grwm + q&a: college, kpop, dealing with stress, fears, and more!

grwm + q&a: college, kpop, dealing with stress, fears, and more!

hello my frens it’s nina and i am bare-faced yet again which means we are doing a get ready with me my skin has seen better days my hormones are acting up and i’ve been eating a lot of bread which i know i shouldn’t do i know but sometimes when you’re stressed out you just need bread but that doesn’t matter my skin one day will heal in the mean time i’m just going to deal with what i have you two, y’all better heal soon but along with this grwm i’m also doing a q&a i asked you on instagram for your questions but let’s get started also the makeup routine i’m doing is just my “everyday 10 min makeup routine” i have a video on it so if you wanna follow that it’s all in another video but i’m just doing that. i’m not doing anything crazy so the first question is have you ever thought about dying your hair? i think grey would look really good on you i love you girlie keep flourishing i hope you keep flourishing i hope you are thriving i hope you guys are all thriving i hope we are getting through life as best as we can so i have thought about dying my hair but i never see it as a reality because i’ve never done anything crazy with my hair, i’ve never actually in middle school i put highlights in my hair but i kinda did it wrong the highlights came out brown so i just had brown streaks in my hair it wasn’t anything really noticeable but i also think grey would be a nice color in general i just like grey hair i don’t know if it would look good on me someone can edit a picture of me and let me know maybe one day in the future if i’m feeling bold i will dye my hair something next question is do you have a boyfriend or like exes? this is basically a question about your love life and also when are you gonna get married? so the answer to both questions is nO i don’t have a partner and i don’t have exes and i don’t plan to get married any time soon because i don’t have a partner so what’s the point personally in my life i just don’t have the attention span to have a partner i’m just trying to take care of myself make sure i’m thriving make sure i’m getting somewhere but also if something happens then it happens i’m not totally against the idea of having someone in my life but also i’m not really looking for that it’s not something i really need in my life right now i really need concealer but i haven’t had time to go shopping but i do need it next question is have you ever planned to do a meet and greet? i would like to but i don’t know how to do it i don’t know how to organize a meet and greet i don’t know how to do that i also don’t really know where you guys are but i would love to do that it’s just i don’t know how to do it in an organized and safe way if someone knows how to do that for me let me know ideally it would be great if we can all just go to a convention or if we all happened to be at a concert or something maybe i can last minute arrange something and the next question follows that, which is would you ever go on tour? now ideally that would be a great thing that would be fun but realistically i always just think about what i would do on tour? i don’t know what i would do maybe i could start a music career or something i don’t know what i would do on tour so i’ll figure something out maybe i could do a live painting with nina or something or even a live cooking show or we can just hang out that works too next question is what’s your favorite weird food combination? i have one but personally i don’t think it’s weird when i did tweet about this and people on twitter will know what i’m talking about but when i tweeted about this food combination i didn’t think anything of it but i got mixed reactions about it i tweeted once about my love for oatmeal, obviously made with water, not milk oatmeal with a drizzle of sriracha on top now i got mixed reactions about it and it took me a while to understand but now i get it, i get it you don’t have to like oatmeal with sriracha you don’t have to like either but that’s what i like i personally like savory/salty foods and sometimes spicy food so with my oatmeal i just put sriracha in it because without anything oatmeal is just plain and flavorless and sometimes i don’t want maple syrup or fruit in my oatmeal i like to spice it up with some sriracha it’s not that weird, i think next question is do you workout or just eat really healthy i used to workout i had a gym membership and i actually used to regularly kind of workout i used to enjoy it i may complain about working out and stuff but i actually, when i do it i was doing it well probably like a year and a half to two years ago i did work out but now i just don’t have the time to and i also don’t have a, actually no in my college i do have a gym because of the tuition and all that but i don’t have the time to go because the gym is just all the way across campus and i don’t really have the time to go there so i do have gym access but i just haven’t had the time to go the only real exercise i do currently is walking across campus all the time and i kind of have to walk pretty fast because i’m hopping from class to class i’m also walking to my car a lot because i do commute to school so that would be my only real exercise and eating healthy? lately i haven’t been eating the healthiest but i think my lifestyle as it is kind of makes me eat a little healthier than most people i already don’t like greasy foods i don’t really like the feeling of eating fried foods so i kind of avoid it and also i’m a pescatarian so i don’t eat a lot of meats i don’t eat red meats i don’t eat pork i don’t eat poultry any of that so that’s kind of out of my system as well and i don’t consume that much dairy unless it’s like accidentally in a pastry or something but i don’t drink milk or that kind of stuff because i don’t really crave it i also don’t drink soda so i think because of my lifestyle i already naturally kind of avoid foods that are not really good for you so i guess that’s why i maintain an okay lifestyle but lately i haven’t been taking care of my health that well i gotta take care of myself more next question is which other groups do you stan and who are your biases from those groups i do stan other groups besides bts i know i talk about bts a lot