How Black Entertainers paved the Way #GoogleArts #BHM

How Black Entertainers paved the Way #GoogleArts #BHM

Hey! What’s going on everybody my name is
Iman Cross and also known as AlphaCat on YouTube and today we’re gonna talk a
little Black History. I found out at a young age that my great-grandfather and
his twin brother were both vaudeville actors, but back then there was something
called blackface. So when I look at that when I look at what vaudeville used to
be with the minstrel shows and blackface and all these things back in a time
where you weren’t allowed to be onstage unless you were in blackface you know
they they didn’t allow a lot of black actors on stage and when they did you
had that even they had to be in blackface to ridicule their own people,
but they were paving a way for other actors and performers to have a stage, to
have a voice, to have a presence, to be able to perform and that slowly opened
the door for a lot more and a lot of other things that black actors and
performance were able to do. Now when you look at things we have so many more
opportunities exponentially than we had back in those days, so now we have the
opportunity to create and be represented and to tell our stories without the
insult of a blackface, without the insult of burning cork and smearing it
on our faces. We can actually tell our real stories. This piece I found by an
artist by the name of Toyin Ojih Odutola. What caught me about this is
hearing her talk about using true black in her paintings, which you don’t see a
lot. When I was in Art School I had a teacher who was very adamant about how
you blend colors and she made a point of saying, “There is no true black.” It made me
wonder what is true black? You know in society what does it mean to be black?
And that’s just such a broad question, but it let me know and reminded me that
we have a beautiful opportunity now to tell our stories, to be who we are, to be
creative really free you know and to creatively love and express and our
ancestors paved the way for that all Alright everybody this has been me Iman
Cross and AKA AlphaCat from YouTube. Please be sure to check out Google Arts
and Culture and the Black History Month exhibits there. Appreciate ya. Deuce.

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  13. Blacks are the best in entertainment music and dance. We create all the popular trends and styles. Not all but most of popular culture is our doing.

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