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  2. Why they do not talk about ,wt thy do, in which business are they? Except talking only about psychological facts.।

  3. This guy is full of bs. He acts like he knows everything but if you really listen to him he knows next to nothing about life. Contradicts himself constantly. He knows 2 things well though; 1. How to borrow other peoples money. 2. 50% of the population are insecure, gullible, and unintelligent enough to listen to him for more than 2 minutes.

  4. It's very interesting how the most inspiring videos for me in London Real was that one and the Ido Portal. Ido dedicate himself to the movement and perfection of the idea to use your body without borders. The same is with Grand Cardone and his dedication to make money and to use money it the same idea to being in process of development. "What you focus on becomes your reality"! Thank you London Real for the Idea of Reality.

  5. Grant shows how important it is too have your own personal brand!

  6. By far one of the most invigorating speakers to date. I haven't found too many that have the drive like I do, then I came across your channel. Now as I am on my way out of the service (honorably btw), my goal is to continue that drive because it apparently exists outside the service. I hold down a family of 7, 18 years in service, 3 grad classes this semester, manage a high risk training that sees 4500 students a year, and still excited to keep the dream flowing. I notice people with this passion typically have major obstacles in their life and made it through stronger. Keep up the fire, it obscures the media b.s. that people listen to.

  7. So driven indeed!
    Ma Sha Allah!

  8. this is so inspiring

  9. this is new so glad I see one. You've aged a bit from last I follow you but still rockin' it. You are an inspiration. Few of the things you say I may not 100% agree on but I love you G thank you for keeping me motivated. Your wisdom is music to my ears.

  10. That 45 minutes escalated quickly!!!

  11. Swear he sounds like Jon bernthal. Great interview. Lots of touchpoint and gems he dropped.

  12. Wholly Shizz!! It makes soooo much sense. “Not thinking BIG enough” I also love Elena Cardone interview!! Amazing one!

  13. I know grant and Gary Vee are different and I admire both. Super inspiring guys!

  14. Fuck it , id take the billion pound in a second and invest it to get a billion friends

  15. Inspirational for true, I have a question: i find it contradictory when you don't need to buy a house , hospital etc., As you can rent it and not wise to invest there, However how come this doesn't apply to buying a jet? How is this purchase any different from buying a house? This is counterintuitive for me, please share your thoughts.

  16. Wished I had found London real before starting the podcast but glad I found London Real !

  17. That was awesome interviev 🙂 Love You!

  18. I don't care what any of these guys say – I like to own my own house

  19. Where's money goes?
    Apy accounts?

  20. @GrantCardone VERY POWERFUL INTERVIEW!!!! If people hate you…..F' Em! They just hate themselves, tell them to catch up!

  21. ik heb niks meer
    hulp nodig gouw ken helpen

  22. Grant is so right about America

  23. awesome…except if a family doesnt buy a home….ahhh where are they supposed to live?? am I missing something???

  24. My tear drop when GC said " i waiting for uncle to help me when my father died" thank you Uncle G , you are the my savior

  25. Grant, you should definitely go to Istanbul and Izmir. You will love it there and they will love you. Great information again. Thanks

  26. These people are after power. Not money anymore.

  27. Gotta love Uncle GC! 😁👍

  28. You are only as big as your next project and your best employee

  29. Banks benefit the most from people who buy homes to live in, taking huge mortgages for decades ahead.. I never thought of this that way. WOW, I feel enlightened. It really isn't worth it taking huge loans and not getting any returns on them over time. That's.. eye-opening.

  30. U.K is rich today coz they stole all the money ( REAL MONEY=GOLD) from INDIA estimated value is 600 Trillion British sterling pounds

  31. I thought Buffett has owned the same house for decades.

  32. Awesome Video!
    Very inspirational.

    hallo from Germany


  34. Grant Cardone is a hype man who overprices his products to where I'd even call it a borderline scam, who's fucking loud but 98% of the time everything he says has no substance

  35. what's the name of the introduccion song?I love it

  36. Life changing video for beginners in Millionaire dreams

  37. Everyone needs to hear this, EVERYONE!

  38. Grant Cardone counting Euros in London. :))

  39. Awesome Interview. London Real Rocks!

  40. DOOONG grant just hit me hard with his setting money down n says it’s useless till it’s used… I rephrased it to “money is useless till it’s used notice I didn’t say spent” WOW

  41. you should Check out Josh and Jenna Swagil of My Daily Choice/ Hempworx would love to see them on your show Gratitude

  42. Only If Grant Could be President, I would vote!!

  43. A jet is a waste of money.

  44. Very good interview!!

  45. Love this guy!
    No bullshit Grant, he speaks truth!!!! Like it or not

  46. Create heaven in earth 🌍

  47. What a BOSS💪🏼

  48. "…if you get to big, people will attack you. People don't tell you to get so big that no attack can harm you"
    -Grant Cardone
    This is why Grant Cardone is a legend.

