Flying Singapore Airlines BUSINESS CLASS to Seoul South Korea

Flying Singapore Airlines BUSINESS CLASS to Seoul South Korea

So everyone has that mustache thing over there off the lift driver has the mustache. Yeah, what does that mustache? Do oh your mind? Oh? It’s a light yeah It was it all the way to the [water] to come in there. He sees the arrival couple Korea great. Thank you Hello, hi, thank you. How are you today? Good. How are you? very well thank you little description about Laksa which is kind of a tease because there’s no Laksa here We got some tuna salad

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  1. Yo I see that SF airport sign every day when I drive by.

  2. You’re relatable that’s why you’re great

  3. Why drive to Seoul from Incheon Airport? Take the AREX / KTX train to Seoul station.

  4. Way to Mikey, your vids and vlogs are awesome!

  5. New entrepreneur. Please feel free to visit my campaign. Everyone thanks, and best to you all.

  6. 😁 Mike…. Love your videos Bro. You keeping it real and say it exactly how it is. Don't worry about what people say about your business class, how you're dressed etc. You got the best videos man 👍🏽 ✌🏽 🙏🏽 😃

  7. I went business with Singapore it’s very good.

  8. loves your videos mickey keep up the good job.

  9. did he just say maruchanes are worst noodle have you seen mexicans house they mostly have that. thats breakfast lunch and dinner

  10. "Duh…*laughs* BOTH." lmao 😂😂😂 definitely me whenever I need to choose my desserts.

  11. Love your face when you eat something good

  12. On flights from the west coast of the US to Asia don’t give goodie bags.

  13. You're awesome I like your vids and I liked how you visited were I live called Vancouver but I'm sorry but I like cup noodles. I still subscribe and I will buy lots of your chili oil soon

  14. “Normal guy” he’s more than that djajsja❤️

  15. I am watching all your HOTEL and AIRPLANE exp so that when it's my turn I know what to do, and where to go. 😂

  16. Where he depart from?

  17. Zeus cook noodles are so good I'm going to give you a thumbs down on this video

  18. I WANT to hear the random normal guy review business class.

  19. 6:49 that one of the most derpiest eyes

  20. The people beside him must be like wtf is this dude doing

  21. Watching your videos make me happy

  22. That driver is definitely a Markiplier fan

  23. This guy gets me. The only thing I'm excited for is food.

  24. I love how you keep your passport in your junk drawer lol

  25. Hi, I really enjoy your camera quality. Do you mind share what camera that you are using? Ŧhanks a lot.

  26. Always on the go. I’d be very tired like exhausted to the T! 😫😩

  27. The only real comment is, you talk too fast. I don't know if that is just you, but it sounds like a cassette tape with alot of skips. Oh, and I disagree with your opinion about, Cup of Noodle, I love them and they're removed the, MSG finally so I can eat them. I like your shows, keep them coming..


  29. I actually like the cup ramen noodles…..

  30. What’s the name of the music at 12:19?

  31. I just found your channel and love it! You're so down to Earth and just got a new subscriber.

  32. Moustache Ride? is that what the greasy cab driver was going for? Lol

  33. @mikey what equipment u use?

  34. Same. My wanted destination too.
    And how do you get points or miles on airlines to get an upgrade?

  35. You gotta at least take a bag of those Doritos in the lounge

  36. Man that was funny when he said that “This hotel is actually encouraging you to be a commando” I was laughing hard. Great video man! Can’t wait to visit Korea.

  37. I’m in love with you

  38. Where is he from ?

  39. I think the mustache was a speaker

  40. Heh now you live on the east coast and have been to Japan like 50 times

  41. One of my favourite channels 👍🏼👍🏼

  42. Best airline in asia? SIA should be the best airline in the world!

  43. After you arrived Korea why the door close announcement was in mandarin…

  44. you ever book a airbnb?

