Funeral home markups and upselling: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

Funeral home markups and upselling: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. I’m sorry but Canada is getting DOWN ON EVERYBODY!

  2. Well this is what happens when u have someone else do a job you can do yourself!

  3. Just be put on a plane high in the sky and a bomb inside explodes*

  4. This just in: funeral homes are BUSINESSES 😂

  5. I thought Canadians were morally superior and didn’t do things like this.

  6. These scum will be pulled down to hell by demons!!! #EnjoyHell

  7. What do these people think things cost? You don’t need to have a funeral or anything extravagant. Bury somebody in your backyard if it’s that difficult for you to pay for it.

  8. I don’t get this… These people work of commission and that means up sell. Just like a dealership.

  9. can we all agree to be wrapped in linen and placed in the ground or cremated…

  10. In the words of Danny DeVito, "When i'm dead, just throw me in the trash!"

  11. I was once offered an interview for a job selling funeral services. I turned it down because my relevant experience was selling furniture and appliances. That felt wrong.

  12. This is our most modestly priced receptacle.

  13. My mom died last month, for the most part the funeral home we used was a lot more professional than these, but was still very expensive. Some of the things they charge are just ridiculous. WE did their most basic cremation, and according to law we have to put the remains in something. So they gave us a box. For $90. No, it wasn't made of gold. IT was a normal cardboard box like a pair of shoes would come in.

  14. I thought this was going to be one of the videos from 'The Onion'.

  15. At the end if the day it's a business. And they literally only have one chance to sell you something because your dead.

  16. watch:

    "Maratonci trče počasni krug"

  17. It goes into the ground to never be seen again…Unless money is not an issue I see no reason to splurge.

  18. And why not? It's a product like any other. And you can say no.

  19. Anyone that dislike this video, are people that are the scamer.

  20. Nice Luciferian Freemasonic Plaque on the mantle 🙂

  21. lol good work america

  22. How much is burial at sea? My buddy has a boat.

  23. Are there any DIY funeral tips?

  24. Donny is in a coffee can.

  25. In the North-East U.S., I was trying to set my final affairs in order and I was told that my last wishes were illegal. I had just wanted to be left in the forest near my dad's house to decompose naturally so that I could feed the animals and the land I had loved so much. I was told "no" and that I would have to select a burial site or get cremated.

  26. $10 worth of concrete. $10 worth of boat gas. I think you know where this is going. Why do people think they need all this?

  27. Woooaah what just for cremation weird

  28. When my time comes I want to be taken out to sea and fed to the sharks

  29. Wow they need to change this industry up. It should not be commission based, they’re literally just salespeople at that point. It should be a steady pay no commission so the people just try and help the customers without a vested interest in them spending more. That’s just gross!

  30. Do u guys ever follow up years later to see if anything changes? And I don’t just mean this video but most of ur videos

  31. When I'm dead, just throw me in the trash!

  32. My sister is a store manager for a large supermarket chain, whom, also own their own funeral company. When my mother passed away we went to the funeral parlour to make arrangements. The lady tried her hardest to 'upsell' but we were only interested in the cheapest option. My mum was insistent we did not spend to much. We stuck firm and got the cheapest option. Then my sister told the lady that she worked for the company as a store manager and was entitled to substantial staff discount. The lady's face was priceless. Quite rude actually but we didnt make a deal of it. My mum would have loved it!

  33. Who cares about canadians?
    Yeah, I didn't capitalize it.

  34. seems like such practice doesnt only happen in Canada…….

    I grew up in Berlin Germany ( a big city, the capitol even ) and a friend of my mother died. She had a pre paid arrangement of her own funeral, with booked flowers, a minister and a small procession!

    In her live she was not a wealthy woman and spend her entire nestegg on her own funeral…..

    And when my mother attended her funeral, she was shocked to see, that her friend was buried in a non marked grave, no flowers, no minister, no music or other festivities……….

  35. I have to think about that Roseanne episode where her father passed away and Roseanne and her sister went to the funeral home to make all the arrangements………. Jackie so was fierce and even threaten the salesperson with violence if she gets ripped off or taken advantages off…….and she would get no conviction because of her emotional state…..

    Made me smile and realize that you have play hardball with these types of people sometimes, to get what you want!

  36. wow what bunch of crooks. This is so wrong.

  37. Yeah! When I was at my brother’s godmother’s cremation the casket costed so much money! It’s just wood that you won’t even use later isn’t it?!

  38. The old Viking way is better. Just build a big bonfire and put the body on top. The End.

  39. Throw me in the ocean and get a beer afterwards

  40. lying fuckers will rot in hell……id say burn me in backyard and done.

