Google Apps Marketplace

>>In the Google Apps Marketplace, you can
discover, purchase and deploy web based applications that integrate with and extend Google Apps. These integrated apps don’t require additional
log-ins, are accessible right from Google’s universal navigation bar, and, with approval,
can securely access data stored in Google apps – like calendars and contacts. Here’s how you add an App from the Marketplace
to Google Apps. Let’s say that you’re the domain administrator
of a small business and you need a new project management App that works with Google Apps. Go to the Search Bar and type ‘project management’. There are several listings here but you want
your app to work with Google Calendar, Google Docs, and your email contacts so you refine
your search based on those criteria. Let’s try Altostrat. On the listing page, you can watch a video,
read about the App, and read ratings and reviews. If you want to give it a try, click the ‘Add
It Now’ button and enter your domain. You first log in as a Google Apps administrator. Note that only administrators can add Apps
to a domain and agree to the App’s terms of service. In order for your company to use all the features
of this App, you need to give it access to data from Google Docs, Google Calendar and
Contacts. Based on what you know about Altostrat and
its ratings and reviews from other Apps users, you choose to give the App access to this
data. You successfully added the Altostrat Project
Management App to your domain. Since this App is free to get started, you
can enable the App now. You can see Altostrat in the Google Apps Control
Panel right alongside Google Applications like Gmail and Calendar. This is where you can further administer and
configure the App. Now let’s see how your users will access the
App. Here, you’re in the familiar Gmail interface. This is where your project managers spend
a lot of their day. To access the Altostrat App, they simply click
the ‘more’ drop down in Google’s Universal Navigation and click ‘Altostrat’ which will
take them right into the App. No additional log-ins required. Now that you’ve seen how to add more Apps
to Google Apps, give it a try at

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