Google Demo Slam: 0-60 Contacts in 10 minutes

Google Demo Slam: 0-60 Contacts in 10 minutes


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  1. @rdko5211 It is: Fax "427-555-8437", And phone: " 427-555-8436" they are both 427, the only thing that changes is "36" and "37".

    You have bad luck ….

  2. @rdko5211 : Fuck off!

  3. @blacksquirrel09

    Rather do it by hand.

  4. @rdko5211 FAAIIILL!!!!!!

  5. Have I seen this on the iPhone before? lol.

  6. @rdko5211 both numbers on the phone are correct man.. dont be a party pooper

  7. @pinochska The numbers are correct, but the guy on the video still calls the fax and not the phone. I think rdko5211 wanted to write 427555 843(6) and not 42(6)555 8437

  8. because he was so into it and got used to it you can so see he went faster and faster from scanning to saving

  9. @blacksquirrel09 we make technology so there are no errors. Assuming perfection is not something you strive for personally?

  10. Well, 60 people just got free advertising =D,
    and @rdko5211, of course its not perfect. this sort of technology never is. however, google are very very good with this stuff, i have only been failed twice by googgles on my iphone. also, googles voice recognition is 10x better than the iphone voice recognition 😛

  11. Who know name this song?:) Thanks!

  12. ((((COMMENT PT 1 OF 4))))

    All of you do realize that any number with a 555 is a fake right??? every one of those cards is a fake, or at least a fake number. lol …H

    Here's The List of Cards:

    (Charles Dublin 323-555-4326)(Satellites 4 Ever) Theodore Marcus)(Sampson, Howard & **illhardt)(New Universe Designs)(Lane Compton, Inc.)(Barry Baskin)(Cecily Strong)(Hearing Care Specialists)(Charles L*mpwick)(Theron Jefferey Humphrey Carpenter)(Carrie's Flowers)(Jacob Wilson – Historian)(Krazy Kennel)

  13. ((((COMMENT PT 2 OF 4))))

    (Green Green Buck Masters)(Samantha Phillips)(Adam Bornstien)(Kathenne Malchow)(Sandy Matthews)(Ian Harfield)(Party Time Inc. – Andrew Kilbourne – Wedding DJ)(Jacklyn Wasche)(Dan Harper)(Tom Sumner)(Barry Baskin)(Barry Reynolds)(Plumber Associates – Albert Chu)(Markus Rutledge Magician)(Harry Ford)(Markus Rutledge – CEO Hot Jamz Now)(Reginald Smith, Esq.)(Thorn Price)(Josh Haggerty)(P *** * *** ?lol)(Pump It UP! – Used Tire Sales)

  14. ((((COMMENT PT 3 OF 4))))

    (Flower Fun Factory)(Tibbert Medical Center)(Rodger Clark M.D.)(Blank Horizon Films)(Greg Stuart)(Bluecard Productions – Nigel Butterworth)(Strand Support Inc. – Amy Strand Administrator)(Green Green Buck Masters)(Harry Slowski)(Nick Tan)(Lu Lu's Hawaiian BBQ)(Riggs Communications – Riggs Pfaff)(Buddy Sanders)(Buck Harrison)(Solo Wood Carving)(Sam Glass)(John Snow)(Solar Solutions)(Cake Overload)(Hal's Western Supplies)(Tech Masters)

  15. ((((COMMENT PT 4 OF 4))))

    (S***** T****** P** & P**)(No Strings Attached)(The Miller Group)(HCUSD)(Slam McSlammerson – Attorney at Law)

    Thats all of them – the * is in place where i couldnt read the word or letter on the card.

  16. @rdko5211 hahah good catch. But goggles is still awesome.

  17. @rdko5211 both numbers are the same

  18. @rdko5211 really not the end of the world now is it?

  19. @slpknt10l03
    What's your point?

  20. i laugh that they aren't using the iphone for this


  22. @arathorn2nd Yeah, i know, but Orconross asked why they didn't use an iPhone for this video. And it would be weird if they DID use an iPhone, when they could get cheap self-promotion if they used an Android-phone.

  23. A very useful function

  24. @orconross wouldn't it just be logical for them to use their new google phone (G2) for this video? you fucktard….

  25. does anybody know what this song is?

  26. @Tyroniix thats what i wanna know too. thats the one thing i care about but all the comments are just about people criticizing the commercial like dumbasses

  27. gotta say goggles is pretty awesome. i mean it also includes an qr and barcode scanner as well as image related search!

