GCP Marketplace, Cloud-native, & more! (This Week in Cloud)

GCP Marketplace, Cloud-native, & more! (This Week in Cloud)

This week, we’re talking about Kubernetes,
cloud native, and networking. Welcome to “This Week in
Cloud,” where we serve you the lowest latency news. We recently talked about how
Kubernetes apps in the GCP Marketplace make it
easier to find and deploy commercial or open-source apps. Managing or building
Kubernetes applications takes a lot of
effort, which is why Kubernetes operators
help standardize and make the process easier. The application Custom
Resource Definition includes a standard API for
creating, viewing, and managing applications in Kubernetes,
giving you well-defined ways to interact with and
manage your deployed apps. Read more about these
Kubernetes operators and see them in action
on the GCP Marketplace. After all, Kubernetes
has played a major role in helping developers
build cloud native. But there’s many projects
that have been redeveloped and released in the open-source
community, such as Istio, Knative and Kubeflow. Check out this blog post
that talks more about what these tools do, and
how they can help you build a cloud-native future. For a more traditional
application, cloud native can sometimes
feel overwhelming. If you’re familiar with any
application that’s one part web server and one part database,
such as a traditional AMP app, check out this new
solution for migrating your two-tier
application to GCP. It presents all the
central planning questions you’ll need to have
answered ahead of time, then makes the case for various
compute and database options. If you want to learn
more about migrating, there’s no better
place to start. Looking to do some
serious networking? It takes a lot for
Google’s global network to handle billions
of users a day. And that’s the same network
you get on your Google Cloud projects. Check out this
networking deep dive on the different
load-balancing options and how Google makes them work. Keep up to date with more
networking deep dives on the Google Cloud blog,
and networking end-to-end end on the GCP YouTube channel. If you want to read more
about these announcements, or see a full list,
check out the link. Have any thoughts or ideas,
leave us a comment or tweet us. We’ll see you in the cloud.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Kubernetes Operators! These look interesting and useful, I'll have to find some time to experiment and test them out.

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