  49. Love the END of the interview more money helping more people ..! 🙂 🙂 GC 10X

  50. "humanity is full of hope" should be on the ceiling above your bed to be the last thing you see at night and first thing you see in the morning. great if not a very hopeful and "Rosey"day to you and LONDON REAL. from Palau, the pristine paradise .

  51. This change my life for ever thanks for this interview. After seeing this interview about Grant Cardone other side. Change the way I look at him. Taking massive action and I’m willing to work with him much love God bless to everyone reading this

  52. Warren Buffett says his house is his 3rd best investment he ever made…

  53. this interviewer seems suspicious man

  54. Grant is a freak of nature… Get used to it!!

  55. Americans seem to fall for whatever BS their government spews out to them!! Brits are cynical of government and politicians!

  56. Rothschilds money….he should read that. Financing god and the devil.

  57. I will take USD 1 billion who needs a billion friends?

  58. Like kyosaki said taxes and debt make the rich wealthier while taxes and debt make the poor poorer ( True 🔑 to wealth ) id rather buy a jet and use it for my business instead of giving it to uncle sam no brainer

  59. Make me rich London Real

  60. I would love to travel and doing buisness all over the world.
    That would be awsome 😇

  61. Great interview Brian and Grant…..awesome. Well done boys🙌🙏

  62. Does Grant seem a bit Coked out…???

  63. Love Your Work London Real!

  64. Warren Buffet STILL has The SAME House From 60 Years Ago

  65. This guy is the opposite of Dan Pena… 
    yet the two of them are very successful…. mmmmmm

  66. A Rolls Royce is not enough… anyone can rent a Rolls….

    Wow… wow!!

  67. The one thing I envy this guy —is not the money or the plane or the travel…. it is the sort of woman he has. ——-Once you got THAT in place, everything is so very possible.

  68. One word can describe Grant Cardone – Utmost!

  69. Brain you only making them richer on your show maybe you should charge them 100,000 grand to come on as a small fee for this big pocket ballers

  70. To be honest i think the only come on your show to make more money and get more marketing and your exposing them to a even bigger auidence for free and this is why you need a bigger plan brian

  71. i have nothing against him but i don't feel inspired by him… couldn't finished the video .. i guess his views don't resonate with me :)) and that's fine

  72. Just like schooling, only 1% of them can be someone or something. Would you still want to try whatever it takes ?

  73. This man really change my mindset. Really inspired by grant but really thank to londonreal

  74. Grant cardone is the man taught me to go after my dreams in life love the 10x book as change the way think about life now unstoppable recovery is my own YouTube channel

  75. I love Grant, and agree with nearly all of his insights and advice, but the purchase vs renting a house doesn’t make sense. I didn’t purchase my house to invest , I bought it to rest my head. Everyone needs a roof over there head everyday of their life. After 15 years of that same roof over my head, I have at best, after yearly taxes, and insurance, my purchase price back in my pocket. Rent for 15 years… show me what returned in your bank account. Housing is a necessity not a luxury, whether it’s a 50,000 home or 500,000 home. Please reply if you can provide a solid rebuttal. Blessings!!

  76. i agree with you about him and Elena today, but the more I listen, Insee I am like him, except i do not want the cars, jets etc. I do use money to help non beggars, and I am a closet writer and speaker Since age 15. I worked from 7-72. I am happy for him, as I am happy for myself.

  77. We come into this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing except the good we do for a selected others.

  78. There is only you in the room

  79. All thanks to lutherangrants/org i received a grant of $50,000 to finance my business .

  80. Grant is awesome I love this guy … 10x10x10x10x10x10x

  81. GC is so inspiring 👌

  82. Of course he wants all you sheep to not buy a house. He wants everybody to rent from him for the rest of your lives so his complexes go up in value. Same as Kiyosaki, he owns a ton of apartment complexes.

  83. I can't understand why you Americans have this penchant for making idiots like this rich – it's the same motivation as you have for spending money on diet plans and personal trainers – it's just pure laziness. You think that by paying for these things, and people like Grant Cardone to crap on to you for an hour, you're somehow going to pay to achieve your goals. No one can do it except for you. Save your money and don't give it to these people.

  84. Bring it on, people here waiting

  85. Has Grant done 12 steps?

  86. Elon Musk, said one day there will be nothing, cold dark silence!

  87. Thank you Grant! You are a making a difference for sure!

  88. Thank u soooooo much I pray for all the happiness to you and all!


  90. Grant, im not english, what the fuck wrong with you. The english are not the only fuckers living in Britain. Britain made up of english, scotts, welsh and the irish.
    Brian your content is top notch.

  91. Am I a Grant C. hater? Absolutely. Am I jealous of his wealth? Of course. If/when we hit another 2008, do I believe he'll be living in a van down by the river? Yup.

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