His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

Hello. Hello. How are you? I’m good. How are you? I’m all right. Thank you. Are you the last auditionee tonight? I am the last one today. Okay, been a long day, right? It has been a long day but I’m ready. You know, but this if you ever watch the x factor before it often goes It’s the end of a long day and our last contestant Is silently waiting in the wings yeah, and you know what happens then. Yeah it either goes very good or very bad. Yeah, whatever So tell me about you. So I’m 21. I’m from Billingham and Teeside. Yep. I’m a car mechanic [yeah], and then obviously I sing a little bit as well, and you live on your own. I live with my mom Okay Just me my mom. Oh I love that you say Mom like me. Yeah, she’s my rock, so….. What are you gonna sing? I’m gonna sing Jealous by Labyrinth. And tell me why you’ve chosen that song. It means a lot to me for a different reason. I think to how labyrinth wrote it. Which is? Um I lost my best friend a couple years ago and I kind of interpret the lyrics in a completely different way. I lost my best friend two years ago. He was only 18 at the time and we were really really close. We did everything together. We got call. Said we had to go to the hospital cuz he wasn’t gonna last the day. And I know that it’s tough on Josh. Sorry. The lyrics kind of say, I’m jealous that you’re happy without me. And I kind of see it in the sense that I’m jealous that he’s now happy in heaven. Tthat he’s moved on to a better place and that I can’t still be with him. Well, best of Luck Josh. I’m jealous of the rain that falls upon your skin It’s closer than my hands have been.
Oh I´m jealous of the rain Cuz I wish you the best of all this world could give and I told you when you left me There’s nothing to forgive But I always thought you come back. Tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery. It’s hard for me to say I’m jealous of the way, you’re happy without me. I wish you the best of all this world could give. And I told you when you left me there’s nothing to forgive. But I always thought you come back. Tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery. It’s hard for me to say im jealous of the way you’re happy without me And it’s hard for me to say i’m jealous of the way You’re happy without You’re happy without me That was amazing. Amm… Do you know what, Josh? honesty… wow i’m wordless That was the most captivated I’ve been in all the auditions by so far. Thank you. Excuse me, I’m sorry, i’m just Very emotional and you really touched me. I believed every word you sang and I kinda wanna hug you. I love a hug Alex loves the hugs oh right Well, John. Thank you Nicholas. oh. Josh that really got me right in the heart. I was completely transfixed. Like I didn’t want it to end. Thank you. Josh, I’m gonna kick this off with very emotional yes. Also, you’re getting a yes from me, Josh. Thank you. Awesome. Thanks a lot. Yes. Three Yes’s. Thank you very much, I appreciate your time. Oh, my boy! My boy. I hope I did him proud. You did do him proud. You did. I don’t know what to do. What do I do? Do I go? Do I stay?

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