  45. I like how he travels and it is so cool. Keep doing what you do you are cool to watch mikey Chen

  46. Binge watching all your airline vlogs 😅😅😅

  47. Great video Singapore airlines unfortunately doesn’t fly to Seoul anymore from the US

  48. Found him very complacent of the 1st class service. Should appreciate more often

  49. I dont upvote many videos but i will upvote anything that promotes throwing a table out of a hotel window. please watch video for context. lol.

  50. I watch you for around 2 years now
    You are such a great pesron and you make me happy

  51. I would take ALL the food in the lounge

  52. Youre such an honest nice person it's nice to watch you

  53. The mustache is how long they been driving for Lyft

  54. Your right the cup a noodles are very bad full of salt

  55. I love free who else loves free😎

  56. do you not have a license????

  57. Not trying to be mean but his name kinda sounds like my kitchen 😂😂❤️

  58. I actually thought Mike would travel first class more cuz I figured with so many views on his channel he'd be making good money through YouTube.

  59. Where did you depart from

  60. God bless you mike!
    May you live long healthy eaty life!
    Keep eating and celebrating life.

  61. You got my fav chips and i am hungry right now

  62. I am a NEW Subscriber coz Mikey Chen YOU are REAL, NATURAL, HONEST and DOWN-TO-EARTH amongst many other positive attributes 💕🥰💕 Everytime I watch your Videos, I feel like I’m travelling with you😇

  63. Bruh did he just say what I think he said cup noodles are the worst daym

  64. You can ask for amenity kit from cabin crew

  65. Dude but that the reason we watch you is because it’s real sorry but not everyone can afford first class and your channel is a real perspective

  66. I love your videos Mikey! Don’t worry about the negative ppl 😊

  67. Mike i love ya. Can not believe people give you grief!! They need a life.
    Peace and blessings.

  68. Every Normal Person:

    Me: Steals all the food in the lounge

  69. 4:56 “random guy, normal guy” – this is exactly why your channel is so good, its an honest review from an average guy!

  70. I love that you explained yourself but you shouldn't have to, to a bunch of haters. We love you just the way you are! If you're fortunate enough to afford first class, who cares! We love your videos! 💖

  71. How did Mikey get the money for these hefty priced Business/First class cross-Pacific flights? Is there any trick of getting these premium flight experience without paying the normal fare? I wish he could tell viewers about this at each video.

  72. The book in the hotel… 13:28, not very nice to Iran. Even hotels in the US don't do that 😂

  73. I appreciate your enthusiasm. It makes your videos watchable. Your attitude is what makes the videos worth viewing.

  74. yes we love you and your vedios

  75. I thought it was Jean on the thumbnail 🙂 maybe another collab… disappointed 🙂

  76. i really like your personality 🙂

  77. Who dresses for business class? Everyone I see dresses in the most comfortable clothes they have

  78. I love all your vlogs Mike!

  79. Try Emirates first class

  80. It’s just you eating on the plane

  81. I think you're awesome ! I'd be excited too, dress how you want and just be you !!! 😁🤘💙

  82. Jiuuuuand I have

  83. he is like the Asian Gordon Ramsay every time he reviews the food on these airlines

  84. watching in 2019 and look how far you’ve gone, you deserve the success you have right now. cheers

  85. Regular girl is watching and loving it! Don't ever change, Mikey!

  86. Pls don't change who you are and how you act. This is the reason why we love watching you. More power to you!

  87. I actually like that fact that you’re not completely jaded by the whole ‘been there, done that’. It makes your reporting more excited and informative.

  88. What exactly is the part of first class?? If you pay for it who cares how you dress

  89. Can you keep the headphones?

    Reply if you know

  90. Hs "horrbile cup noodles " are my favrite

  91. I really like that.

  92. who pays for mike's tickets?

  93. Gidday Mike, could you tell me what backpack do you use and do you recommend it?

  94. I like the music selection in this video. It makes the journey seem like a peaceful and relaxing experience (even though air travelling isn't often peaceful and relaxing)

  95. You should fly air New Zealand

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