Harry Styles’ Hidden Camera Prank on a Pizza Delivery Guy: Extended Cut

Harry Styles’ Hidden Camera Prank on a Pizza Delivery Guy: Extended Cut

Right now Harry is
in his dressing room. I have ordered him a pizza. The pizza delivery guy
will be there soon. Harry is wearing an ear piece. He has to say and do
whatever I tell him to. Harry, if you can hear
me, crow like a rooster. [CROWING] [LAUGHTER] That’s more like a crow. Oh, is it? Yeah. Cacka-doodle-doo. Oh, cacka– sorry, yeah. Yeah, that’s OK. All right, there’s
a pizza delivery guy outside the dressing room. Open the door when he’s
there and say what’s up? Come in, bro. Pizza’s here. What’s up? Come in, bro. All right, bro. Bro, I’m staring, bro. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m so happy, bro. Bro, just put it down on
the coffee table, bro. Just put it down
on the table, bro. You’re a lifesaver, bro. Life saver, bro. Give him a fist bump
until I tell you to stop. Bro– bro– bro– Another one. Nice to meet you, man. Give another one. Nice to meet you. Another one. Another fist bump, man. Bro, one more fist pump, bro. Bro– [INAUDIBLE] bro, bro, bro. How about broing out with me? How about broing out with me? Yeah. Have a seat, bro. Have a seat, bro. Let’s do it. Yeah, yeah. I’ve got some pizza. Let me take a look
at the pizza, bro. Let me take a look
at the pizza, bro. Mm, that’s round. Mm, that is round. Yeah, it looks good, bro. It looks good, bro. I hate it when people carry
the pizza at an angle. How did you carry it? I hate when people like
carry the pizza at an angle. At an angle. Yes, I know. I know. The whole thing slides. How did you carry it? Pretty flat, I guess. Like that? Yeah. Yeah, bro. Brooooooo– bro– One more fist bump, bro. One more, bro. [LAUGHTER] Here’s the thing, bro. Here’s the thing, bro. My entourage is
stuck in traffic. My entourage is
stuck in traffic. I’m not used to being alone. I’m not used to being alone. OK. Do you mind sticking
with me, bro? Would you mind just kind
of sticking with me? Yeah, that’s totally fine. Cool, bro. Cool, bro. Let’s just eat it like this. Let’s just eat it like this. Do you want to try it? Let’s just eat like this. Roll it. Roll it towards the center. Roll from the outside in. [LAUGHTER] All right, now. Roll it back. Roll it back. Stack it on top of one. Stack it on one. And then stack another
one on top of that. Stack five on top of each other. We can make a tower. All right, bro. Bro– [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] All right, take that
whole thing in your mouth. [LAUGHTER] Just leave it in your mouth. Don’t chew. How is it? [INAUDIBLE] Good? [LAUGHTER] Just leave it there. OK, you can chew now. You can chew. Go ahead. All right, take it
out if you can’t chew. I’ve put too much in, bro. What do you think. Good? I put too much in, bro. All right, all right,
I need some water. I’m parched. I need some water. I’m parched. But just take a tiny,
tiny sip, just a tiny sip for your vocal cords. Thank you. Thanks, man. Let me grab a Kleenex too. [INAUDIBLE] grease [INAUDIBLE]. I just need tiny sips because
of vocal cords, you know? Tiny, tiny, sips. Tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny sips. Ahhh. Ahh. One more and then
do that same thing. One more. Ahh Ahh. Woo. Woo. You seem nice, bro. You seem nice, bro. Thank you. Thank you. So do you. I gotta be honest with you. I gotta be honest with you. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] I love pizza. I love pizza, bro. You have three of
them right here. And I love cheese– I love cheese. –on anything, toast. I love it on
anything like toast. I love them on toast– –tortillas. –tortillas. –tacos. –tacos. –enchiladas. –enchiladas. –quesadillas,
quesadillas, tostadas. –quesadillas, tostadas. I love pasta. Oh, I love pasta. I love pasta. Mm, I love pasta. Penne pasta. Penne pasta. Rigatoni pata. Rigatoni pasta. Fusilli pasta. Fusilli pasta. Linguine pasta. Linguine pasta. Macaroni pasta. Pepperoni pasta. Macaroni. Macaroni pasta. It sounds like pepperoni. But it’s not. It sounds like
pepperoni, but it’s not. It’s macaroni. It’s pepperoni that
goes on a pizza. Then macaroni is pasta. Yeah, oh, listen to this, bro. Oh, listen to this, bro. The other day I heard the most
interesting fact about cheese. The other day I heard the most
interesting fact about cheese. OK. [LAUGHTER] What is my cheese fact? Why do you always do this? [LAUGHTER] Forget it. Forget it. Forget it. Oh, darn it. Darn it. Forgot it. It’s gone. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Mm! Nope. Oh! [LAUGHTER] Oh, it’s the Brit in me. It’s the Brit in me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Start laughing a lot. [LAUGHTER] And say jolly good. Jolly good. Jolly good. Jolly good. Oh, jolly good, jolly good,
jolly good, jolly good. One more thing, bro. One more thing, bro. You’re on the Ellen
Show right now. She’s been telling me what to
say and do this whole time. You’re on the Ellen Show. She’s been telling you what
to do and say the whole time. There’s a camera there. There’s one there. There’s one there. [CHEERING] [INAUDIBLE] That’s pretty good. Bring him out. We’re going out. We’re going out. Oh, we’re going out? [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] Nice to meet you. You’re a good sport. Everybody’s getting pizza. The name of the
album is Fine Line. And you’re all going
home with a copy. We’ll be back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
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also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

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