Hank is Maybe Crazy

Hank is Maybe Crazy

Good morning, John. He sent me out…to buy cookies. And as I left, I saw him press his ear to the ground so that he could hear me, So that he would know, He would know every step I took, and not just that, but every step, everyone on the world was taking. Last night, I had a dream – not that dream. The dream was “Here’s a good idea for a vlogbrothers video: There’s a guy who can put his ear to the ground and hear everybody, including you on your way to get cookies at the grocery store.” *hank noises* This is my stress-relieving, right here, just makin’ the ticky tacky stretch! I’ve noticed that not- Most people don’t call this “ticky tacky.” I’m not sure what ticky tacky is, let me check. “Sleazy or shoddy material used especially in the construction of lookalike tract homes.” So wow, that’s very specific. And now I have read the entire wikipedia page…on Blu Tack. This stuff was created accidentaly, like many of science’s greatest accomplishments. Completely by accident! Just like, uh, NutraSweet? Which is a fantastic scientific accomplishment because it has done so much to… (stutters) …decrease America’s weight! I mean look at this graph of the use of NutraSweet and the weight of Ameri- Wait. Wha- How did that happen!? WhAt’S uP wItH tHaT!?!? I’m fine. I’m fine! We actually just did a SciShow episode on the increasing weight of Americans, and it turns out that if the entire world were the same size as North Americans, that would be the equivalent of almost a billion new people. Wow. So what’s all this stuff that’s going on? I don’t want to talk to much about VidCon because the tickets aren’t on sale anymore and you’re just gonna be sad. But that’s the biggest *frustrated noises* on my head right now, lots going on there. There’s stuff on my lens… *lens cleaning noises* This shirt was given to me by Ningmaster Tom. Up Up Down Down Strange Charm Strange Charm Top Bottom Quark heheheheh I like it when you mix videogames and some other nerdy thing together. I also have that Art History videogame nerd shirt. Ehrm, you mean this one? YETI:
YEEAA I MEAN THAT ONE! Additionally, Additionally Additionally? Additionally! ∀DDI⊥IOᴎ∀⅂⅂⅄ Adishonull..l..ll…. *grunt* I got a new miniature tripod. It’s really small. It came…for free with my new *large* tripod, which is from Ravelli, and they didn’t pay me to say that! ‘Cause no one ever pays me to say anything, people! You wanna pay me to say something? That’d be an interesting…business model. You just like… Give me five dollars and I’ll say anything you want in a vlogbrothers video. Fart fart fart Farewell to the admiralty of Dan… And if you give me ten, I’ll put on my French moustache while I’m saying it. I like how it’s a “French Moustache,” and then underneath that it says “Moustache de Francais” *le hank noises* Who wants a moustache? That good? I think that’s its permanent home. That one’s the best. *chuckles* That’s awesome. Lizzie Bennet. It’s really interesting to me that it has a very, like, exactly the same number of views every episode, which is really rare for a web series. Every episode, same number, like, 70,000 views per episode, which is amazing, but it’s, like, 30,000 views under us being able to pay for the show *laughs* I don’t know why I get too specific here. So if 30,000 of you, you know, just 30,000, wanna go and watch all of them, that’d be great! I’m getting some new business cards for VidCon. Boop! There it is! I do have one more vlogbrothers video to do before VidCon, and I’ll be in LA, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. Cuz this one’s crazy, so I can’t do crazy twice in a row, can I!? It would be…double crazy… …crazy times two… …I’ve never done this with my voice before… …It’s not going well. Okay, the battery light is blinking, I’ve already filled up a whole card, This is going to be a pain to edit, I don’t really know what happened this video, it’s been weird… So John, I’ll see you on Monday.

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  1. Omg Inuyasha poster 😀

  2. Wanna get a great definition of Ticky-Tacky ? Weeds…the opening credits explain it all 🙂

  3. Doctor Who episode?

  4. The view number right now is 365 500, and it's just such a perfect, beautiful number

  5. That would be the equivalent of a billion new people… or a billion new fat people?

  6. Hank you need to check out kneaded erasers. Just as fun to play with as blue tack, but theres more of it, it becomes SUPER DUPER SOFT when you play with it, and handily, it also erases. 

    Art stores, Amazon, all that.

  7. i call blue tack ticky tacky 

  8. This video reminds me of Brotherhood 2.0 cuz it's so random… just with better quality and faster talking, lol

  9. When I find myself in times of trouble, Hank Green comes to me, speaking words of wisdom:
    "Fart fart fart."

  10. Hello. #RarelyComment (unless it's P4A! 😉

  11. finally, I have witnessed someone as crazy as me

  12. That graph is hilarious

  13. We like the crazy

    Just saying. 

  15. inuyasha in the background again!!~~~ are there many nerd fighters that are also anime lovers? (i suck at studying/not smart but it would be nice to be a nerd fighter as an anime lover!)

  16. That website where you get $ to say stuff exists and it's called… you can advertise anything you want as long as you only want 5 dollars to do/make it and then people that want to pay $5 to see people do/say/make stuff give you $5. That was not very eloquent, but I think you get what I'm saying. 

  17. Fairwell, Hank? Fairwell? I expected better from you.

  18. "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" the same shirt Hazel wore in tfios. I feel so happy everytime i find some tfios insiders in their videos

  19. Hank is high, and I love him. And weed. 

  20. I will miss this show :/ glad I got to watch it

  21. hey you guys hit 2 million congrats

  22. How does one become a fully-fledged nerdfighter? Is it enough just be nerdy and watch this channel or are them some special initiation rites one must go through?

