FULL MATCH – John Cena vs. Kurt Angle – WWE Title Match: Survivor Series 2005

FULL MATCH – John Cena vs. Kurt Angle – WWE Title Match: Survivor Series 2005

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  1. 7:58 did he even hit him???

  2. I love jhon cena 👍👏👏👏😎😎

  3. The ref deserved that

  4. I have to admit, John Cena has been the face of WWE for a long time. When he decided to focus on acting instead of wrestling now… WWE seems kinda all over the place. Yes, the company have a lot of talented superstars but not like John Cena. He's one of a kind. He deserves another WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign because he's done so much for the company. I hope he returns for another run before retiring from in ring competition.

  5. John Cena playing possum!

  6. When the ref cheats

  7. 3:05 "MALAYSIA!!!"

  8. كرت انجل غشاش

  9. Man I remember in 06 Kurt Angle was a beast at wrestling then he was in 90s or early 2000s literally out wrestle John Cena

  10. Omg it's fight of legendary

  11. I really loved this time period of WWE. I loved watching WWE from 1997-2008, great stuff. And while I loved this match, what's so funny about this now is that WWE fans nowadays would hate this match if it was in today's WWE & if Cena & Angle were in this generation of WWE, why, you ask? Because Cena & Angle always fought on SD, Cena's in-ring debut was against Angle, he fought Angle many times as a babyface in 2002 and as a heel in 2003. And again on Raw in 2005. Nowadays, fans hate seeing the same people wrestle in matches, they'll actually downvote the video because of this.

    Look at any video of Natalya vs Lacey, Rollins vs Ziggler, Becky vs Charlotte etc, that really shows how different the fanbase is from back then, there were so many rematches back then. Brock vs Angle, Rock vs Austin, HHH vs Rock, Rock vs Foley, HHH vs Jericho, HBK vs HHH, Cena vs Angle, Batista vs Undertaker, Rey vs Eddie, Brock vs Undertaker, Trish vs Victoria, Orton vs Rey, Edge & Christian vs The Hardyz, Lita vs Trish, Rock vs Angle, Lashley vs Finlay, Kane vs Undertaker the list goes on. Fans got tired of seeing Becky vs Charlotte after two matches last year (the same matches that they raved about) but fans would vote HBK into a title match against HHH every chance they could even though he had numerous matches against HHH from 2002 to 2006 lol.

  12. 3:09 the west bank ??

  13. I think this was the beginning of the crowd turning on Cena.

  14. Good old WWE. 🙄

  15. The deck was stacked against the wwe champion but yet john cena comes up all aces once again

  16. This crowd was lit the Cena sucks chants were real not edited

  17. Backyard wrestling on my channel

  18. When the WWE was actually entertaining.

  19. This Match Was A True Classic!!🙌🙌🙌🐐🐐🐐

  20. They should have turned John Cena heel after this match. This is what I think should have happened. Daivari disqualifies John Cena then Kurt Angle turns face by Angle slamming Daivari, the match gets restarted, Kurt Angle wins fair and square to become Champion by making John Cena tap out to the Ankle lock, ending Cena's 8 month title reign, then Cena seems to show good sportsmanship then suddenly turns on Angle and brutalizes him with his chain turning heel, then Cuts a scathing promo on Raw the next night telling the crowd he has given them a reason to hate him and goes on to form a Heel tag team with Edge.

  21. Love u Cena 😘🙌

  22. Where was the Survior Series? Has to be Philly w this crowd.

  23. Those were days of cena

  24. John cena is good u can't see me

  25. when your mom tells you to clean your room look at John cenas face

  26. Was it really too hard to put the W right side up before the ref held it up to everyone

  27. Kurt unfortunately ran into a prime 2005-2007 cena and never won the Wwe championship but he did win the world title in 2006 after Batista relinquished the title after getting injured

