Happy Together I 해피투게더 – BoA, Key, Baekhyun, Sehun, Taeyoung, Jaehyun [ENG/2018.11.22]

Happy Together I 해피투게더 – BoA, Key, Baekhyun, Sehun, Taeyoung, Jaehyun [ENG/2018.11.22]

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  1. EXO is what's up!

  2. ha ha key just defined how much their album makes for their company. ( ^ _ ^)/ and people will be shock with the digits. ha ha EXO revenue worth 31% a big company such as SM ent. how much could that building be? key was spealing the tea and we love it. specially when he said they would be a board member by now if they were in a small company. ha ha! and we know which old generation group you are talking about KEY! That's why your to savage. c(T _ T c) even I loved that ** group very much, they remain at the company because their contract has not expired yet. I hope they at least get an album before they leave the company.

  3. 1:00:47 coming back to this is haunting tbh.

  4. 1:16:28 it must taste bad cuz it's not cooked properly. I've eaten it and it's awesome.

  5. What’s the song Key dances to @ 38:20?

  6. Lol I don't ship baekyeon in any way whatsoever but the innuendo of baekhyun playing with a woman seems to be a possible indication of Taeyeon and him, since TY likes to play games as well

  7. taeyongs face looking at the steak made me so sad lolll

  8. 1:15:58 never expected to see Indian food and Indian music in the background ❤️❤️ love my culture

  9. Sehun is the best.

  10. i know the seungri thing is kinda dying down but I always wonder how Sehun must feel after everything came to the light. i hope there will never be any drama revolving around him because of that…

  11. 19:40 OMG, who are you with Baekhyun? LOL

  12. 19:37 Seems like they know somethin' LOL

  13. 1:09:50~ 1:10:15Poor taeyong😁😂😂😅

  14. I can relate if they say rasgulla does not taste good..

  15. Taeyong really look alike Jaejoong 😭😭

  16. Lol. Huahahaa taeyong expression when he wanted to eat.

  17. Seungri and sehun relationship I used to like it now I don’t even wanna hear seungri trash name ….

  18. Omg im just watching this and didn’t check date knew was at least couple months old but this has been going on forever now! No lie I thought they were legit trying to make a seungri joke…..😂😂😂😂😂😂 kinda was like wait little to soon and thats not Korean Comedy style, especially not asst. host or W/E like Sae Ho. Also its really not fair to all the victims not getting justice but its just crazy how it flows off so easily as something you would see on SNL or a late show in the US if was just shot recently.

  19. Nct downplaying their success has me dead bc all I can think of is how they are now the third kpop group to be on the late late show with James cordon, they were on good morning America, they’ve got many successful subgroups, expanded to China, etc. They’re English version of Regular lmao

  20. It's crual, look at their hungry faces!! They starve everyday, poor them 😭


  22. I skipped the seungri part


  24. 13:18 Yedam is that you?

  25. when they asked about the concept of nct taeyong was like LET'S GET THIS BREAD

  26. Seho was too funny here.

  27. 1:26:45 boa is feeding baekhyun 🤧🤧 SHE'S SUCH A MOM ❤️

  28. Taeyong’s just like
    ”They gave me food, so I knew they were good people”

  29. That beautiful intro though. SM really living up to being one of the big 3 companies and having iconic groups, from H.O.T to NCT!

  30. Is it just me or Boa seems quite fond of BaekHyun. Like a motherly figure.

  31. why have nct on the show if they're going to be edited out heavily

  32. Why did the caption not working

  33. Is sm starving these poor kids omg 💔

  34. Lol when key talked about when u spend too much time with someone u suddenly start hating things they normally do. I can totally relate I used to live with my cousins for a couple of years when I was a kid then one day my cousins and I were playing in my room then suddenly I felt like hitting the back her head 😂 who else had a similar experience

  35. I like rasagulla so much… but they dont like it… so sad…

  36. I just found this video in my recommendations. What is this channel/video about? Is it a game show? Or just friends hanging out.

  37. That rasgula wasn't made properly and you need to eat it with the sugar syrup. Bengolis would freak out if they saw their reaction to rasgula.
    P.S: Even I'm not a big fan so rasgula because it's too sweet but i can say that it's not bad. Rasmalai >>>>> Rasgula.

