How BIG is SoftBank? (They Own Boston Dynamics & 99% of Smartphone Chips)

How BIG is SoftBank? (They Own Boston Dynamics & 99% of Smartphone Chips)

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  1. Tell me what is different between 78B and 8B

  2. dannnnnng they doing big things

  3. something missing in this video?

  4. Holly molly! did not know all of this about softbank. Thanks man.

  5. Softbank is mostly just luck. Sun is a gambler, he made two good bets which made him who he is today, Yahoo and Alibaba.

  6. i always thought they were a bank!

  7. Masayoshi, what a cool name

  8. In Japanese san is used as the word master, but I'm not sure whether its part of his name?

  9. Thanks for so many informative videos you do.. I hope the best for you YT channel. Keep up the good work. I think if someone of us inspired by those videos and become successful someday. Your channel deserves a credit. very well deserve.. keep up the good work. kudos 😀

  10. Bash they just removed CEO of wework

  11. andddd wework blew up.

  12. So what smartphone chip/SoC , that are not owned by SoftBank.

  13. SoftBank??
    Never heard of it in Europe..

  14. SoftBank is a shell company for saudi royal mafia..

  15. Soft bank sure has no vision

  16. So,,, a week after the Wework IPO shitShow,, why is the american media punishing him so much??

  17. A very unique thing to see someone so dedicated to get those opportunities.

    Great video by the way

  18. So now we see who chooses Presidents

  19. 300 years lolol i give humanity thirty years. Softbank can't grow if 90 percent of humans are wiped out as planned! Lol 300 years lol get real son

  20. That's the reason why Japan is not only a expanded workbench and joint ventures is common practice in Japan as well as in the US, therefore you have to have your own Companybuilding to cell you products

  21. I notice there doesn't seem to be a market for Robots here in the U.S except of course sex robots. There was one company that was selling a robot here for a while then another company bought that company out and the new company canceled the product.

  22. Pls make an updated Boston Dynamics video pls

  23. Please credit Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) for the visuals at 0:04 .

  24. And then he got taken in by Adam Neumann…

  25. Please study / YouTube: Pyramids and Zeg TV Agenda 21l

  26. Say it with me: NEW MONEY. No tradition, no honor, nothing. This is how our world is descending into chaos.

  27. Meanwhile my next startup would feature in Kickstarter crap

  28. Just Returned from 2318 and SoftBank has been dissolved like all other corporations into a management section of Control, The HyperAssisted Directive Governing All Aspect of Sapien Life, here on Terra and on the 56 satellites, the moon, mars, and other stations, charted and uncharted.

  29. This guy lost 70 billion dollars in the 90's tech bubble, and softbank is currently running a ~3 billion dollar operating loss, having already lost billions in Uber and WeWork's disasterous IPO's. Seriously, people, this guy's main talent is losing large sums of money, record-setting sums.

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  31. Nice vid. Didn't know anything about this guy before. Charisma.

  32. I hope this channel is around in 300 years 😂

  33. thank you Masayoshi Son

  34. We live many lives infinite.

  35. Weyland Yutani is that you?? 🤣🤣

  36. One company makes 99% of smartphone chips… nothing could possibly go wrong there.

  37. Softbank also invested $10B or so in WeWork or the We Company. Not a particularly good use of funds in my opinion, given it's lack of profitability at present.

  38. so this is E corp from Mr. Robot

  39. could you do one on why softbank has apps on cellphones that can't be removed or disabled.

  40. Thats why we Indians love japanese. Most hardworking and humble people on earth.

  41. Please stop comparing honest people with thieves ….

  42. Japan, eastern Chinese, and Korea will one day rule the world

  43. What a load of bollocks!! To love it for 50 years…what a sentimental crap!! He is a shark, a great one

  44. I actually need money, so I think I’ll set my timer 5 minuts. Come! Any innovative idea!

  45. When is ColdFusion going Public?

  46. After watching this episode and noticing no sponsored ads… is Softbank investing in ColdFusionTV? That would be a smart move as well =D

  47. So he yoloed his way into college?

  48. they dont own Virgin Mobile. VM is a brand used by eigth seperate brand licensees. Sprint owns VM USA and thats it. VM Canada is owned by Bell, VM UK is owned by Virgin Media group, VM Russia is owned by Tele2 Russia etc etc.