  41. This is my daughters account, but my wife and I have discussed this and we both agree that when one of us goes it’s gonna be in a cardboard coffin, and the money saved will go towards a holiday, my mother in law is giving her body to medical research so when she goes there’s nothing to pay, because there’s no body. Believe me we are not 100% behind this but that’s what she wants. I. Don’t even know if we get chance to say goodbye, but like I say it’s up to her

  42. Its a business, what do you expect. Maybe one day UNICEF will get in to the Funeral Home business, but until then….

  43. I wonder how much a Star Wars funeral casket what it cost because when I kick the bucket I want to go down in the grave in style

  44. That's a business almost guaranteed to never go out of business.

  45. My grandfather died last year. My mom paid for everything that his insurance didn’t cover. She had one more payment to make the day of the funeral and, with around 200 people in the chapel for the funeral, they refused to do the funeral until they had the last check.

  46. So they have arbor. Where I'm from we have Dignity Memorial.
    I don't know how much was spent on my grandma this year, but the staff half-assed the damn service. Very disorganized and they were acting like they were in a hurry.

  47. I’m American but watched anyway, was up there not too long ago!

  48. Build you own wooden box.
    There are some workshops for elderly where you build your own.

  49. 8:00 that Freemason symbol says it all. All they care about is money

  50. I really hope that my family wouldn't overspend if I died. I'd be dead so I don't care, just pay the minimum to help get closure.

  51. Holy crap, these people are so sleazy. So obvious about it too. Sick sick people.

  52. That leather jacket though

  53. just paid 900 actually 886.00 . one wanted 1100.00 hi press a.f. lost my girl of 34 yrs they wanted 300 for urn. amazon had one 79$

  54. “It is our most modest urn”
    “We’re bereaved WE’RE NOT SAPS!”

  55. Cremation + folgers can. Boom

  56. I'll be resting in a plastic box in the coroners office , no one will come to claim the ashes …..I could careless about my ashes once I'm dead ….you deal with , I'll see you on the other side .

  57. People should be allowed to bury the body in the backyard of their home so long as they put a marker and check for all those things we are to check for before digging. No casket no nothing . Just dig the hole yourself and fill it in yourself. Simple as that.

  58. Where in the bible does it say build tomb stones and monuments for the dead , Jesus didn't need a tomb , Neither do I . it's as if your faith is so small that you feel God won't know where to find your Clay Vessel with out it being in a Gold Casket with 20 ton granite marker . It's your Soul God cares about . Do you think so highly of your self that you need a grandiose display . Will they bury you in your Corvette , in 50 years no one will know who you are …..

  59. i mean the markup for the casket is not the big thing…. the services are the big no no.. ,

  60. Business is business and they are there because they want to make a profit. If they got all emotional because of the precious cargo within they wouldn't make any profit. Your loved one gets transported in a stretched hearse with multiple limousines and you think all that overhead, maintenance and salaries included, won't be offset by the businessman? MANKIND WAS MY BUSINESS!!!

    Find a 401c3 funeral home if you want. There aren't that many but they are out there.

  61. That's the reason why cremation is on the rise, people can't afford it anymore.

  62. .
    i think it costs the state under 1000 to cremate a homeless dead person/no relations dead person .Honestly I would be fine with that. heck if i am not using it any more, you could make me into pet food for all i would care. I always knew these companies were a real major scam, funerals are for the living, the Dead would rather you spend that money on a party or pay some bills. Good doco guys, keep up the good work. I don't even live in Canada and i love watching the things you do, because it looks like many of the same scams happen in a lot of countries.

  63. Buy your casket direct from Empire Caskets in NY. I know they deliver to Maryland.

  64. i have a funeral. plan.. since i was 32 yrs old.. im 34 now.. .💀

  65. i found honest eds, not to be as wonderful, as everyone else claims.

  66. Yeah they want to talk about “how expensive” it is. However unless you’ve worked in the industry and seen the behind the scenes (especially the health risks involved in transporting/cremating/embalming) it’s a wonder it’s not more money. 🙄

  67. As a funeral director for a large corporation in the US I down sale everyone. Because I want to serve them and there family till I retire. Always look at reviews there are scumbags everywhere.

  68. in all honesty if our ceremonial rituals werent so elaborate it wouldnt be such a burden on the survivors…. i wouldnt mind being burnt on a pyre.

  69. huh? 10k is the average price for an average nice casket so I don't see where 10k is a bad price, now if they were charging 10k for an earn or something I would be suspicious.

  70. Just for comparison in the east of Germany, my father died in July 2018, we had 10 years no contact, the funeral cost 2000 € including transport, incineration, an urn and a simple stone with his data.

    He was put on a private cemetery, the grave costs 500 € for 20 years.

  71. Just another way religion has been capitalising off human emotions for a couple of thousand years.

  72. I think I've just stumbled upon a lucrative career.

  73. Columbary saleman told me, eye level is more expensive…bottom or top is cheaper….wtf…my sis is dead…i want her on top (heaven) and pay less …

  74. Money makes the world go round y’all, it’s messed up but literally nothing in this world is for free, nothing.

  75. I saw caskets available online & delivered in 2 days. They would probably say they can’t use just any casket at their funeral home.

  76. Wish you'd do some/more in the USA, where screw the customer has been perfected.

  77. you can buy coffins at costco and make the funeral home use it. at least in the usa.