  28. Every Referee be like : Am I joke to you Angle?😂

  29. Wonder why they are showing so many Cena videos.

  30. John Cena slap 4:52

  31. Back in the days when the crowd wasn't dead

  32. 13:19 if orton was in this that would a been a good moment to do a rko

  33. Yay meow yay anime cuddle Harley Quinn mine 😻😻😻 yay John cena awesome my favorite

  34. Yay meow yay anime John cena Kurt awesome

  35. 14:10 when the detective shows up on scene
    Detective: well damn

  36. Angle still at his prime then.. Wished he never came back as gm and also that match against McIntyre 🙁 he was better off before the last stint he is a legend and one of the very best in the business

  37. That intense mode of angle and when the WWE Championship was still relevant

  38. Golden belt, golden guys, golden era. 🥂🍿💃

  39. this was the john cena we loved and remembered

  40. Time Flies so fast. John Cena is now a Legend.

  41. I like that days 👍

  42. Kurt Angle and John Cena both always worked great matches together and both always brought the best out in each other

  43. Please upload John Cena vs Alberto 2013 surviver serise

  44. I started watching wwe back in 2003 when I was 8 years old, good old days.

  45. Who all want wwe to upload team cena vs team. Authority

  46. 4 referees in one match.

  47. I miss jone cena😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Yo did anyone get a John cena Ad?

  49. Coach : "Wait a second Joey, Charles Robinson from SmackDown "

    Joey : "Well , he's referee"

    Coach : "This is RAW match"

    Joey : "Well , we're out of RAW Referee"

    LOL,simple dialogue but fun like hell

  50. Wwe referee are the worse ref of all sports.

  51. Let’s be real this was the worst cena vs angle match at that time, kinda mediocre 🤷🏾‍♂️ also Unforgiving main event would’ve been great if Angle won the title

  52. John Cena bold and strong superstar of all time! 😎

  53. Angle would be pulling his hair of if he had any 😆 12:00

  54. John Cena : You can't see me in WWE but you can see me in Hollywood
    Kurt Angle: You suck

  55. I love this spinning WWE title

  56. Kurt Angle RESPECT !

  57. Who is world best wrestler ?

    John Cena = like 👍👍👍

    Cart angle = comment 💖💖💖✓

  58. bạn của tôi là số một

  59. The crowd was so hot


  61. Cena and Angle always had great chemistry in the ring
    I could watch their match all day.

  62. Kon Kon India Se Hai Like Karo 👍👍👍👍

  63. Can you please add The Undertaker survivor series casket match??

  64. Angle was very dangerous athletic in those days

  65. Devari played a great heel here.

    1 ROMAN

  67. Wwe would champion 17

  68. What do you think about Full Gear of AEW?

  69. I want old john Cena 👍

  70. Anybody else notice that at 10:49 Jerry Lawler says Taker’s in trouble 👀😂😂😭😭

  71. The crowd for the whole match were chanting Cena sucks. Even in 2005, people were getting sick of him

  72. 😎Yeah John 👍Cena is the best😎

  73. Kurt : Who In The Hell Are You

    Cena : I'm John Cena.
    To This day A Legend was Born

  74. My frends you are a chapion

  75. I don't know why everybody says that John should return…Are you crazy ? He never left ! Is just that nobody can see him

  76. Kurt Angle – The Captain America of Professional Wrestling
    John Cena – The Superman of Professional Wrestling !!

  77. I love this John Cena and coffee Kingston

  78. Daviri is is the worst referee in wwe history

  79. John Cena 2003- 2005 is the rise of John Cena 13 wwe champion 3 time world heavyweight champion 5 time United States champion 4 time tag team champion

  80. John Cena need to win the universal championship for his 17th world championship and the intercontinental championship win ladder matches

  81. John Cena have win I quit matches against top wwe superstars randy Orton the miz Batista

  82. Jonathan Coachman is the wwe commentator in wwe history

  83. Kurt angle is the biggest cry baby in wwe history but has make big wwe superstars tapout Shawn Michael's stone cold Steve Austin the rock hulk Hogan

  84. 존시나가 심판을 참교육한다.

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