Golriz Ghahraman on dealing with the ‘scared, panicked, angry mob’ | On the Rag: Being Online

Golriz Ghahraman on dealing with the ‘scared, panicked, angry mob’ | On the Rag: Being Online

Do you have a dossier of all the worst things that people have said to you? So you know I have gotten this barrage of hate when I announced my … literally from when I announced my candidacy onwards,
and I spoke about getting threats of gun violence. So, then after the Christchurch terror attacks happened
and I got to do my first speech in the house… about that, I had to recall that this is actually not an anomaly. I was literally getting threats of gun violence just from
being perceived to be Muslim, so that community has definitely been getting threats, hate crimes, they’ve been reporting it. And so, that has always been the level of the abuse that I get. I get a lot of love as well, because I think as someone who is unique in terms of my background and the position that I’m in, like my story and my face means a lot of different things to different people. So, you kind of get people that are … I’m always really shocked by how excited and touched people are
by having their representation. I didn’t expect that, but then you get an equally
really scared, panicked, angry mob who didn’t expect to have that representation happen either. But I especially get it when I appear to be confident. Like, they hate that. You know, don’t be confident, just be grateful and quiet. So, it’s that thing of you can participate as a woman of colour or as a migrant or
refugee woman, but just once you get in, just quietly sit there. Don’t have opinions, don’t behave like you deserve to be here essentially. It’s causing so much stress, and it does have a silencing effect. So, when people speak about free speech, it’s kind of like well, Can you actually address the thing that’s silencing those
without power as much as you talk about giving a voice to people who already have it? What effect over the years, like accumulatively,
has all of this sort of background hateful noise had on you and your relationships? I think it causes anxiety so I do … I have therapy for anxiety. And I think for me, it’s probably started with giving
me quite a strong dose of imposter syndrome back in the day in my life. I never saw anyone like me in the positions that I wanted to be in and there’s not a whole lot of refugees in the law, or in the UN.
And there’s not a whole lot of refugees doing a Masters at Oxford, you know? It’s kind of a weird … every room you walk into,
you are different and underlying that is that you’re maybe less deserving. So, that certainly causes anxiety, but I think now that it’s in terms of actual abuse, rather than micro aggressions that you get every day undermining you generally it’s definitely a heightened sense of anxiety.
If I see something that’s particularly threatening then it makes me worry about my family, and worry about all the other sort of young women of colour that might be consuming it
when they look at my articles and things. You kind of feel that responsibility. And your heart kind of sinks After the Christchurch terror attack, as it got more intense,we actually
had to really catalogue the abuse that I was getting just in case it was … you know? We realised there are some people out there that mean it.
So we had some of the rest of our office are white dudes, step in and actually will just look at it, and they were shaken. They had no idea what the level was. It was like, it was a new world to them. Do you think that your colleagues, in parliament actually get …
do you think they actually understand what it’s like for you? No. I don’t think you can know. And I think the other thing that we’ve talked about,
or at least I’ve talked about with both Louisa and Marama is that it hardens you, and how to combat that. And so, you kind of, you bring that armour that you’ve had to put up,
and that kind of lowered I don’t have any emotional reserves some days, because I’m consuming all of that there’s that whole thing where we’re trying to
balance out having that exterior shell and having the defence mechanisms, but then not allowing that to change who you are. How bad is the problem? I am so happy that there’s finally research on this, and it’s that we are experiencing micro aggressions
in a way that’s causing us mental health harm to the same level as soldiers who are based in combat zones. So, the levels of anxiety and stress of just us living as people of colour in the world are at that level now. And the reason I’m happy that that research exists is because
I think that it is really difficult for us to kind of talk about the tiny little ways that we’re all being abused,
and not being kind of told that that’s just a one-off and it’s not racism, it’s not because of this, it’s not because you’re a gay man of colour, it’s actually just you didn’t get the promotion. so, we can kind of go,
“Actually, this collective gas lighting can end. Can it please end?” It is happening.
– You’ve got the data to back it up

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  1. It's what you say and do that people have the problem with. Freespeech isnt for government its for the people.
    When people say shut up and go away, its not because of what or who you are, it is what you do. If you werent saying something that offends you wouldnt have a negative response. People every day are affected by political decisions. If you dont want them to have a right of reply or response then maybe find another job. Being in power isnt a free pass to offend the masses and minorities.

  2. Kia Kaha, keep fighting for decency in Aotearoa. You're doing great. No backward step. Keep fighting the white power, misogynist bigot scum: Ka whawhai tonu matou ake ake ake

  3. "FrEe SpEeCh SiLeNcEs ThOsE wItHoUt PoWeR…"

  4. Thank you for your mahi, Golriz & Leonie. The work you do is worth it!

  5. Half of the NZ parliament is female, the other half male, how many of those female and male politicians in NZ are receiving this level of criticism who are "of color"? Just you, so for you to try and come on camera and try and play the poor little brown girl angle as being the reason that you are 'under fire', is a pathetic joke, and if that's the best you have, your political career doesn't stand a hope in hell, because let's face it, you couldn't convince a firemen to use a hose on a burning building. The TRUE issue is SOLELY because of the things YOU SAY!