  78. No different then the new and used car salesmen..

  79. Can you get sick from a dead person without embalming? NO! Unless they have a rare disease No! In Indonesia they keep the dead in the home. They also dig loved ones up and dress and clean them. Only the western part of the wold even do embalming. Most countries don’t practice it.

  80. I friend died then his dad 2 days later. They prayed on my friends mom's emotions and tried to take her for every penny. No different than a used car salesman.

  81. When my time comes, get me a used tanning bed…

  82. over charged in the uk as well,,,,its like loo roll as we need it they can charge whatever they want

  83. robbing poeples families ..why isant any of you with guns shooting up them places,makes more sence than schools and night clubs

  84. Holy crap in Australia it only costs about 6 grand all up and that’s with a beautiful coffin and church thingy and then a ceremony at the cemetery and then a gathering back at the hall near church with food and drinks.

  85. the day my dad died 9 months ago i called about 2-3 different funerals for price ranges and looked at online reviews before i even stepped foot inside a funeral home (which was the one i chose). i ended up paying less than $3,000 for cremation, 6 hour viewing with rental casket (it was really a nice casket and viewing) and a really nice looking urn. they truly helped me in the worse day of my life and never forced or try to sell me on anything and always asked me optional questions where i always felt i was doing a la carte. i was even considering no viewing for a much lower price but my mom and family members asked for it so i did the viewing. the only thing i hated was i couldn't go directly with the crematory to save a bunch of money and had to go through the funeral but other than that it was a pleasant experience.

    not all funerals are ripoff trying to make a quick buck. just make a few phone calls, look at online reviews and get a price range over the phone before you even step foot in a funeral. it was in the US though not Canada.

  86. I didn't care if i buried with cardboard box or million dollars gold plated coffin anyway because i'm already dead.

  87. Kind of a waste of money not to mention creating an industry for price gouging.  Can you imagine?  It's like literally burying $20K in the dirt that you can't get back.  I would rather my kids use that money for investment or education.  Give me a Jedi funeral on a bonfire for all I care.

  88. Having known someone who worked at a funeral home and this person being the one who carried the bodies I believe they should be getting a substantial amount it’s no a regular job. But the rest the prices are high just because they have the upper hand

  89. Whats up with the white-out on all the prices in her documentation? lol

  90. Jeezz.. I know of a man that died where the family made the coffin themselves and they drove him to the crematory with his brothers Mercedes Vito. That's the way he wanted it. 4000 for a coffin? If my kids spend that kind of money only to have me in a nice box for 2 days to then put the whole thing under the ground I would be so pissed off. (btw: Why do this super luxurious coffins make me think of Donald Trump?? )

  91. Sure, but you all bought mattresses before right? Same thing without dealing with a corpse. Sounds fair to me

  92. Just fill me up with POPCORN KERNALS and CREMATE ME. I WANT TO GO OUT WITH A BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 15:39 they charge $350 for .4 km and 1 minute. Probably because the worker is there for longer then that. What kind of employee clocks in for 1 minute and goes home? You guys are trying so hard to make others look bad

    I have a dj business. And all my clients have never gotten married before. And they all ask me for my suggestions and expertise and i always sell them what they want and suggest more because i know mc and other special lighting will all add up to a beautiful wedding and they wont have another chance to do it again later

    Seems like basic business. Your just picking 1 bad experience and blowing it up as if every single customer that comes is as dissatisfied as that red headed lady. A few bad reviews is normal for every business. Including billion dollar companies that are 1000 times bigger then a funeral home

    Just look at the background. Look how much land there is. Something has to pay for that land and maintain the grass. Grass dont water and cut it self. I am sure $150 casket is the only expense. If mcdonalds makes their large fries for .25 cents and sells it for $3 are you going to make an undercover story?

  94. We've had a family funeral home since the 90s so i never knew this is what people go through to bury a loved one. Also wouldn't dare let these people care for any of my loved ones

  95. Excuse me, but business they don’t care about nothing the only thing they want is your money, I was working and Sales my manager want me to sale and sale and I have very good commission and if you are not sale nothing you are fired “NO JOB”

  96. So what do you need a casket for if you are going to be cremated????

  97. The funeral business attracts the most morbid and ghoulish people you'd never
    want to meet. The sales people are lower than car salesmen. I like the fact that
    this guy is becoming a consultant where you only pay him for coordination and
    consultation and the rest is at cost. That's fair and allows the family to not be
    taken advantage of during a trying time. I hope that trend catches on and puts
    these dynasties out of business for good.

  98. There are always a few rotten apples. My family has been in the funeral business for 175 years. Their reputation for fairness and quality is what keeps them at the top. My father did not charge for the cost of funerals for the indigent. All of their funerals are the most memorable and poignant….I am grateful for them.

  99. There are VAMPIRES among us.

  100. #AskAMortician, her YouTube channel addresses so much! Every question you could every have about it!

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