Happy Together I 해피투게더 EP.602 Part.1 [ENG/2019.08.29]

Happy Together I 해피투게더 EP.602 Part.1 [ENG/2019.08.29]

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  1. First comment from Egypt ❤🔥

  2. 🥺❣❣❣from somalia

  3. I had to definitely click on Haein🤤

  4. I just sang beautiful life earlier on my insta😁

  5. His voice🙈🥰🥰🥰

  6. 51:50 😍thats me automaticly when i see someone handsome like Haein =))))) 😂
    Totally understand u Goeun XD 😁😁😁

  7. Haein and Goeun are like brother and sister, but somehow Goeun feels like his noona lol

  8. I just love how Goeun came. Her outfit, makeup, hair.. everything was just so simple and pretty

  9. the way he asked her what should he order to eat😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 hope they stay good friends 💞 (or more than that hehe)

  10. Happy together im nabong

  11. Haein and Goeun in one movie!!!??? 2019 is just getting better and better ❤️❤️

  12. I first saw Haein on While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Suk. I also found out that he was close with him. I didn't know he was so shy, he looked as if he were about to cry in the beginning when was asked some questions. As a fellow shy person, I can only imagine how hard it can be 😭I hope he goes on more variety shows and am interested in watching the dramas he was in.

  13. Saranghae hae Jung Hae In

  14. I like how Go eun always be herself. Where every bit of korean media personnel always just talking, judging & comparing only about skin, then there is a warm voice, always smiling, staying in herself are melting my heart.
    Ah, man really love her.

  15. Wow.. Jung haeIn is shining.. OmG.. He is glowing y'all. I love Kim goeun .. I cant wait to see their movie<3<3<3<3

  16. I thought I couldn't love Haein any more than I already did…how wrong was I ?

  17. There is always so classy abt Kim Goeun u know u just can't stop yourself from admiring her
    I followed her from the debut n she just keeps getting better n better

  18. I really love them 🌹

  19. I see the trailer and i love it

  20. Can't hear breath without thinking about jonghyun😭


  22. I love their chemistry,,it looks like they work well together….

  23. Haein 오빠 …😍😭 사랑해요~~!!❤

  24. Their voices❤❤❤ real treasures😍😍😍

  25. That theatre artist was totally ignored…

  26. I love Go Eun and Eugene. Eugene in Romance is an extra book was so awesome.

  27. Kim Goeun… such a pretty simple look yet classy… nailed it

  28. Please, if you’re going to invite 4 people, make sure you interview everyone. The theatre actress and Eugene barely got to talk and to be comfortable… such a shame. Same for the female host, it felt like she barely talked

  29. Qué hermosas personas parecen ser ♡

  30. She's in love. Me too

  31. 30:42 Thank you so much that you Happy together played BTS song background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    after 6 years later recognised BTS amazing talent, hardwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Thank you KBS for this episode.

  33. I clicked on this only for Jung Hae-in but I felt bad for the veteran actress who was barely interviewed.

  34. I just love the fact how humble Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In are. They are so down to earth even after so much success in their respective career. Both of them will go a long way in there career.

  35. Haein is so freaking cute I just can't.. 😱😍😍

  36. 7:55 that s… Not even suprising me

  37. jung hae in is just perfect handsome sexy cute and quite

  38. I got chills from Hae In's singing, he can surprise you everytime. I loved Eugene's singing and broadcasting. I really really enjoyed this, thank you KBS!!

  39. Some yall saying the other two actresses didnt get much screen time and i do agree as well. Trustttt me they prolly talked a lot in real time but got edited out and its sad but we do have to consider happy together pd point of view and their position right now because they need rating booster and if they think the talk from other two are getting it to them then best believe they gonna focus on them and anyone would. Its cruel industry and happens everywhere and every time. They have their own deadline and target to achieve given by higher authority so that they are not kicked out or the show is not vanished. No one is at fault. Lets enjoy and support everyone.

  40. Haein, goeun and eugene got tha most parts talking on the show. It was sad that the third person from the left didn't get much to say

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