    So you talk about being threatened as soon as you announced your candidacy? Oh, what is it about you, that we the people find to be so detestable and anti-NZer? You didn't mention ANY truth's behind the opinions that YOU have made/projected for yourself(even indirectly) in this little propaganda piece. Firstly your parents are muslim's,, there are good reasons that we don't want muslim's in our government, that goes for anyone raised by muslim's, or on islamic values, regardless of the stories you tell as a politician(liars degree/qualification) declaring yourself atheist, while all your actions are classic islamist/leftist/globalist. Further on, as someone who has been a legal fighter for human rights … those who fight for a single humans rights, do so in a lot of cases against the entire society that those people live in, they would bend and even try and get laws broken or changed to allow those who are not nationals(1example) to remain in the country, since you think yourself someone that stands for foreign interest and you seem to think you should get a pat on the back for fighting against the NZ system as you move to replace us with others from abroad, eroding at our society as you work the leftist globalist agenda, ultimately to create a single color race with no borders. Just because your country of birth is 'gone', doesn't mean you get to come to someone else's country and try and take it from them. The only people in this country that are "excited and touched" by you are those who are themselves foreigners who either want permanent residency in a land that is not theirs, all the while on the backs of our forefathers who built this land, or those(carebear nationals) who are fooled into believing in this globalist ideology and who cannot see how it will be the end of what makes a people unique, cultured and sovereign.

    After the Christchurch terror attack, she went on to attack NZ values on an all new level with her attempts to push for "hate speech" dictator-like control … meanwhile Look, it's the same mosque just a few years before growing islamic terrorists on NZ soil, it must have been a coincidence that that mosque is where the shootings took place i suppose, right?, but you won't tell anyone about that, we have to literally go to US sources to find the truth … I guess it goes against your liberal/leftist agenda. I do not condone violence at all, just to clear it up for anyone trying to bullshit otherwise. Where was the international 24 hour coverage for those NZ'ers who lost their lives fighting for a wrongful terrorist cause, from the perspective that they were misguided, their families who lost their kids/family members, where was islam's voice then?

    She goes on in this video to try and make claims about what it is that we don't approve of, which are all false, mentioning that we don't like her because she is confident? really? what a pathetic attempt to lie and propagandize the public. What is it you are saying? what is the message you are trying to push when you sound 'confident', how anti NZ'er/NZ Values are you being in those 'confident' times when we express our utter contempt for you? A lie is swallowed more easily when it is half coated in a little irrelevant truth, right? that's what you are going for when you talk crap on camera like you do here, going back to the whole issue where you think you are smarter than the rest of us.

    You shouldn't be able to participate at all as a foreigner expressing importance to foreigner issues over and above the well being of the actual legitimate citizens of the country. You don't speak for NZ'ers within NZ government, you are speaking for foreign interest and trying to create a censorship shackle on our people with your "hate speech" bullshit! how fucking dare you! a definition that you will be able to customize and set at any time you feel like it, right?

    Good, You should be experiencing anxiety as you sit within our government and try to work against the people of NZ as a foreigner for foreign interest. You don't get to come to government and start to declare what NZ values are as you attempt to pave over our time-tested values, our way of life and everything in our history, essentially attempting to rewrite our society with some refugee conglomerate opinion, and that goes for anyone, including Jacinda-the-joke. How dare we NZ'ers not sit idly by and let you come in and just walk all over us, you are such a victim and we are so horrible, right? a leftist globalist mouthpiece politician, and we nationals are all stupid, right? We are all going to believe that because she comes on camera she is immediately granted the status of a victim, right?

    The way you try and portray yourself as an emotional caring person on camera is another complete lie, you know exactly what it is like to be in a court room and to be a politician, you are fooling no one, we are well aware of the fact that you couldn't care less about our positions on any emotional level as you attempt to step all over us as you go. Micro-aggressions to the same level as soldiers based in combat zones? HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! like you would have a clue! It's tough stepping on a people all day and having to be held accountable for it huh? She goes on to talk about 'important research' showing her terrible, horrible, stressful life, as if we are to automatically believe whatever she says that the "research" is credible. Meanwhile we have veterans all over the world with missing limbs, psychological breakdowns to the point where they can't even work at a McDonald's due to stress levels, on multiple medications, etc … as she sits on camera having a nice casual "oh by the way" … utter bullshit!

    A foreigner, that has no bloodright to our land/people, not even a migrant from a British colony, a refugee from the worlds biggest supporter of islamic terrorism, Iran, and then when you get to NZ all you do is open your mouth and spread your globalist anti-nationalist viewpoint's trying to play the role of commander-in-chief of the thought-police with your 'hate speech' garbage. Trying to tell human beings they cannot use their mouths or brains to do certain things in their own land, that is why you are hated by some and disliked by almost all others. In a world of leftist/liberal/'progressive' pieces of garbage who think their rights are of more importance then ours.

    Oh and by the way, the "white dudes" that I know, don't care for your deceitful manipulation, which goes against their own nationalist NZ values and attempts to unseat them from with in their own land. You don't get to speak for us "white dudes", you evil piece of trash!

  6. When you have no answers to the abhorrent content of your character, misrepresent the opposing argument in a conceited fashion just like the monarch programmed Alynskyite radical you are.

  7. Oh you poor little sausage comparing your suffering to that of a soldier in a warzone lol

  8. Just remember Golriz, without the NZ government bringing you here as a refugee, you and your family would have been butchered, Ungrateful idiot.

  9. You can always leave NZ if you feel unsafe.

  10. I begged Golriz to protect me from far worse oppression than she is experiencing, which includes community, government and police violence, poverty and health sector corruption.  she is a human rights lawyer, she completely rejected me because I WAS NOT a recent immigrant, she completely rejected me because of all the years I have begged other Green Party members to protect and help me and instead being discredited, degraded and rejected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read my other comments on your other youtube shows – I can't say it again over and over – because I am already self-harming and the suicidal hell is rising and I'm not sure how many more times I can send that back to hell.   Are suicidal female victims of crime with no supportive family members the most hated people in our society do you think? 

    I can't believe you are promoting this elitist RACIST globalist bigot?????  I know how much media and politicians love the publicity of people who hate and threaten them – but what about the women they know are being harmed and killed and they say nothing – because that's not what the media or the middle class and rich voters want to hear???????

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