Honor 8X Accessibility settings

Honor 8X Accessibility settings

Hi everyone I’m Ricky from Tech Talk and
today I want to go through an important video as I always do on all devices and
today is looking at the accessibility side on the honor 8x so first of all
there is an option you can always use with every device there’s preset into
the device so without going through the settings you can press both the volume
keys here at the side while pressing both volume keys for about 5 seconds
this message will pop up and it all will now talk back on your device right from
the beginning the talkback is a great feature and I’ll show you more
accessible options that you have on your device including talkback so it’s a get
into your settings normally what you need to do is tap the Settings icon so
the first couple of options are in a different place so if we go into display
which is here then you have text size so text size is set on huge so I can read
it you then have a View mode here so in View mode you can change and adjust view
of your display making it larger and as you can see that will change and adjust
in the applications here so coming back scrolling all the way
down to the bottom you actually going to find smart assistant as 3 from bottom
this is where it’s going to show you all your accessibility settings so inside
here you have accessibility so let’s go into here so starting off at the top is
talkback so talkback is a great feature like I said it’s preset in there for a
quick accessible shortcuts options we toggle this on so whip talkback it’s
going to discuss everything that is on it your screen and read it all back to
you so let me show you as it discuss it will talk back everything to you you can
also highlight anything on your device wherever you are no matter it being home
screen the taskbar or a standard screen it will read back everything to you so I
can highlight to Vodafone here in the top forty seven percent NFC enabled
11:17 it will talk back everything to me in a menu option tap once to highlight
navigator accessibility and what you do with two fingers is scroll up and down
the display and you’ll hear a pitch tone going up
and down so that is the tool back feature here one of the best features on
a smartphone with the power performance built into the honor 8x it runs really
well really smooth with emails and also on the internet browser as well there is
another option which is called select to speak we’re going to toggle this on two
axes to toggled on you’re gonna get a fourth icon down here at the bottom
which is a little accessibility man and if I hit place on your screen to hear
the read aloud so it will read everything for you if I press stop and
if I press it again and then I touch somewhere else and will actually read
that first so only talkback the thing that I’ve
actually highlights it which is a great option again works throughout the device
underneath that is switch access this gives you the ability to use switches to
use and to manipulate your device if you can’t with your hands it’s a great
option and it’s really good to see there then you coming into captions captions
will caption what’s on your display for you and give you subtitles underneath
that is magnification gesture so if we turn it on one two three three quick
taps with a single finger will zoom into your display you can use a pinch to zoom
option as well and you can then navigate round your display here as it is a large
display you can see a lot of content one two three to come back and once you do
again if you hold on the third tap with one finger here you can see I’m in and
moving around with one finger but soon as I let go it zooms back out
you then have click after cursor stops moving so you can use a mouse cursor
with this one you’ve got high contrast text as it’s toggled on you’ll see a
difference in the power button that’s down the right-hand side will end your
calls you have speak your password large mouse pointer is also available you have
a mono audio accessibility shortcut like I discussed at the beginning which is
preset to talkback then you have text to speech output so this is where you can
change your pitch and your speed when your device is talking back to you you
have touch and hold the lay here for dexterity and input issues so it helps
you with your device you have color inversion so with this it’s going to
give you white text on a black background but when on the home screen
here is going to really change all of the colors so please only use that when
you need it in the menu options and you also you
have color correction here for people that suffer with miss in the right
colors you can change an adjust your display to change and make it better for
you so that is the accessibility option there are loads of different options
inside here from most pooled range of disabilities making this device possible
to use for people with severe disabilities or even if they just need a
single and it will help them turn into somewhere with magnification and
earring options it’s all on here coming under accessibility is a smarter
shopping option from high touch to what this does is using is Amazon UK and you
can use this in the camera application or you can press and hold on an image to
see what is available at Amazon UK so let’s test that out now so I’ve got the
camera Roadburn let’s test it out on this little Lego figure here load up
Amazon UK it’s gonna see if we can find relevant information and it has done is
given a Lego product which is really good it recognises the Lego figure and
gives me Lego products to then go and buy on Amazon UK is only linked to
Amazon UK but if you do shop on Amazon UK it’s gonna be worthwhile there is
another option you can use my touch for and that’s where the photographs are
with the photograph has two fingers on the display you’re going to get the
shimmer and shine and it should recognize this again it’s going to load
the Amazon UK store the app cause he does need to be installed as well so
here we go is found call of duty’s black ops four that’s correct that’s what the
image was has given me relevant information and products so it’s a great
feature there and I do recommend using that as well so just get the best
possible use out of your smart shopping experience so underneath high-tech say
you’ve got one hand UI so once toggled on is going through one hand uy you’ve
got a mini screen view here so if you swipe from left to right or right to
left you’re going to have a mini screen view here that you can use with one hand
ey which is great so you can get around with one hand and you can jump around
your device tapping will turn this away then also underneath you have a shifting
keyboard option again once toggled on the keyboard can shift left to right
depending on what hand you are using your device underneath that you then
have motion control so you have flip and this will mute your device you’ll pick
up to reduce ringing volume or wake your device we then have raise up to answer
or make calls or then control the speaker or
headset connected to your device then you have three finger screenshots so if
we go inside here toggle this on with three fingers down
the display I’m going to take a screenshot so you can edit this and then
send it away whatever you need to do with it again great option to have here
underneath that you’ve got touch disabled mode this is where it’s going
to try and identify when the device is accidentally touched and won’t actually
make any actions come true then also you have scheduled power on and off
functions there as well so coming back home there is a great array of settings
on here for accessibility which is always great to see at the very
beginning as well when you’re setting up your device you have a range of
accessibility options that I showed in the unboxing video it’s nice to see that
there are so many options on here as well so if you do have any questions or
queries please drop the comment down below and I’ll be more than happy to
help please give the video like and remember subscribe to and click notification
bell to stay updated with all my latest videos from me Ricky I’ll see you very
soon bye for now

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