    Arm is an instruction set, not a chip. Qualcomm owns the mobile chipset market with the snapdragon.

  49. There seems to be a World wide misconseption reguarding wealth. Just because a share in a company is sold at a price all shares in that company is worth that price. Let me give an example.
    A startup American green desides to go Public they make shares.
    Then They sell 1 share for 1 USD the next day. Amarican green is the most sussecfull startup in the World worth 30.000.000 USD.

  50. I thought boston dynamics was bought by google some years ago. Did i get some false information?

  51. When I first heard of SoftBank, I legit thought it was a bank lol.

  52. SoftBank sounds like garbage bank they seem like they just copy other real inventions to put out in Japan like a cheap generic toy garbage company

  53. Here after WeWork disaster

  54. is this the same guy that invested in WeWork?

  55. Who's here in 2318?

  56. i heard they are investing in a startup called wework, sounds like a great investment!

  57. ah yes the always profitable novelty "robots", pepper is teh FEWTURE

  58. I had a Sharp Dictionary 1992

  59. 2:28 He passed all six subjects? He was a fuckin topper..

  60. Masayoshi is much bigger and influential than Bill Gates and has Plane to conqure the world.

  61. Literally believed SoftBank was runned by Masayoshis' business oriented son.

  62. To just 8 Billion dollars…

  63. wow, stock over 4K! ya think there on to something!

  64. Global warming won’t destroy the world AI and robots will destroy the the fabric of society just for a few people to be richer than you will ever need

  65. How big is trident gum

  66. 3:08 real life Bachman and Jian-Yang

  67. Yet soft bank lost billions in wework

  68. Not all Maso's investments have immediate success. Softbank tried to value WeWork at $47B as a tech company when IPO documents never stated what the 'technology infrastructure' was that made it a tech company instead of a sublet with WIFI. Profitable similar company has market cap $3B. Softbank's losses last quarter $8.9B.

  69. This video was done prior to the "WEWORK" fiiaaco, which shows, big companies are not immune to failures..

  70. And then came Wework

  71. SoftBank Ultra Link. ANY iNGRESS fANS???

  72. who came here after wework lol

  73. he just screamed cum for 5 mins …im dying

  74. We work – incredible investment

  75. Great video, very informative, really enjoyed the background segment

  76. jokes on all the herd commentors below

  77. Dagogo! Son actually invested 20 million and not 30

  78. So he has a plan to grow business for the next 300 years? I think he should focus on his WeWork investments right now 😂

  79. I'd check back in 2020, when Uber and WeWork have gone tits up.

  80. I never believe in accidental success. Its a fairy tale to drive interest in capitalism.

  81. Pity about WeWork.

  82. You see these holding companies are the real greedy pricks. They hide behind their high powered subsidiaries

  83. Funding to physical sciences(not technology)?

  84. See ya all in 2318 to see if his plan was a success

  85. Your videos are just great. Keep up the good work.

  86. Softbank can be happy if they survice 30 more years… they already lost so much money at wework. Also their products are crap (just try to create an account on their robotics website and you know what i mean). In Uni we use their Nao Robot in one class. Its such a shitty product, especially for the price….

  87. Not sure on that plan of theirs as WeWork didn't work out too well.
    I bet the guy who decided they back WeWork is kicking himself and saying why didn't I say buy Tesla stock or invest in one of those new space companies.

  88. WOW! Thank you for this!!!!

  89. He is so funny but the inventor doesn't appreciate his sense of humor

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