Hostpapa Review: The Perfect Choice For Beginners? [2019]

Hostpapa Review: The Perfect Choice For Beginners? [2019]

While the name and the logo of Hostpapa
might look a bit goofy they’re actually one of the most popular web hosting
providers. Especially, in Canada and the United States. They’re a Canadian-based
company themselves and they primarily focus on small businesses. But are they a
good choice for your small business? Well, I bought one of their plans I put
it through a bunch of tests and here are the results. For this Hostpapa
review I’ve bought the WordPress optimized starter plan which is $3.95
a month. That’s a bit on the expensive side considering
that Bluehost starter plans are $2.75 a month and DreamHost would
cost you $2.59 a month. One thing that Hostpapa has going for it in terms of
pricing however is that you can get their share the hosting business plan
for the same price. Just 3 dollars and 95 cents a month by
choosing the business plan you would be able to store unlimited websites, you
would get unlimited data, a free domain name, an SSL certificate and on top of
that your websites would be stored on better hardware. If you’re actually
planning to use Hostpapa this would be the plan that I recommend as it’s just
the best value for your money. While doing this review I’ve also taken the
time to monitor the stability and the loading speed of Hostpapa. Just to see
how fast my website is and how often it goes down. First
the stability. I’ve used UptimeRobot so every time my website goes down I would
actually see it. Hostpapa showed to be quite a stable provider in one week of
monitoring my website was offline for only a couple of seconds. So, you can
expect your website to be up most of the time. However, their average response rate
was over 1,000 milliseconds most other web hosting providers have this number
around 500 milliseconds. While not a super huge problem your website will
take a bit more time to load than usual. If you’re looking for strictly the
fastest web hosting I recommend you check out a2 hosting or SiteGround I
have reviewed both of these providers and I’ll leave the links to those videos
right here, here, yeah. Next, the loading speed test. To get the best possible
results I’ve used all of the free tools that
Hostpapa gave me meaning. I’ve activated CacheWall and I’ve activated my free
Cloudflare account straight from the hostpapa control panel which uses the
standard cPanel layout. With all of the optimizations in place my website loaded
in just 1.2 seconds while not the fastest speed I’ve seen it’s definitely
acceptable. According to GTmetrix most websites take an average of 7
seconds to load but in my experience, an empty WordPress website with various
hosting providers loads anywhere from 0.7 to 2 seconds. So, 1.2 seconds is
definitely a good score in my books. But all of this is just when 1 user is
browsing your website. In the real life scenario this rarely happens so I’ve
actually used LoadImpact to simulate how my website would react when it’s
under load. I’ve simulated 25 people browsing my website at the same time and
once it reached 15 users the performance started to slip. So, keep that in mind
with the cheapest hostpapa plan your website will be able to comfortably
handle around 15 to 20 people browsing at the same time. For higher traffic
you’ll need to upgrade to more expensive plans. By the way, I would also like to
let you know that my channel is supported by affiliate commissions.
What does that mean exactly? Well, web hosting companies often give me special
discount links and coupons to give away to you guys. If you use my special
discount links and coupons I make a commission. These commission’s is how I
support myself and the channel and you get a discount it’s kind of a win-win
situation for both of us. So, if you decide to get any web hosting service
you can always get the best possible price by using my links in the
description down below. of course I’ll make a commission and
you’re not forced to do this I won’t hate you if you don’t do this but it
helps the channel out and you save some money so it’s a win-win for both of us.
Well, now back to the review. Well, the main selling points of hostpapa
is their award-winning customer support team. [HostPapa Introductory Video Playing] [HostPapa Introductory Video Playing] and of course I want to test this for myself
and what can I say they offer really good support. They have phone, email and
chat and in every interaction it was really fast and professional. So, if you
plan to go with hostpapa you can expect a lot of support and fast. Their chat
support was literally instant. I’ve contacted them two times and both times
I got connected to a human without any wait time. Email support took 6
minutes to respond, but this was right after we finished the chat support
session. So, I imagine it might take a bit longer on average and they took phone
support to a whole new level. You can book a one-on-one training session with
one of their experts and select what you want to learn. I tried this feature out and
here’s how it went. Okay great so we can go ahead and add a domain name. So, can you go
to your cPanel with host papa? Yes, just a sec. I’m in my cPanel. Okay perfect go to
add-on domains. So, inside the first box where it says new domain name simply
type down your domain name without HTTPS or WWW. Okay and then you can go ahead
and click on add domain. Everything else will be auto-fill. Seems like the addon
was created. Okay great! The next thing we can do is install WordPress so we can go
to the main page of cPanel. And, then go to Softaculous. Softaculous APP Installe. Yeah, I see WordPress here I’m just gonna click that.
Okay perfect! Yeah, that’s the default one. So, you can
go to add new at the top. Yeah, and then you will find more free templates. So, if I’m doing
like an e-commerce store which one which one would be good for me? Well, let’s see
which one better if you actually type down on the search bar – ecommerce. There it will show you more or less which one. And then from there you simply
need to choose which one looks better or which one you like better for your
website. Okay so, I’ll just like hover on one and click install I assume, right?
Yeah, that’s correct! So, the next thing that we can do its
install WooCommerce. Which is a WordPress plugin. So, we can go to plugins and
then add new. So, there’s a WooCommerce and there’s a WooCommerce stripe payment
gateway. We’ll start the first the first one which says only WooCommerce and
then we click on install now. Okay and then we will go to PayPal
checkout. And then go to manage. Yep, I’m inside the manage tab oh yeah it says setup or activate a paypal account yep
that’s great. We need to update the email address then we will be connected
to your PayPal account. Since the support agents at hostpapa are so
helpful I thought maybe they’re a little bit too
helpful. And I tried exploiting this. I’ve contacted one of their support
agents pretending that I lost access to my email account and now I can’t login
into my hostpapa account because I forgot the password.
My goal was for them to give me access to an account without confirming my
identity but no dice the support agent protected all of my private information
by not revealing anything without identity confirmation. And trust me I’ve
pushed pretty hard. Overall, I was extremely impressed with their high
quality support and to name a couple of more benefits hostpapa will allow you to
create up to 100 different business email accounts even with the cheapest
WordPress hosting plan. So, you and all of your employees could have professional
business email accounts. But to name a couple of negatives about hostpapa
I’m really not a big fan of their design it feels old and outdated and all of the
speed optimizations that they offer for free? None of it comes pre-installed
you’ll have to navigate to their control panel and install everything yourself.
My final thoughts about hostpapa? Well, they’re an excellent choice for
WordPress beginners and small business owners I was especially impressed with
their one-on-one training sessions where they actually taught me how to connect a
domain to my website, how to create the website in the first place, how to turn
it into an online store, how to manage payments and add products. All in the
span of like 20 or 30 minutes while I was talking them on the phone so
everything was done step by step. No other web hosting provider will invest
so much over their time into teaching you. And I would say people that don’t
know very much about web hosting like if it’s your first time creating a website
you will get the most out of hostpapa. And of course if you’re not a beginner
and you know what you’re doing I’ll leave
links to other web hosting company reviews that offer more of a
professional, not beginner level service at the end of this video. As always my
name is Emit with the Hosting.Review team and I wish you luck creating all of
your websites!

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