but that’s just because they’re the first group that i started stanning and so they’re kind of my ult group but i do stan other groups and i do have biases for those groups so i’m only going to mention the groups that i have biases for i listen to a lot of artists but i don’t STAN everyone just because i only have two brain cells and my brain cells can’t do that much so in no particular order and i actually wrote them down so i don’t forget anyone but in no particular order the groups that i stan along with the biases are there we go but i do listen to a lot of artists so if you wanna check out who i listen to here’s my spotify next question is who is your favorite korean solo artist? so i have two two solo artists that i really like and they are so dean i feel like you guys know who he is but if you don’t he is a solo artist a korean solo artist and he makes really good music and his voice is literal honey he’s also a scorpio i vibe with that and then sunmi is my actual queen i know she was from wonder girls but right now she is doing solo things and she’s thriving doing so well next question is from when were you an army and how was the BTS concert? so i found out about BTS in may of 2017 that’s when the 2017 billboard music awards happened that’s when they were first nominated for top social artist i found out about them through my mom actually and then i fell down the rabbit hole and now here i am and how was the bts concert i didn’t make a vlog of the concert because i was just way too in here for me to pay attention to filming or anything the only footage i got of the bts concert was on my story i mean it’s a highlight now but otherwise i didn’t vlog it just because when i go to a concert anyway i don’t really film that much except for like 20 seconds of a song so i can at least have it in my camera roll i’m not really on my phone that much so i didn’t get to vlog it or anything but the concert was very good i’ve been to concerts before but i’ve never seen that much performance and that much choreography it was just very overwhelming in a good way but i was honestly for the most part just shook i went on namjoon’s birthday on september 12 so it was pretty recent actually no, it’s november huh so it was a while ago but it was really good the only complaint i do have about the concert is that there was a person behind me screaming really high pitched the entire time she has powerful vocals but it’s ok she was having the time of her life she was just it was just a really high pitched scream so but other than that it was a really fun time actually on my instagram story people thought that high pitched screaming was me my voice literally physically cannot go that high so that wasn’t me but i didn’t complain about it because she was just having fun same, except i wouldn’t be screaming that high but it was really good, and i miss them next question is other than media studies what would be your second choice of a degree? so at berkeley media studies was probably the major that fit me the best and interested me the most but other than that i think i would’ve probably done something visual like film or even some kind of art but then i wouldn’t be at cal for that i would be at an art school like my dad did media studies was the major that i would’ve taken because it’s so interdisciplinary and so i’m taking classes from a lot of areas such as psychology, sociology, film so i already learned a lot of stuff from different areas which i’m thankful for but otherwise i would’ve done probably something visual so at least i could’ve focused more on art because back in high school i used to be very art oriented it’s ok i’m learning a lot right now in media studies but i definitely would’ve liked to do film or something creative and visual but i would’ve gone to art school for that and that would’ve been a totally different thing so i don’t really like to think about what else i would’ve done next question is how do you balance youtube and school? this is a great question i honestly don’t know how i’ve been managing so far because i know for the last two semesters back when i wasn’t really doing youtube that often i was focusing a whole lot more on school than youtube and so i would only post like every other week than every week like i’m doing now but i am managing right now just because i do dedicate a whole period of time to youtube and a whole period of time to school the first four weekdays of the week are dedicated to school only and then the next three days which is my three day weekend is all entirely for youtube and also on sunday i’ll have some time for homework it really is just a lot about doing my best and hoping that something comes out of it next question is do you sleep with socks? i don’t even sleep with pants on so no i don’t sleep with socks next question is do you have any irrational fears? i have a lot of fears because i’m an irrational person i’ll at least just narrow it down to my top fears that i would consider irrational and they are natural disasters, bugs, and airplanes now i know no one enjoys natural disasters i don’t think that’s anything you would not be afraid of but i think the extent of the fear i have for natural disasters is irrational when i’m lying down in bed for example i’ll just be lying down on my stomach like this, right but then i’ll feel like a slight shaking and i’ll think that the house is shaking and i’ll think there’s an earthquake coming and i honestly freak out but it’s just my pulse so i constantly think that there’s gonna be an earthquake but it’s really just my heartbeat and sometimes my arm or leg twitches on its own and then i think the house is shaking as well but it’s just my body but i have a fear of earthquakes and tsunamis and things that are just out of my control i’m also frickin afraid of bugs especially insects that can fly and make buzzing sounds because you can’t escape those and it’s just like no no no like, i hate wasps, and i hate wasps sometimes moths, it’s just moths are kind of freaky how do you say it? moths? moths? moth? and also moths like how do i say moths? i don’t like moths they are just broken butterflies and they fly freaky and they’re very dusty and then butterflies, like i get it but they also kinda freak me out but also i wouldn’t kill a bug because i don’t wanna do that so, they just