    I do not usually refer to myself as "one" btw xD

  23. This is to date my favourite vlogbrothers video

  24. the shirt the shirt the shirt 😮

  25. LOL like if you knew that the shirt was the konami code written in quarks. That was great.

  26. Wow, can't believe this was exactly two years ago.

  27. Comic Sans song at the end tho ;o

  28. sing what does the fox say for 5

  29. There is a inuyasha poster on the background!! XD

  30. I love how the fade to black and white signifies a deep story.

  31. I call it Ticky Tack. Just take off a Y.

  32. I have a mini tripod that's only 6 inches tall! 🙂

  33. I'm laughing so hard "Moustache du Français" isn't even the correct translation

  34. This is what my brain is like before my ADHD meds kick in…

  35. He may be crazy!

  36. I spent this whole video pissing myself with laughter, sticking the moustache on a figure and spouting nonsense 😂😂😂

  37. YouTube just recommended this jem of a video. It almost makes me like the new format. Way back when Lizzie Bennet was only getting 70K views…. I bet Hank of June 2012 never thought it would win an Emmy. 

  38. Fast forward to 2014 when most of the LBD videos average about 600+ thousand views…

  39. I call it blue tack.


  41. Blu-tack is called Patafix in French (which more or less means dough to attach).
    Random interesting factoid.

  42. Am I the only one who watched this and thought "I would pay Hank five dollars the wear the French Mustache and sing some of Javert's parts in Les Mis"?

  43. Wait what… I have the same tripod. 

  44. in which hank is stoned as shit and im loving it

  45. Subtitles please! Thanks!

  46. Hank are you drunk?

  47. Jeez, this is like the fourth video I've watched where someone's bought a Ravelli tripod and gotten a mini tripod of questionable quality along with it for free! They didn't send me a mini-tripod, but they Did send me an improbable number of lens cleaning cloths.

  48. elefant poo were I come from.

  49. Lizzie Bennet diarys, You should really promot it once more. It is awesome and I just stumble upon it when i was uuhm researching read (wikipedia stalking) you and your brothers work… Snce being a Jane Austen fan I really think this i the best portray of the book. It is an awesome adaption and I really loved it. Watched the whole serise in 3 days… I really should return to studing kidney function. DFTBA

  50. as of June 1, 2015, the first episode of the LBD has 2,113,056 views. The second has 1,016,821 views. What happened? It's amazing! Why wouldn't you watch all of them in one sitting (took me two days)?

  51. Maybe? No, definitely.
    Like all of us.

  52. The reason that the use of sweeteners went up with the weight of Americans is that fat people use sweeteners

  53. On my way to watch all of the blog brothers vids!!

  54. This is my brain every second of every day. Yup.

  55. All I got with my Ravelli tripod was a little keychain flashlight and a cleaning cloth.

  56. ah! I have found the source of the thing where my brain goes "additionally, additionally, additionally, additionally, additionally" every time I think of the word additionally. Thanks Hank, you broke my brain…

  57. this is great on 2 speed

  58. I will say anything for money too.

  59. oh! that's what ticky-tacky is! that makes the song Little Boxes make much more sense

  60. My tripod's smaller than yours… it's about three incheshigh. OK, admittedly it's for ento-macro shots…

  61. Did Hank come up with the Christian Bale Batman voice before it was cool?

  62. It's like the imaginary company 9 Out Of 10 Experts, where they charge a fee in return for publicly agreeing with claims.

    Like "9 Out Of 10 Experts agree that Thisproduct is a good idea."

  63. This was my first vlogbrothers video. Now watch this again and imagine how confused I was.

  64. I call it ticky tacky too!

  65. watch this at 2 times speed, i got the idea from somewhere else in the comments here, just spreading the knowledge.

  66. 4 years later Lizzie Bennett won an Emmy and has 750k views on each video.

  67. #hankgreen @hankgreen really funny to watch while listening to Atom Heart Mother from Floyd in the background 🙂

  68. I don't know what you're saying but I just love hearing you talk

  69. "Pay me five dollars and I'll say anything you want me to"

    The exact reason why Pewdiepie got into so much trouble.

  70. did he just predict fiverr here… i am just gonna… leave

  71. this video made me finally realize who hank reminds me of: phil lester

  72. 2:09 Did Hank just predict /inspire Fiverr?

  73. so were do i send the money. im starting a YouTube channel to help drug addicts how to deal with life after addiction and to gain trust back with friends and family. i would like a shout out when u get the money and I'll take the mustache package I can put it on the science patreon page if u like.i start it in a week its called i must


  75. No one knew what happened in this video

  76. I don't understand how anyone can dislike their videos honestly

  77. Wasn't that whole pay-me-to-do-anything business model what got Pewdiepie in trouble?

  78. Mixing the Konami Code and Particle Physics? Does it get any better than this?

  79. A business where people pay you to say things sounds like a good plan, but then a PewDiePie shows up and pays for anti-Semitic spew.

  80. I watched Lizzie Bennet years before I ever heard of the vlogbrothers! I was on a Jane Austen, S&S, P&P, and so on and etc. binge and binged Lizzie as well. I was sceptical of the modern stretches to make it work (as a lot of the books problems were 'of the period') but it eventually got its own footing.

  81. I come from the future and Hank is definitely crazy. Crazy awesome, but also crazy, also he's a dad and from what I can gather, he's great. Also he wrote a book, so John is no longer "the author one".

  82. This was so adorable I got diabetes

  83. Hank, just to let you know, I'm going through and watching all of the old videos, working my way forward. Your first video now reads 12 years ago (when I started it read 11 years ago) and this video is 6 years ago! (but just barely!) I'm catching up! 5 videos a day, maybe 3-4 times a week! Woo! I love you guys!

  84. "Wet's eup wit dat!"

  85. The captions are epic!

  86. I miss the silly videos.

  87. wow hank invented fiverr, king of strange business idea

  88. making the ticky tacky stretch 😡

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