FoodCroc – Nibs Business Plan Competition 2016 video

FoodCroc – Nibs Business Plan Competition 2016 video

When it comes to international traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is where you should eat. The ever-growing scial society stresses the need to enjoy the most delectable of dishes, which only adds pressure on the traveler. Indeed, it is impossible to taste everything, so websites like Google or Yahoo attempt to help with such troublesome decisions Unfortunately, these same websites that aim to help tend to confuse you even more. FoodCroc will redefine the way you think about food. With over 19 million restaurants, cafés, food stalls and vendors, accompanied by hundreds of cuisine types in the Netherlands FoodCroc is the best way to search for food and drink with great ease. FoodCroc provides you with our users’ reactions towards any dish, accompanied with authentic pictures of such. Scrolling up and down, you indulge in countless authentic dishes, see and make your own choice. If you cannot decide, no worries, since we have visualized hot topics for you under the “Trendy” category. Moreover, you can type the area you want to dine in, or simply choose it from the map along. The site will ask for your permission to track location with GPS. When it’s approved, your location alongside with recommended dishes of restaurants within 1 kilometer will appear. You can also search for the type of dish you want. To make it easier, we have different genres right under the search tool: Café, BBQ, street food and more. FoodCroc also helps you to discover great food options, must-try dishes. You can also enjoy stories behind every dish with FoodCroc’s stories. And it will get even better when you are one of us. Simply register with your email or login with your Facebook account, and you will live in a world where everyone has the power to share and experience whole scenes as if you’re just there right there in person. You can freely share your thoughts, upload your pictures and wait for comments. At FoodCroc, we deliver an authentic traveling experience for users. FoodCroc, we are here to minimize the common stresses of traveling or simply when making a last minute decision. At FoodCroc, we are setting the new bar for high simplicity and convenience. Sharing the same passion for the quintessence of local and exotic cuisine, FoodCroc is here to help you relish a meal to its fullest. FoodCroc – a top-grade experience through innovative, personal, and interactive platforms. FoodCroc- Foodies’ Nation.

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