freak me out i would just like it if they left me alone and bees? i appreciate what bees do i think bees are amazing they do so much for the planet but personally i am scared of them i think they’re doing a great job, it’s just the buzzing sound, and the flying kinda freaks me out but i won’t kill them or bother them because bees are good for the planet so save the bees but also if bees can just stay away from me that’d be great too but anyway i hate wasps and then also i have an irrational fear of airplanes it’s not that it’s like, i can be on an airplane i can be on an airplane but i always have a fear that the tail of the airplane’s just gonna snap off as we take off and then i always am scared when we’re landing the whole shaking and whatever’s just freaky and also i just don’t understand how an airplane can be in the sky for that long like i know it’s physics and engineering but how does it stay in the sky for that long anyway i do like traveling but it’s scary next question is would you consider the idea of making a video spoken in korean? ummmmmm i’m not fully against the idea, but also speaking a language is hard you know even speaking english is hard for me speaking in front of a camera is already pretty difficult and if i’m speaking a language that i’m not so comfortable speaking it’s just gonna be a hard time so but i spoke a little bit of korean in my last video which already was pretty difficult for me it took a lot of courage in me to keep that in the video i speak korean 70-80% of the time at home so it’s kind of natural for me to speak korean but my pronunciation still sucks and that’s because i have an american mouth and so we just pronounce everything pretty badly anyway i don’t know if i want to then maybe but i still have to learn a lot my eyes are very glittery wow when i’m doing a get ready with me and talking at the same time i forget what i’m doing and so i’ve been on this step for so long i don’t even know where i’m at right now next question is will you make another art related video in the near future? so i know i used to make art videos in the past and that’s probably what a lot of you guys know me for so it does bum me out that i haven’t made an art related video recently but i will say i actually tried filming a painting with nina like a few months ago it was pretty recent i actually tried doing a painting with nina i have the canvas i was painting a picture of peaches, right it was a still life i was actually trying and there were peaches here like you could probably kind of see it probably not but anyway i was painting and then as i got into it i started getting tired and i started dissociating and then i just gave up and then i scribbled everything that i painted i got so frustrated that i just scribbled it all into this one mess, actually you can see it right here see there were many different colors but i gave up and so i kind of messed everything up and now it’s this one blank color that also happens to match my sweater but i do want to do more art related videos in the future because i do, or at least i did enjoy painting but it’s just i don’t have that kind of time with the internet and whatever, and with social media people think that making art is very fast and very simple but it’s still a very long process one day when i have more time especially since my semester’s almost over i literally have a few weeks left maybe i’ll get back into it but don’t worry i haven’t given up on art yet it’s literally part of my being if i don’t have art in my life i don’t know who i am the only art that i have the time for lately is just digital art on my ipad pro i use the adobe photoshop sketch app and i just doodle on that i have some doodles on my instagram as a highlight i just said doodle so many times right now it sounds weird now but that’s kind of what i have time for painting takes a lot of time and effort and a lot of setup but i did enjoy it hopefully there will be another painting with nina in the future but i did try y’all, ok it looks good on its own, right? next question is if you could be any animal in your next life which one and why? i would be a bird that can fly so i can fly away from natural disasters as i’ve mentioned before birds can fly away from tsunamis they can fly away from earthquakes they can fly next question is i know this is an annoying question but do you know what you wanna do as a job? it’s not an annoying question it just gives me an existential crisis i would love to do something visual yet also in the entertainment realm i would love to do i would love to be a creative director or something for short films or films or music videos even just entertaining things i just like working with media and that kind of stuff so that’s what i would like to do i personally love creating and telling stories and i have a lot of ideas and i also do have a visual artistic background so i would like to incorporate that into my future but who knows what will happen in the future but that’s my broad idea of what i would like to do now this fren sent four questions so i will answer all four the first one is who was your motivator to get into college? my parents were kind of more laidback about me getting into college they weren’t like the typical disciplinary parents and so i was just motivated to finish my education make my parents proud make my family proud the second question is how has youtube helped you as a human being? youtube has helped me a lot i feel like it made me definitely a more confident person and it’s definitely changed my personality i’ve definitely learned a lot because of youtube not even with just youtube but also with the community i have you guys, i learn a lot from you guys so i feel like that has changed me a lot in a good way the third question is where would you like to travel? i obviously would like to travel to korea i would like to go to my country and i would like to have a culture shock but i would like to go to korea and i also would like to go to japan just because my friends have gone to both korea and japan and i really wanna go too but i would like to go there the final question i got from her is what advice would you give yourself from 4 years ago? so 4 years ago, how old was i? i was 16 so i was a junior/senior in high school i would tell myself to just not be afraid to be