we are doing some photo session before leaving,are the photos amazing? Shanice : Yes. Till she doesn’t take 50-60 photos she isn’t happy. Tonight is full moon so this is a full moon dance. Our lots of currency were remaining so we came here to do shopping after this we will go for lunch and then will leave for Airport. What is the name of this place ? Shanice : Krishna Ole Ole
Nikhil : it is a very famous place in Bali If you miss out something in Bali so come to Krishna ole ole you will get everything What are you going to take from this Ole Ole ?
Shanice : Everything. You have place for that in your bag?
Shanice : will buy an another bag. We have done lot of shopping, again we are back to the same restaurant were we came on our first day of Bali Queens of India Restaurant. when we will come back to Bali, we will eat here. and remembered from shopping I completely forgot to tell you guys,
I updated my laptop Which flip completely so when i’m done with the editing,
then i watch my videos like this. i enjoy it very much, I completely forgot to tell because i was so excited ok whatever so shanice bought this new laptop and i’m angry on her because i told her to buy this but no she wants to take this Nikhil : my laptop is Asus ux370
Shanice : and mine is HP spectre x360 we are going to have a comparison video of this because shanice has challenge me asus is not better than HP Although no one told me to do this but just now between us a strong argument happen. I told to Shanice’s mom if she wants to gift her a laptop like this so gift her this asus one but shanice said to her mom no no i will take HP because for some reason shanice like this one. comparison video is coming soon we will come to know about that. Shanice : Mine is expensive ok how foolish is that, Asus is cheaper and better than this. In today’s food we have Pulav, chole bhature, and my khichdi is coming This is one type of our breakfast but i did a little breakfast already in our hotel but i will have now also because i’m not going to eat on the flight. you didn’t give me the business class pratik and we did trouble him for one thing.
How long for the hotel. and in Bali traffic means you will be stuck for 1-3 hours I mean while leaving from mumbai i requested them also on Instagram story ‘next time business class’ and Garuda listened to me so thank you so much This is not at all my first time because
i already fly Qatar and jet airway business class Even in fact I travel Qatar 1st class but this is the first time opportunity for me to make a video of a business class for you guys. So i’m not gonna sleep Although I wanted business class for sleeping but this a morning flight If i will give little bit more Demo, So here we all can seat If someone wants to take a bath they can but i don’t want because i already took a bath. can we get your phone number or email address so that people can trouble you. now What is inside a Amenity kit we will see now. Because after take off there is lot of noise so If you have a long flight your body will swell specially your feet so A comb this same comb they gave on Qatar airways My Asian vegetarian meal fortunately i already told them keep a veg food for me Everything look so beautiful out of the plane Nikhil : How much time did i sleep?
Shanice : 2 hours. I slept for 2 hours Do subscribe i make good vlogs and with that said guys and ya my whole team came to pick me up Now i’m feeling sleepy because in Bali its 12:30am By this time I would have slept And got up at five o’clock I don’t know what will happen at home.
mummy will be ready with the food Where is the Car?
everyone : down in the parking.

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