Free Business Card Template Photoshop

Free Business Card Template Photoshop

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  2. Can I try this in GIMP?

  3. Just letting ya know the template will not match Vista for cut size requirements. Vista does not have the standard 2 x 3.5 cut. Recommend finding a local vender even if they broker the cards out. Higher chance of getting a quality card.

    Nice stocks are 14pt C2S Kromekote or 100# Cougar Cover. Kromekote is coated stock. So the brightness is affected some. Cougar is smooth non coated stock with high brightness.

  4. I've never tried GIMP. How does GIMP work?

  5. LOL! It TOTALLY sounds like "blond post".

  6. You also say "french toast" and "frosting" wrong.

  7. I very much agree with you. It's so hard to explain bleeds to people. Oooo, I am such a SUCKER for anything Cougar creates.

  8. What's a preferable size you would recommend for business cards?

  9. I don't like Gimp….I rather use Photoshop CS

  10. I agree. I prefer Photoshop too.

  11. I am very frustrated that this constantly pops up on my You Tube…ANNOYING!!!!

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