad the camera
and also the battery pull this off set it off to the side now you want to use a
Phillips screwdriver look something like this
is the plus you want to remove all these screws that you see on the back panel
here which is gonna enable you to remove that mid frame I am in no way
responsible for anything that happens to your device during the following of this
repair this video is just for educational purposes only do this at
your own risk once you successfully remove all the screws the next step is
that pretty much apply some pressure in the mid region where the battery is
exposed in order to get the front panel off I’m not sure why it’s so tough now
but I guarantee you that’s how you do it come on these low connection points here are
gonna be pretty tough to get out but technique is all key now hold this
ribbon cable down and pull up the motherboard just like that Wow
so the owner did want me to take out the SD card tray and there was an SD card
and also a SIM card stuck in here it’s pretty sweet let’s see how we’re gonna
get this bad boy out on so pressure does not work why is it so stuck like that oh wow oh there it is just wiggle it
just a little bit and there you have it I’m assuming the SD card inside of the
tray was sitting improperly which is why it was stuck which is why I would not
come out but there it is alright guys that pretty much wraps it
up for this video if you want to see more videos like this in the future let
me know down in the comments below anyways guys bendji d here from get
fixed subscribe if you feel like it and I’m out peace

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  1. Interesting video, bless you at the end

  2. Great video also bless you

  3. Nice instructions

  4. nice though next time use a proper tool to get in or it might brick the internal circuit

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  8. I wont try this on my new Samsung Galaxy note 9, just have it one week and already got stuck! thx anyway

  9. EASIER WAY !! – get a small self tapper screw, put in sim card ejector hole. tighten slightly until thread has gripped and then you have something to grip and pull it out.

  10. I have xperia xz. My brother accidentally put the sim card without the tray. Little did i know that he forced to get the simcard using nail pusher. Although he succesfully remove the simcard i was mad as hell coz my sim was already broken all my contacts was on there and its all gone just like that. The worst thing is that when i bought a new sim and try to put it properly with the tray it doesnt work. Please can you help me? I cant afford to buy a new phone right now. But i really need a phone. I am madly hopelessly very hoping it could still fix . But i dont know how. Can you help me. Please please. Please 😢🙏 please anybody help me.

  11. Thanks brother, really helpful n GOD bless U

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  13. Instructions worked to get the sim out. Putting it back together was a bit of a hassle but I got it done.

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  15. So, is that all that I have to do???…I think that I'll just buy a new phone, instead. 🐒

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