GE lost its bearing in dealing with the balance sheet: Bob Wright

GE lost its bearing in dealing with the balance sheet: Bob Wright

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  1. Bob Wright and his phony balance sheets. Audits, we don't need to show you no Audits.

  2. Someone always fucks up in management and things like this happen.

  3. Niel, stop feeding you anti-Trump shit! In no time has a president been demonized by the press until Trump came. Get your fucking head straight? How about another anti-Trump bitching monologue?

  4. 5:54-wow when bob wright sees a problem with cnns coverage of the president is wrong, now its a fact and not FAKE news!!!

  5. No. The liberals destroyed GE deliberately.

  6. forgot to mention the army of employees and the board that are paid to make sure the balance is legit ruined shareholders

  7. Jack Welch departed GE with a 400 million dollar severance package,, he did absolutely nothing to deserve that. all he did was stack GE with billions of dollars and debt and steal the cash on the way out.. GE problem now is cash flow and where did all the cash go,, JW.. these guys are crooks..

  8. per the public divorce papers from Jack Welch divorce, he still has access to GE Corporate jet and that cost $289K a month.. are you serious? its thats not corporate rip-off then what is? its not a matter of how old am i, the question is HOW NAIVE ARE YOU? here is a good article for you to read about this rip by jack welch:

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