Foiling and Spot UV-style Print Effects – Matrix Laminating Systems Video

Foiling and Spot UV-style Print Effects – Matrix Laminating Systems Video

Finishing Systems that add special effects,
such as Foiling and Spot UV give prints that extra ‘wow’ factor. These finishes are typically
used on packaging, business cards, stationery, book covers, security print, wedding stationery
and high end, bespoke print. As good as they look, they can be costly,
with many printers having to outsource this specialist work. Traditional foiling and Spot UV methods are
expensive for short run digital print, due to the set-up involved for each individual job. The Matrix is the No.1 Laminator in Europe.
The Pneumatic options in the range are now able to create beautifully finished bespoke
prints using foils and spot UV-style effects. It’s quick and easy to set-up, and a fraction
of the cost compared to outsourcing. Step 1 – Print. Print your main background
image. Step 2 – Laminate. Laminate your print using
the Matrix System. In this example, we’ve used a Soft Touch laminate film. The film
used must be corona treated, to ensure the toner adheres to the laminate. Step 3 – Overprint. Print onto the laminated
sheet. The text or graphic you want to foil onto is overprinted at 100% black. This works
on both toner and ink based digital print engines. Step 4 – Foil. Using the Matrix and a roll
of foil, run the print through the laminator. The heat from the rollers, combined with the
adjustable pneumatic pressure transfers the foil onto the areas of the print that has
the 100% black toner or ink on it. To create a Spot UV-style effect, the process is the same, except that any colour can be overprinted at Step 3, rather than 100% Black.
Special Gloss-Spot film is also used, rather than a coloured foil. Holographic films can also be used, making
security and packaging print a new option for many. The technology opens up a completely new revenue
stream for Matrix users, saving both time and money compared to outsourcing. One-off
bespoke jobs and print proofs can now be produced in-house in seconds. Using just one system
to laminate, foil and spot UV offers an even greater return on investment, as multiple
applications are possible and the cost-savings are huge. Finished prints look incredible and are given
back to your customer faster.

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