Funniest Way to Introduce Yourself

Funniest Way to Introduce Yourself

What is the funniest way to introduce yourself? I’m assuming funny voices aren’t on your
list. No, not really. Instead of a name tag, wear a T-shirt embossed
with a permanent name tag. Or a sweater with your name sewn into it. That is convenient, but not funny. Give someone a shirt that says “I’m with
X name”, and hold it up beside yourself. I’d like to avoid props. And looking silly. Stand up, ask where so and so is, where is
so and so. Then slap your head and say, “Oh, that’s right, that’s me. I’m so and
so.” That makes me look like an idiot. I want a
positive impression. Take the podium, introduce yourself and your
qualifications. Then sit down before the real presenter arrives. They might remember me, but it isn’t funny. Tell a knock knock joke. Tell them your name
as the answer to “Who?” That’s worse than handing out business cards
with my name on it. Wear a giant sandwich board with your name
on it. Too much work. Get a T-shirt with your name printed on it
on each side. That would keep people from forgetting my
name. You could get a discount by having another
one printed with your resume or website name on it. Why would I do that? It’s the modern day sandwich board for someone
looking for work. What’s another option? Develop a 60 second advertisement for this
great person you met, listing all of that person’s skills and abilities. When asked
who it is or where they are, introduce yourself as the person described. That sounds like a pitch to get hired somewhere. If they remember you and your name, no matter
the circumstance, it got the job done. And it’s better than signing your introduction.

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  1. The left side guy has pink sheeps voice

  2. How to achieve first dislike, find a boring video and your done!👍

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