  38. Around 1:16:35 ….3 idiots song right? Waaahhh

  39. I'm curious though, If NCT's members are unlimited, does SM ent. doesn't want to produce boy group anymore? All the boys trainees will be in NCT and then they will create more sub-unit?

  40. I clicked bcuz of Key he is really funny

  41. Rasgullas are served either hot or at normal temp.
    Rasgullas are soft, they should not break, its little chewy like dumpling white portion.

  42. I love EXO so much and it was nice seeing them broadcast in this show, and at the same time NCT members are cute tbh, when hearing not earning that much income I just suddenly feel sad for them. What I notice about them here, they are a bit reserved. NCT fans, please support them with all you can and help them to get where they want. Help them to become successful for their career as an kpop idol.

  43. When you're an Indian and you see you're idols badmouth one of your favorite desserts. 🙁

  44. wow they seriously spelled taeYONG's name wrong…lol

  45. Key being Key ❤️

  46. How come they get sick of seeing each ither

  47. i feel bad for NCT. they keep on talking with boa, sehun, baekhyun and key.

  48. Mark in the background when Sehun and Baekhyun were dancing TEMPO he danced along ㅋㅋㅋ 😆 so cute

  49. If they dint like rasgulla I wonder what korean taste bud is like….

  50. Lol mark dancing to tempo in the background is a mood

  51. 11:26 taeyong is malfunctioning again 😂

  52. omg rasgulla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. lol they put 3 idiots muisc lmao

  54. EXO is the best 👍🏻👍🏻

  55. 1:14:47 indian EXOLLLLLLL❣️❣️❣️ indian dessert😋

  56. 1:16:02 3 IDIOTS ost bgm… My god

  57. I’ve watched this like 4 times already
    First time I came for Sehun
    Second time I came for Baekhyun
    Third time I came for NCT
    Fourth time I came for Key

  58. Segeun forgot that JaeHyun is the New Crazy One in NJTTW, I’m pretty sure JaeHyun got the dish as a prank

  59. 26:17 oh my god 😂

  60. 1:08:17 TY'S FACE THO

  61. Shocks I suddenly became anxious and worried with sehun being close to Seungri. 😔

  62. Taeyong is so cute😂

  63. 59:31 my fave part

  64. I can't help but focus on Jonghyun's albums at the back

  65. Baekhyunee!!! Sehunie!!!

  66. Sebaek are the cutest 💓

  67. taeyong look like a kicked puppy the whole time he watch the others eat uwu

  68. i love how taeyoung was like "we have no money to lend" I just thought of their song Regualr :D:D its all about them being rich… yet..!!!

  69. "Let me tell you about NCT" LMAOO LEADER TAEYONG WAS READY

  70. As much as I love The happy together crew, their reaction from seeing NCT to EXO kinda annoyed me. 4:33 They went from oh ok cool nct to ermergerddddd exo. Shouldn’t tv show hosts show high level of excitement to all their guests?

  71. i looooooved zoobi doobi in the background at 1:16:20 3 idiots is such an iconic movie

  72. I felt so so sad , I nearly cried when i saw taeyung’s reaction to the food

  73. How can u eat infront of some one else isn't that awkward because the other person is not eating and u r just eating infront of him

  74. 1:04 seeing Jonghyun album made me cry

  75. Where are the other dance videos?

  76. Baekhyun didn’t really bow at 42:35, he just placed the water bottle that he was holding on the floor hahahaha cute

  77. "cantonese is like bungee jumping" 😅😂

  78. Woah, some controversial people in 2019 were either mentioned or appeared in this video. (Seungri and Ahn Jaehyun)

  79. if they said EXO built the SM office now , Boa built the Apujeong office , Shinee is the elevator and I think SUJU must have built the SUM market … cos they are good in Home shopping too

  80. when key suddenly motivated by minho spirits😂

  81. At 1:07:54, Taeyong looks so sad! TT TT

    Let them eat!! TT

  82. 44:48 this still sends

  83. 51:09 again? a-fucking-gain

  84. we been knew that boa paved the way

  85. Thats why SHINee is a brand, they came to halloween party with costumes and then LSM decided all of SM idols should all dress up.. yeaa SHINee is a brand, always start a trend at first~~

  86. Thankyou sm for creating such an amazing group called EXO💕

  87. A lot of the people mentioned in this episode didn’t age well lol. Seungri and Ahn Jaehyun.

  88. the background music when they ate rasgulla tho
    they even kept an indian song

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