  28. Everyones acting like this is new or unheard of lol… iPhones better and has like 150 apps devoted to this as well as barcode scanners and stuff

  29. @jlaer3 Yeah, but Google has all 150 of those apps packed into one, along with the "barcode scanners and stuff". Not to worry though, I believe Google Goggles is out on iPhone now too. =)

  30. yeah right… how many people carry around business cards anymore? LOL!

  31. Thumbs up if you searched through the comments for rdko5211's comment.

  32. @rdko5211 fax machines can also have phones silly… i have a fax machine with a telephone and i can get both calls and faxes Xd

  33. thumbs up if you stumbled on this

  34. I don't like to stumble ads

  35. @adamjamesm Such an old and unfunny joke. Stop making the same fucking joke every time already.

  36. yeah but then if you

  37. tried 20 real life business cards and had ZERo that didnt have a mistake in it. Fine if you priont plain boring cards on your pc like this guy but in the real world it is hopeless. There are better card apps out there.

  38. @adamjamesm i thought apple's the real skynet?

  39. I was hoping it was gonna be a 10 minute video.

  40. talking to fax machine ;o;'s

  41. What phone is this?

  42. Now try a real business card.

  43. @conleyyy
    Considering it's google, I'm guessing it's a Droid.

  44. @nagandrea Same here… I tried 6 different business cards… could only make one work.

  45. @blacksquirrel09 but the funny part is that they could have screwed any other # since they were going so fast… but at the very end when the audience can actually see, the guy blatantly fx himself over by calling a fax machine. lol:D

  46. @ace71730 nope… opened all comments in new tab… ctrl+f = search… typed in username and found it with ease…

  47. what's the name of this track used in this video? its really catchy. :~)

  48. lol he did call the fax number lolz

  49. @1337shellc0der HAHAHAHAHA Damn you have a really good eye.

  50. @Xmaggot93X Use real ones? Seriously?

  51. @ace71730 Well..NOW i did, and therefore i had to thumb you up

  52. see the guys face on the phone at 0:19 ?

  53. @ace71730 omg..i only did after you said it! LOL! XD

  54. gosh…how the hell did ppl notice this stuff with the 555's and and crap!? do they go around looking for the stuff frame by freakin frame just to find a mistake?!?

  55. @ace71730 what does it day?

  56. Lane Compton Inc.
    Awshum :3

  57. @tingyuyan12 I believe it was removed by… Google? never. -__-

  58. Am I the only one who is in love with demo slam?

  59. Lol he calls the fax number at the end. ;D

  60. @xXcoolcubeXx Those are real.

  61. @deoxy999 nope take a good look

  62. @Xmaggot93X That app does work though. My dad has the Sprint Evo and has used that application for buisness.

  63. I added about 400 contacts in two minutes, by syncing with my facebook and google account.

  64. @slpknt10l03 the card is fake, but it's just showing that is can read the card completly

  65. @ace71730 what was rdko5211's comment??

  66. Or Just Use The Facebook App LOL

  67. I use it to scan business cards and it has never failed for me.

  68. This works awesomely! (is that a word?)

  69. The idea is wonderful but it doesn't work all that well with real business cards. There is lot of editing to be done.

  70. does one know which phone this is? thx!

  71. I tried, hoping it worked but it's really not working. The OCR is making all kinds of mistake: confusing 0 for O which will make numbers phone you may scan useless.

    More troubling, it really doesn't know how to break the data into teh correct fields: what is the name of teh person, the company name, what's the person's title etc…

    My attempt was using an HTC Desire: anyone having this working well and with real business cards?

  72. Wow this is awesome

  73. thumbs up for hamburger at 0:43 !!! this was a single fat man !

  74. His name is Reginald Smith.

  75. Google – Capitalizing on your information since 1998.

  76. Or we could just use Bump..

  77. I can always add it by myself.

  78. not if they put "steps removed and sequence shortened" faintly in the corner lol

  79. Serious and pure? Have you seen the one with Zooey Deschanel? -.-

  80. Best Comments ever Made 😀

  81. Slam McSlammerson lol

  82. omg did not know you could do that…. shame no one uses business cards anymore

  83. inpossible snap 60 contacts in 10 minutes

  84. You did it!!!! Wonderful job!

  85. bene come funziona

  86. I'd totally want Slam McSlammerson to be my attorney

  87. HANNIBAL would love this 🙂

  88. É o máximo em evolução técnologica que eu já pude observar … ! google e youtube … !

  89. I had no idea goggles could do that.

  90. Who is watching in 2730? 🙂

  91. I wish they didn't abandon Google Goggles

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