Gary Vee Quotes – Business Plan for Auto Repair – Auto Repair Shop Advertising Ideas – Car Count

Gary Vee Quotes – Business Plan for Auto Repair – Auto Repair Shop Advertising Ideas – Car Count

in this video I want to share five
quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk actually there six I will absolutely change the
way you operate your auto repair shop and the way you do your marketing but
buckle up because we’re starting right now hey I’m Matthew welcome to car count
hackers at car town hackers were all about growing your car count income and
profit – started out this video telling you about Gary Vaynerchuk in his quotes
if you don’t know Gary also known as Gary Vee well you just might be living
under a rock Gary immigrated to the United States
when he was three years old by the time he was six he operated five lemonade
stands as a franchise by the time he was 13 he was pulling in two to three
thousand dollars a weekend trading baseball cards Gary went on to develop
his family business and now runs vaynermedia which is a multi-million
dollar media corporation Gary’s also an angel investor and frequently appears
and is quoted on CNN Bloomberg and CNBC whenever Gary speaks as a keynote
speaker one of his most famous quotes is holding up a cell phone and stating that
this is the primary device of every human being in our society it’s the
remote control of our lives and in fact it really is haven’t you ever noticed
that anytime a customer has a couple of spare minutes whether it be waiting for
you at your service counter waiting in your waiting area they’re on their phone
don’t you do pretty much the same thing so really that’s a fact and you need to
look at what you look like on mobile no I’m not talking about whether you know
you like your picture on there but what is your footprint on mobile because
eighty-four percent of customers are gonna find you first on a mobile phone
the other quote that Gary Vee constantly says as he holds up his cell phone is
that all the attention is going here he day trades attention think about that
for a minute that’s not about chasing customers and trying to drop your pets
on oil change prices or you know do work cheap it’s about getting in front of you
customers where their attention is so how do you date rate attention gary
often goes on to say that every penny you put into this has a higher ROI think
about that you you know you’re constantly worried about buying
postcards or buying adsense campaigns or anything like that and you’re really not
worried about whether the company is gonna do it you’re worried about the ROI
or the return on investment well I ask you how much are you investing in being
mobile and being seen by your customers getting out in front of them instead of
chasing them with you know drop dead pricing and deals that they really don’t
want to buy anyways when growing his businesses whether it be billboard
advertising facebook ads whatever he was doing Gary claimed that always create
calls to action so I could measure the ROI against it I’ve said that a thousand
times on this channel if you can’t measure it don’t do it so no matter what
you’re doing whether it be postcards Facebook Adsense doesn’t matter you’ve
got to have that call to action that gets people to stop what they’re doing
and you know call you or visit you or book an appointment and you’ve got to be
able to track that now I do have a caution for you because these next
quotes could get a little bit uncomfortable but Gary claims that
everything I talk about is hard everything I talk about takes a crapload
of work everything I talk about takes away from
you watching the entire season of house of cards like no there’s no such thing
as a get-rich-quick scheme there’s no one piece of advertising or marketing
that you can do that will totally change the way your business runs or the
profits you’re making everything that he does is hard and that’s what’s difficult
too well should we say swallow that pill it takes work and with that I’d add that
consistency is probably the most important thing that you can do you
cannot run a postcard campaign in January and then think about it maybe
June you’ve got some extra money and say well let’s do another postcard campaign
every one of my car town hackers does certain things on a regular basis they
get out in front of their customers instead of begging their customers they
day trade attention they get in front of their customers wherever they’re being
seen whether that be direct mail or facebook advertising or having a
prominent website that actually gets visitors they’re out in front of their
customers and pulling customers into them how are you doing with that and
another one of Gary’s quotes that again might be a little bit uncomfortable
Gary claims that the thing that you’re complaining about is going to hurt your
business the most think about that I just told you that you have to be
consistent you have to be in front of your customers whether that be a monthly
newsletter or a regular campaign of postcards or the way I like to do them
is a three-step mailing to get the most juice out of the lemon you have to be
consistent and what you’re worried about doing sitting there now with your head
in your hands going I can’t do this that’s what’s going to hurt your
business the most and what you’re thinking about now is really a change in
mindset listen you can sit around and and you know you’re looking to grow your
business by let’s just pick a number you’re looking to grow your business by
$100,000 a year and you sit back and say how can I grow my business $100,000 a
year instead of taking the mindset of thinking about it saying how can I grow
my business a hundred thousand dollars a year because when you’ve got that
mindset you’ll find the ways to do it what do you need to remember from Gary
Vaynerchuk you’ve got to remember that the mobile device in everyone’s pocket
is the remote control to their lives you need to day trade attention and get
out in front of your customers where they are every penny that you put into
mobile has a higher ROI the other thing that Gary talks about frequently is that
everything he talks about is hard the thing that you’re worried about most is
going to hurt your business so I really urge you to get out there look at that
mobile look at your footprint on mobile is your
website really mobile responsive to people easily see everything they want
on your website my question to you is what are you doing to get out in front
of your customers to buy their attention while you’re here go ahead and smash
that subscriber button and ring the bell icon next to it watch this next video
and thank you so much for taking a minute out of your day to watch this I’m
Matthew Lee the card count fixer can’t wait to see you on the next video

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