myself, and just have confidence don’t be shy you’re a star be empathetic, learn about others, care about others care about yourself know what you want don’t be afraid that’s all really next question is i have no idea what i want to do with my life and i’m constantly pressured about figuring out my future career i have hobbies that keep me happy but i know they wouldn’t be able to create a stable lifestyle for me do you have any tips on how to find what i want to do and how to get rid of unnecessary stress from everyday life? this is definitely very stressful especially if you’re surrounded by people who are constantly nagging on you with what you want to do in the future because they might have different ideas of what you should be doing different ideas of what success is compared to your idea of success it can be stressful especially when you can’t really avoid those people their idea of what you should do kind of always overpowers what you want to do and so you kind of start to lose the idea of what you wanna do the thing is everyone has different capabilities and limits and all that and so if your capabilities don’t match the expectations of other people it just sucks just remember what makes you happy and do your research and and just try to find a way that you can make what makes you happy financially stable for you also my camera died anyway just for now focus on decreasing your stress so that you have at least energy to push on through life because if you’re pushing on through life with low self-esteem and just a low feeling about yourself and you’re constantly feeling like you’re being attacked by what others are saying about yourself you’re not gonna step through life with your best foot forward so i would suggest at least focusing on your mental health and focusing on decreasing stress so that you feel good inside so that you can carry on through your life and eventually find what makes you happy because if you’re trying to find what makes you happy when you’re not feeling good it’s very difficult the future is very long life is short and long but the future is pretty long we always think that we have to succeed within the next 5 years but if we really think about it there’s a whole lot of time ahead of us but we always feel the pressure to have to succeed right now but just give yourself time be patient breathe and remember that everyone goes at their own pace and that you are doing your best and the next question is how do i deal with stress first i would like to avoid stress in the first place by keeping my life a little bit organized i write down all my tasks and stuff in my bullet journal so that i know what i’m doing if i don’t know what i’m doing i will feel messed up but also to deal with stress i listen to good music i watch youtube videos to distract myself sometimes you just need to distract yourself people suggest meditating or taking the time to think about yourself, analyze your life and although that helps, if you’re in a negative mindstate already if you’re thinking about your life you’re just naturally going to think about all these negative things and it’s just going to build up even more so sometimes i just like to distract myself with entertaining things that take my mind off of things that stress me out i like to watch cooking videos i like to watch kpop videos i especially love kpop crack videos but sOMETIMES you just need things that literally distract you from yourself but of course it is good to think about your life but it is better to think about your life when you’re already in a much calmer more positive mindstate i feel like also listening to chill music helps me a lot, i do listen to a lot of chill playlists on youtube and just music that makes me happy and then i also do bullet journal it takes a lot of stress out of my life as well also try to clean your room just cleaning takes a lot of stress out and also if you’re in a clean environment your mind is also less cluttered it really does have an affect on your mental state so make sure that your environment is nice and organized and clean also take care of your health make sure you’re eating healthy try to avoid foods that make you feel bad also in this fast-paced world remember to take breaks if you really need to skip a class sometimes it’s better to skip it than to go to class and not even pay attention because you feel so bad just do what you need to do, really wow i didn’t even notice how strong this lip tint is ok let me tone it down a little bit and the final question is what do you like about making videos and posting them on youtube? i like youtube for a lot of reasons i first of all love this community that i have youtube has definitely grown into something that i did not expect i did not expect the community that i have right now so i’m very thankful for you guys because you do shape the kind of content that i put up and you have shaped me into the person i am today so i’m very thankful for that i also just love making videos so i can be like a form of escape for someone i always go to youtube to escape from my problems so i’m glad that i can do that for someone as well but that is that for this q&a/grwm i hope you enjoyed it i hope it was interesting or helpful in some kind of way i know that towards the end it got kind of deep but that’s just how it usually is on this channel also i am sorry about my hair my hair is just doing whatever it wants today but it’s fine, it’s a look wow love it but that is it for this q&a/grwm i am currently sitting on my foot i don’t know why i’m doing this this is very uncomfortable thank you for sending in your questions and i will see your lovely face next time bring it in for a hug i always do this you can’t avoid these anymore goodbye my frens :’)

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  87. aw you also stan my ult groups red velvet & seventeen 🤧❤️

  88. Nina talking about boyfriends: I don‘t need that.
    Nina one second later: I nEeD cOnCeaLeR.

  89. red velvet seulgi biases MAKE SOME NOISE

  90. we both bias johnny and seulgi i love you

  91. you are literally my spirit animal✨ just found your channel and I’m finding myself binge watching most of your videos ☺️ your videos are entertaining af, keep doin you boo ❤️

  92. Dont due your hairrr

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