Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West

Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West

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  1. Better than Kimmel, honestly

  2. I feel like they hate each other

  3. It's crazy to know that these two people exist in the same world

  4. Kim is slaaaying this hair colour 😍

  5. Ewww Botox is nasty

  6. Jennifer Lawrence needs a talk show. Love her! Her movies not so much.

  7. i love kim. she has so much experience with this type of shows hahahahaso funny Jenn was a little bit nervous but we love you so much too


  9. 7:16 " I need to ask him " 🤣🤣

  10. I'm here for jen, truly

  11. Am I the only one fangirling over J-Law????

  12. Jennifer's butt: ³ Kim's butt: 3

  13. 2:07 that laugh though!

  14. Jen Lawrence said in lie detector vid she was not her fav kardashian.

  15. She looks horrific with blonde hair.Kardashian that is.

  16. Kim is My spirit animal

  17. Kim : I don't fart, What you're talking about? *

    Me : Silent farts n Blame Others

  18. Ofcourse she doesn't fart it's all in that thing…ass 😂😂

  19. For me the best part of jenifers her laugh is so nice.made me crazy.

  20. omg the amount of questions kim redirected 😂

  21. I think they wore the same dress different colour so jennifer put on a shirt

  22. Did they really call Kim the queen of reality tv show? New York has entered the chat

  23. Lol, I hope she takes over for him when he retires.

  24. Kim is so pretty… ❤

  25. Godamnit kim has lot of grace than any actresses

  26. I remember an episode of KUWTK where Kim hacked into her boyfriend's voicemail!

  27. Jennifer lawrence is more suitable to journalism than to Acting , she has a high sense of humour .First of all , i didn't pay attention to the title written below and i said : isn't she Jennifer Lawrence 😂poor me .she's a different personality in movies from than who she really is

  28. ohhh… america.gotta love it.

  29. I lowkey like her now nonetheless all the drama and feuds with other celebs

  30. Two girls conversation never goes wrong!!

  31. Jennifer Lawrence i have been so busy

  32. 12:57 jennifers response here had me cackling

  33. Leave their celebrity status and charm aside, they are the most smart ladies!

  34. Kim farts 💨 plastic air 😝

  35. 9:11 the most iconic question in talk show history

  36. jennifer's laugh sounds so sarcastic lmao

  37. 0:27 Jennifer‘s mind: "I‘m not gonna Touch her with my hands!“

  38. Just came here after Chris Pratt

  39. so fake, not sexy at all

  40. Kims ass probably has too much implants to let the fart out

  41. Was she a hackerrrrr????😄🙄

  42. Hi i made a video for me and my kids.if you could please take a minute to watch/share it? Thanks in advance

  43. Jennifer Lawrence is such a mood😂♥️

  44. I love these two together. Jennifer lawrence has a dope personality

  45. If alot of heat get her body she is going to melt bc of to much plastic

  46. I remember she did the voicemail thing with kourtney or khole .

  47. LMFAOAOAO ayo she lost her virginity before the oldest .

  48. She’s need to be a real host she’s digs up all the dirt .

  49. JLaw's silly sense of humor contrasts starkly with Kim's more inhibited communication style.

  50. 9:12 your welcome

  51. I don't like what Kim stands for (like being famous for being famous), but it's hard not to like her. It is hard being her. She has a lot of businesses now.

  52. my leg hair grows faster when it's warm. -Jenn Lawrence

  53. Jimmy Kimmel always pitching subscription. I can't stand him-not that I would subscribe to some talk show host channel, but that's besides the point.

  54. Kim is unbelievably cool to act so nonchalant while Jennifer is asking her all those questions. It was a hoot to hear that interview. Kim seems like she is such a nice person. Out of all the Kardashian's she is the chillest for sure.

  55. i wish i had one of those brushes.. 😂💛

  56. this Girl hit On Me in 2011 I Swear to God and on my Life She Tweeted Me Before she got married Im a Boxing Champion Ill Smash Kanye so bad he wont be able to make music anymore

  57. 7:40 The joke is one thing but it's very inappropriate to just throw one of her products they just talked about away like that…

  58. Kim is a master navigator with Q&A

  59. Jennifer Lawrence is a fan that some how found her way on to the show.

  60. I just wondering where to buy JLaw’s shirt 😂😂

  61. i literally smelled her from here i-

  62. If there is other people from another plant these people would get rid of this stuff they must be more intelligent if there not where all in trouble these tv people are nuts most of you people thats all you watch

  63. Cant stop staring at her titties

  64. Kim has the same as kourtny

  65. Omg give that woman a show


  67. Who else can only see Jennifer as Katniss?

  68. WTF was Jennifer Lawrence wearing lol. So ugly.

  69. Best interview ever ❤️❤️❤️

  70. I love Jennifer! She is a tough lady and I feel I could totally be best friends with her. We’re like exactly the same.

  71. Kim looks absolutely stunning here

  72. Jennifer Lawrence needs to stop trying so hard to be sexy – she already is.

  73. why she keep bringing up kanye?😂

  74. why she keep bringing up kanye?😂

  75. Kim has grown a lot. Good for her!!

  76. She tried to hard to be funny I hated it. She's like more serious roles not original or funny .

  77. " oh my god like a Taylor Swift song… Did you marry him? " LOL JLO ISSA MOOD

  78. Why would Jennifer Lawrence ever care about somebody like her? That is so sad.

  79. God tell me why Lawrence has her shirt buttoned like that? This is a trend now?

  80. I loved this. So entertaining.

  81. Yk its scripted lol

  82. Everything is fake about this beaaaaaaaaach.
    Even her husband. 😎

  83. Jennifer makes Kim look ugly lmao

  84. Wow, I remember this. It feels like this just happened yesterday.

  85. Kim after the interview-
    Thank goodness I'm out of it

  86. god she is so un ntaurlay nasty like you looked great before but damn

  87. JLaw looks absurd and talks drunk

  88. I'm really disappointed to see that Jennifer actually really likes someone like Kim K… I wished it was all a joke. I thought she would be smarter than that but apparently not…

  89. Wtf was that hug Jennifer gave?

  90. nice that Kim cares about kids

  91. Kim is getting some wipp as humiliation from Jenifer 😂

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